Oh jeez. I went through a huge series of mental aerobics trying to figure out how I could put this to a poll — she’s adorable, and I love her, and I want the best for her, and I actually give the youngs some leeway when it comes to dressing all cracked out because who amongst us did not? — BUT:

From the neck up, she’s just the cutest ever. The good news about the rest is that she need never wear it again. The other good news is that she’s wearing the most appropriate Comic-Con nail art ever, which probably pushes her back into the Adorable Column on the whole, anyway. Phew. That was close.

She got an assist from something she wore earlier, too:

She must be one of the only girls in the world who can pop up in a dress covered in eyes, and still make me think, “oooh, I want that.” Takes skill.

[Photo: Getty]