Are you guys ready for the Fug Madness final game on Monday? We can’t wait to see who takes it all home. Until then:

– Is this the most forgettable face in Hollywood? (Pajiba)

We’ve made it to the Final Game in the Atlantic Wire’s Battle of the Brackets….against The Muppets. There is no one to whom I’d rather lose; Miss Piggy can karate chop me any time. (And thanks for taking us so far, Fug Nation. We literally would not be in the finals without you.) (Atlantic Wire)

– James Franco is in Spring Breakers with Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez? Dressed like K-Fed? All I know is, I’m going to watch that SO HARD on a plane one of these days. (Lainey)

– The Archives of American Art take a look at photographs with one woman in them, and identify her.  I LOVE the photo of Elaine de Kooning. (AAA)

– You’re going to enjoy this piece about the awesome girl characters of Judy Blume. I loved Sally J Freedman, too. (The New Yorker)

– Want a closer look at Don Draper’s new apartment? ME TOO. (LA Times)

Let’s look at a bunch of mega-stars in their first movie roles. This is actually awesome — with Bonus Hamm, speaking of El Draper. (Flavorwire)

Rumor has it, Anne Hathaway’s engagement may be on the rocks. I don’t know about that, but I do know she’s got a history of bad taste in dudes. (Celebitchy)

– Speaking of weddings, the Queen just popped into someone’s. (BBC)

ALT is getting his own reality show. Let’s be honest. We all knew this day would come. (Fashionista)

Survey says people are happiest at age 33. I KNEW ALL THE GOOD TIMES WERE BEHIND ME. (Time)