Fugs & Pieces, March 30 2012


Are you guys ready for the Fug Madness final game on Monday? We can’t wait to see who takes it all home. Until then:

– Is this the most forgettable face in Hollywood? (Pajiba)

We’ve made it to the Final Game in the Atlantic Wire’s Battle of the Brackets….against The Muppets. There is no one to whom I’d rather lose; Miss Piggy can karate chop me any time. (And thanks for taking us so far, Fug Nation. We literally would not be in the finals without you.) (Atlantic Wire)

– James Franco is in Spring Breakers with Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez? Dressed like K-Fed? All I know is, I’m going to watch that SO HARD on a plane one of these days. (Lainey)

– The Archives of American Art take a look at photographs with one woman in them, and identify her.  I LOVE the photo of Elaine de Kooning. (AAA)

– You’re going to enjoy this piece about the awesome girl characters of Judy Blume. I loved Sally J Freedman, too. (The New Yorker)

– Want a closer look at Don Draper’s new apartment? ME TOO. (LA Times)

Let’s look at a bunch of mega-stars in their first movie roles. This is actually awesome — with Bonus Hamm, speaking of El Draper. (Flavorwire)

Rumor has it, Anne Hathaway’s engagement may be on the rocks. I don’t know about that, but I do know she’s got a history of bad taste in dudes. (Celebitchy)

– Speaking of weddings, the Queen just popped into someone’s. (BBC)

ALT is getting his own reality show. Let’s be honest. We all knew this day would come. (Fashionista)

Survey says people are happiest at age 33. I KNEW ALL THE GOOD TIMES WERE BEHIND ME. (Time)

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Comments (23):

  1. erin

    Was WOW’d by Don’s new apartment. I was hoping someone would do a pictoral on it.

  2. Christian

    I can’t imagine a Harmony Korine movie every playing on a plane.

    • Jessica

      I had NO IDEA it was a Harmony Korine movie. I am….not really a fan.

  3. QB

    For some reason, I thought the most forgettable face would belong to January Jones. I’m sorry, but I can never recall what she looks like, even when I’m staring directly at her. It’s just nondescript blonde actress… *something shiny*…. Ooh! Look over there!

    • Louise

      For me it’s always Sienna Miller. I can’t picture her!

      • witjunkie

        Naomi Watts is that person for me.

        Although I get the January Jones thing, except it’s every time I see her she doesn’t look like what I think she looks like. If that makes sense.

      • Hel

        I know there’s an actress who looks like a different person each time she changes hairstyle. It’s uncanny. But I can’t remember who she is…

  4. Candy

    I take offense at the thought that Sam Worthington is “forgettable”! I’ve had a super crush on him for a while. But, come to think of it, when I’d mention him to be people, they’d be all like “who?”.

    • jean

      Candy, I adore him too! Is there a bias against curly hair? He’s such a man! Mark Walberg needs to watch out.

      And Fug Girls! You are winning that Atlantic Monthly match-up, so don’t be all gracious losers yet. Miss Piggy is going down ladies. Vote everyone!

      • Mahastee

        Sam Worthington is sooo hot. SO FREAKING HOT.

        Maybe it’s an Aussie thing – we got to see him in real roles before he went to Hollywood to do bigger movies with less interesting characters.

  5. Linney

    Isn’t the theory about Anne Hathaway’s engagement being on the rocks based on the fact that she isn’t getting married until 2013? I’m not really a fan of hers so far be it from me to defend her but plenty of people have a long engagement and I would bet money she, as a film star, is just really booked until then. I’m not saying it will definitely work out but a long engagement doesn’t necessarily equal a failed relationship. Nor do a few bad boyfriends mean you’ll never find Mr. Right.

    • Jessica

      I hope not, or I personally would be in serious trouble.

      • GFY Heather

        I am basing that theory on all the Lainey Gossip blind items that may or may not imply that she was ALLEGEDLY PERHAPS cheating on him with Christian Bale and MAYBE ALLEGEDLY fell in love with Bale and was all, “Wah-waaaah,’ when it turned out it was just him being all Method. ALLEGEDLY. Per the rumor mill.

    • Linney

      Man, if she was hooking up with Christian Bale, I just don’t know…maybe she’s a masochist. She’s only 29. No need to go Bale or settle.

  6. Regina

    I gotta tell you ladies that I went to the Atlantic site twice and voted for each of you. That may be a cop out, but I love you AND the Muppets…..

  7. de Pizan

    Muppet Madness is nonsense. Gonzo over Miss Piggy? Fonzie over Animal? GONZO OVER BEAKER & HONEYDEW??? It needs to go down based on that alone.

  8. Jael Paris

    I always forget Sam Worthington’s name and people always have to remind me I’ve seen him in things (and I’m the person who sees and actor and is all, “He was a victim on CSI in 2002!”). I call him “that guy who’s inexplicably employed.”

  9. Sajorina

    I totally voted for you on The Battle of the Brackets, FugGirls!!! You are SO winning that thing!

    By the way, I don’t think the whole “33 is the happiest year of people’s life” thing is true! I have to admit that my 30s have treated me better than my 20s or my Teenage years, but I guess it’s different for every person! My 33s were kind of miserable for the most part, really!

    • Sajorina

      OMG, I can’t believe my eyes… The wall hanging over Don Draper’s kitchen stove is the exact same one we had in our house when I was a little girl!!! Memories… *sniff * I’ve got to show my parents!

  10. Tafadhali

    Just from reading the first link I immediately assumed it would be Sam Worthington. When I look at him I feel like I’ve developed face blindness.

  11. witjunkie

    So funny, when I saw the Sam Worthington photo I thought it was that Sean Avery hockey/Vogue dude. That article was hilarious because EVERY time I see a trailer with Worthington in it I’m like, who’s that now?

  12. Sophia Loren

    Jon Hamm eats a sandwich. Did you commission this?


  13. megs283

    thank you for the great links!!