Fugshanti and Fuglange

SOLANGE: Hey, Ash.

ASHANTI: Hey Sol. How’s the Zeyonce family?

SOLANGE: Last I heard, B is the most beautiful human in the world, J is the lord of the geniuses, their baby cries rainbows, and the three of them together are going to save humanity from either itself or from Will Smith’s family. How is your mastery of the dark arts?

ASHANTI: I could tell you, but then I’d have to pox you.

SOLANGE: You ARE kind of dressed as the devil to my angel.

ASHANTI: And your name anagrams to, “So, angel.”

SOLANGE: And yours anagrams to “I, Satan! H.”

ASHANTI: Not bad.

SOLANGE: My outfit, or my anagramming?

ASHANTI: …. Yeah, never mind, both were actually sort of bad. And coming from me, that is SERIOUS.

SOLANGE: Guess I’ll be seeing you in Fug Madness.

ASHANTI: I would guess so.

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Comments (37):

  1. Fawn

    I think if you just got rid of the iPhone and gave her some lipstick I would love this.

  2. Stefanie

    Solange has a great face. I actually think she is prettier than Beyonce.

    • Amber

      I agree. I wish my face looked that good without makeup! (Or with makeup, actually).

    • Gauthier

      YES. Thank you. I might be biased because I loathe Beyoncé with a fiery passion, but Solange will always look more real to me, and her features are not as bland as her sister’s. I really like the dress, pity indeed of the Iphone nailed to her navel.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Strangely enough, I agree!

  4. LoriK

    Solange’s dress would make more sense if that thing was actually her cell phone instead of just looking like one. At least then it would serve a useful purpose. As it is, it just looks dumb. I have no idea what Stéphane Rolland was thinking with that (or the rest of the dress, really).

    • Lina

      I’d like to see a version of the dress with a circle instead of a rectangle. That might work better?

    • Kara

      Yeah, I cannot figure out what the designer was going for there.

  5. Lina

    Ashanti isn’t naked! She gets points for that! :D

    • The Fugger

      Don’t worry. The dress itself is sheer, and her nipples are barely covered. Or in other words, Ashanti is still being Ashanti.

  6. Kara

    I like the barefaced look! I love makeup but I also enjoy just leaving my face bare – I’m not one of those people who needs a face full of slap to leave the house. I find it refreshing

    My old hairdresser once told me he thought to be pretty was to look good barefaced and not all done up – he actually used Beyonce as an example, but I think Solange fits the bill too.

    • yeahandalso

      Beyonce is so pretty always, but she looks 10 years younger without makeup I always wonder why she piles so much of it on.

  7. Jessica

    I just want to give her a leeeetle lip gloss.

  8. Tony

    I’m kind of digging the design of both dresses.

    That’s a great fit on Solange.

    That’s not such a great a fit on Ashanti (the boob-smooshing bodice is too tight for the looseness of the flowing dress beneath it).

  9. Katie

    I don’t have words to express how relieved I was to find Nelly after the slide 3 jump. Before I clicked, I assumed that the dress had no back and was cut halfway down her derriere or something of the sort

  10. Bailey

    ‘I, Satan! H.’
    Oh, I’m not too bothered by the outfits but your dialogue is amazing.

  11. Jen from cincy

    Her name also anagrams to “Hi, Satan.” Just sayin.

    • Nebula

      Right? And it makes so much more sense. Which… is maybe why they went with “I, Satan! H.”, since making (wardrobe) sense has not been Ashanti’s forte of late.

  12. jerkygirl

    The clothes: The white dress is Solange-ily gorgeous, because it is on HER. Much like only SWINTON could look good in. . .basically everything she wears. And even without makeup, she looks like a dang goddess so I can’t be too hard on her there. Ashanti has goddess potential though, if she would wear clothes that aren’t so tacky. You can do sexy without doing trashy, it can be done oh yeah!!!

    The commentary: Who knew the letter “H” could be so funny??? I was ROTFL right here in my office. It was so much fun I’m going to do it again: *ROTFL!!!*

  13. Edith

    Solange’s dress is pretty awesome, with the exception of the phone. And yes, she’s gorgeous without makeup – but I’m kind of wondering about the no-makeup WITH long-evening-gown. It just seems like an odd combination. Even a tiny hint of lipcolor would work better with the gown, add some eyeliner or a little shadow to bring out her eyes, and she’d be perfect. Leave the bare face for events that don’t require long gowns.. Also, I love that Solange appears to be wearing her own hair; I just wish she’d let it out instead of pulling her back.

    Ashanti. Hi, Satan, indeed.The beading’s kind of awesome, but then it looks like the bodice got microwaved and melted onto that completely boring, nothing skirt.

  14. Shiitake

    Gills and an Ipod dock…What will Apple dream up next?

    Nelly and Ashanti look like they’re on their way to prom.

  15. Softwear

    I am loving the origami trend. I don’t see the need for the black…phone. Or whatever it is. A little lip gloss on Solange, yes. But girl has fabulous eyebrows.

    Ashanti looks fine. I do not hate this look. I think she’s correctly deploying ombre hair (because she keeps it sleek and because everything else is relatively simple) and especially approve if she gets rid of it in 5, 4, 3, 2…

    Nelly…just shouldn’t show up.

  16. Kasey

    I won’t even lower myself to address the talentless Ashanti (FAIL), however Solange…..her makeup ( lack of?) is what is killing her look because the full length shot of that dress is spectacular.

  17. burntcopper

    Ashanti, if the lower half of your dress matched your hair, it would be awesome. or the pattern continued the whole way down. otherwise, pretty good.

    Solange? lippy? please? and let that be an actual iphone. with apps and everything.

  18. Rameisela

    I love Fuglange’s(going to call her that now on) dress except for that cellphone that got stuck as she was coming out of the car.
    Most of all I love the conversation,’baby cries rainbows,…are going to save humanity from either itself or from Will Smith’s family.’ ROTFL!!!!!

  19. vandalfan

    First glance and i thin, Oh, Great! It’s Vagina sling!”

  20. vandalfan

    Think, I Think. Just can’t type.

  21. Sajorina

    These are two of the wost fuggers in the History of Fug and I can’t believe that I like the dress worn by none other than the one who brought us “the vagina sling”! I think Ashanti’s dress is FAB, but EVERYTHING about Solange is FUG!!!

  22. amys

    Just seeing her in photographs, oddly, I have grown quite fond of Solange. She looks like she’d be a cool friend, and my goodness, she’s lovely.

  23. Guerra

    Solanges dress is gorgeous!!!!!! Amazing!!!

    Ashanti is all kinds of tacky

  24. The Fugger

    Even though I haven’t seen The TV Show Of The Year, somehow Ashanti’s face reminds me of what J. Lo. Hew probably looked like in this: http://gofugyourself.com/fug-the-show-the-client-list-04-2012/img_1760-800×533

    I would not like to sit next to Solange while she was wearing that. Although, it IS a bit Bouncy-reminiscent, in that it looks like something she’d wear if she let her sister instead of her mother design.

    I already made my major statement about Fugshanti – so all I will say is that girlfriend [i]really[/i] loves her netting, doesn’t she. This looks like something Morticia Addams would wear in the boudoir.

    • The Fugger

      …that should have been HTML, and I have no idea why I used brackets there. oops.

  25. staceyk

    SOLANGE: And yours anagrams to “I, Satan! H.”

    should have gone with “Hi, Satan”