Nicolas Cage

Your Afternoon Hair: Nicolas Cage

Aug 6, 2015 by Heather at 2:00 PM
I feel kind of bad posting this, because Nicolas Cage can't help the hair that grows out of his head. Read More »

Fug or Fab: Vanessa Hudgens

Jul 18, 2013 by Heather at 2:00 PM
Considering how migraine-inducing some of her clothes are, Vanessa Hudgens' ability to make me not totally hate things is really… Read More »

Fugson of the Witch

Jan 5, 2011 by Heather at 10:00 AM
Actress Claire Foy has much to teach. First on the list: Trends may come and go,… Read More »

Season of the Fug

Jan 5, 2011 by Jessica at 8:00 AM
DUDE: JUST BE BALD. I'll still go see National Treasure: Season of The Knowing Witch… Read More »

The Sorcerer’s Fugprentice

Jul 7, 2010 by Heather at 9:00 AM
NICOLAS CAGE: What ho, whippersnapper.JAY BARUCHEL: 'sup, dude.NICOLAS: You have much to learn, my young apprentice.JAY: How so?NICOLAS: I… Read More »

The Fug’s Apprentice

Apr 5, 2010 by Jessica at 9:00 AM
You guys, we've got to talk about Nic Cage's hair:EXCEPT I HAVE NO WORDS.Oh, wait, except I totally do:… Read More »

Fugs and Pieces: March 5th

Mar 5, 2010 by Jessica at 2:00 PM
-- I don't know if you've heard, but Sunday is apparently some big awards show? We'll be live-blogging the red… Read More »

Fugs and Pieces: January 8

Jan 8, 2010 by Jessica at 2:03 PM
-- Can you believe it's been five years since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up? Lainey has a touching… Read More »

Fugs and Pieces: Friday, November 6th

Nov 6, 2009 by Heather at 2:00 PM
-- Busy Phillips called Chad Michael Murray "a douche" at the Paley Festival's Dawson's Creek event. The account of the… Read More »

Fugolas Cage

Jan 30, 2007 by Heather at 11:45 AM
In a desperate attempt to have a worldwide hit in Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage has apparently taken a page from… Read More »

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