It’s HOT in London, so Rihanna gets a pass for wearing something skimpy:

But I’m just hoping those shorts are well lined. While I do some hoping, let’s give away a book for your summer reading pleasure!

THE TASK: It’s too hot to make you think too hard. And I’m sure everyone in London, including Rihanna here, has thought at least once, “I wonder what they’re going to name that Royal Baby.” So make your predictions in the comments and — like last time — I will pick the winners at random. And! This way, if you’re right, you can PROVE IT to people later. I’m always thinking of ways to make it easier for you to gloat.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Monday.

THE PRIZE: This week, we’re giving away five copies of Claudia Silver to the Rescue. Fun fact! I am in the midst of reading it myself right now, and enjoying it very much. What’s it about? Ahem:

In this gutsy debut novel, flawed but unsinkable Claudia Silver cuts a wide comic swath through 1990s New York City in her misguided attempts to find love and happiness. Estranged from her bohemian Brooklyn family and fired for an impropriety at work, Claudia Silver is officially in over her head. When her younger sister lands on her doorstep urgently in need of help, twenty-something Claudia desperately wants to offer the rescue that she herself has longed for. But Claudia missteps dramatically, straight into a disastrous love affair that disrupts three very different New York households. Ultimately, she discovers the resilient nature of love where she least expects it—among her own family. Claudia Silver to the Rescue is the fierce yet tender chronicle of the many humiliations and occasional triumphs of a young woman determined to wrest her identity from the spectacular wreckage of her mistake. Uncomfortably hilarious, quintessentially human, Claudia is an unforgettable heroine who shoots for the stars and hits the ceiling.”

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only.

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