The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is not, somehow, the name of my autobiography — cue laugh track — but instead a movie in which Nicolas Cage plays a meta version of himself as a broke actor with dwindling prospects, who accepts a payday to meet a fan and then gets sucked into a CIA sting of some kind. (SXSW loved it; I read a review ripping it apart — for wasting its cast and its premise — that wished it were a Spike Jonze joint, and I actually think Spike Jonze WOULD have been a natural to direct this.) Anyway, Tiffany Haddish is among the stars alongside Cage, and remember when Haddish wore her white Alexander McQueen dress everywhere, because it was her big splurge and she was proud of that and determined to make the most of it? That was fun, but so is this version of her. The McQueen will always be there; it’s nice to see a person enjoying the fruits of their work and maximizing the glamour in every moment. Also herein: Nic Cage, a pitch for a TV show, and one movie idea that should not happen and yet also absolutely should.

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