Fugshion Week Fugs and Fabs: Assorted People We Saw

Not as many doozies as we would like. What is the world coming to?

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Tiffany

    I am loving Shay’s dress. So pretty on her!
    I also really like Chrissy’s yellow dress and Shailene’s outfit.

  2. Librarychick

    Jaime King is serving it, ya’ll!

  3. Cucina49

    Zoe for the win…simple lines, classy, great color. She looks good and she knows it.

  4. Carol

    Whoever Morgan Saylor is, she needs to be moved to the top of the emergency haircut list immediately!

    • Esme

      I was thinking the same thing! Trim those horrific ends, at least (she’s the daughter of Nicholas Brody [Damien Lewis] on Homeland). Horrors.

  5. erin

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was sitting next to Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock during the show. How did you not include a photo of him? (just so we could enjoy the view)

  6. LoriK

    Picture #3 made me sad. Shailene Woodley’s actual outfit is cute, but I loved that jacket when I thought it was purple.

  7. mara

    How is it even possible that Zoe Saldana actually looks skinnier than she was before. Her arms look like twigs and her face looks tired. She might want to try a whole meal.

    • glee

      She has always been slim, and I think it’s the angle of the picture that makes her waste look wasp-thin. Methinks Zoe looks amazing!

      Signed – stick person with a huge head (me).

  8. anonymoose

    Kathryn H looks smashing! Love the dress, the hair, the fit, the expression…all of it.

  9. Sandra

    So Katharine MacPhee’s outfit is designed by Zac Posen. That just leaves us with the question of why the hell he’s designing practice outfits for toreros.

  10. Anne B


    1) I want Hilary Swank’s dress so hard I can actually taste it.
    2) Jada Pinkett-Smith looks really good in Pepto Pink.
    3) I want to kidnap Jada and demand a meeting with her dietician and personal trainer in lieu of ransom.
    4) Kat McPhee, that is a LOT of sternum.
    5) That’s Morgan Saylor? Oh my God. I don’t recognize her when she smiles!

  11. erin

    katherine heigl looks like she is THRILLED that her twenty-something daughter is finally marrying that nice boy who is studying to be a doctor. because in my head, she just looks like a 50-something mother of the bride.

    • Annie E

      The woman desperately needs long hair and probably some bright lipstick, pretty much all the time.

  12. Esme

    I think Katherine H looks great! After having to look at so many sheep who shouldn’t have long hair, I find hers refreshing. Love Chrissy Teigen’s dress. McPhee looks loony in that second outfit and Zoe S looks like she just crawled out of bed.

  13. Laucie

    Psst, Karolina. I think they even gave up on white shoes and belts in Boca after 1987.

  14. maryse

    i have a question about these shoes. it’s winter. it’s new york fashion week. isn’t it cold? and aren’t the women wearing sleeveless/no pants/open chest outfits cold? because there are people around them bundled up. so they can’t be sweating. i’m puzzled.

    • maryse

      oh and some are so tiny it’s not like they’ve got a little extra to keep them warm.

  15. Sajorina

    I love Katherine Heigl’s dress & shoes and Shailene Woodley’s whole outfit is super cute! But, Shay Mitchell FTW!!! Both of her looks are covetable… I want them so badly! Girl brought it! ♥

  16. k wherry

    This looks like the parade of the Bobbleheads! Serious? These women are so seriously anorexic they look like Bobble heads! Please, someone feed them a cheeseburger! Make it a double! and a large fry!

  17. TonyG

    I absolutely love Bridget Moynahan’s red and black dress!

  18. Megan

    Fug Girls, have you seen this video of your Beloved Joan? It’s pretty awesome, and it’s from a program called “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Joan Collins But Were Afraid To Ask.” Which sounds just delightful.