SOLANGE: Hey, Ash.

ASHANTI: Hey Sol. How’s the Zeyonce family?

SOLANGE: Last I heard, B is the most beautiful human in the world, J is the lord of the geniuses, their baby cries rainbows, and the three of them together are going to save humanity from either itself or from Will Smith’s family. How is your mastery of the dark arts?

ASHANTI: I could tell you, but then I’d have to pox you.

SOLANGE: You ARE kind of dressed as the devil to my angel.

ASHANTI: And your name anagrams to, “So, angel.”

SOLANGE: And yours anagrams to “I, Satan! H.”

ASHANTI: Not bad.

SOLANGE: My outfit, or my anagramming?

ASHANTI: …. Yeah, never mind, both were actually sort of bad. And coming from me, that is SERIOUS.

SOLANGE: Guess I’ll be seeing you in Fug Madness.

ASHANTI: I would guess so.

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