Considering how migraine-inducing some of her clothes are, Vanessa Hudgens’ ability to make me not totally hate things is really quite remarkable.

I do generally totally hate jumpsuits. I have concerns that if I saw this in person, I would totally hate the fabric, because I totally hate what it’s starting to do in Pelvistown. And I at least partially hate that it is eating her waist, and of course I totally hate that the soles of her shoes look a quarter-inch too small for her feet on all sides. But I totally like her hair and her makeup and in fact her entire head, which is somehow working to make me not totally hate the entire aura of this even though so many of the parts are deficient.

But in truth, maybe this is why I can’t totally hate it:

There is something really, really delicious about the idea of Vanessa Hudgens acting in a movie opposite Nicolas Cage (I am just crushed that it’s not National Treasure: High School Musical Program of Mystery and Copy-Editing Mistakes). And it’s even BETTER knowing that one of our best friends is going to have to climb this cinematic Everest, because she is compelled by forces beyond her control to screen every single Nicolas Cage movie there is, simply to observe the goings-on of his hair. I don’t know if this curse is also her blessing, or vice-versa, but I do know that one day a National Treasure movie needs to come out that, much like Jewel of the Nile, reveals that the treasure is not thing but in fact a person, and that person is Nic.

And now, back to The Hudge:

  • You know what, I don't totally hate this either, even though I really should. What is wrong with me? (36%, 1,120 Votes)
  • I don't totally hate it, and what's more, I am okay with not totally hating it (26%, 811 Votes)
  • I totally love it! (6%, 200 Votes)
  • I totally hate it. (31%, 949 Votes)

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[Photos: Fame/Flynet]