Fugs and Pieces. July 29th


Happy 29th birthday to our beloved Diet Coke! Enjoy the final year of your twenties, a decade you will later look back on and think, “wow, I did some really stupid stuff. That was fun.”  While we’re all waiting for work to end to go out and do our own stupid stuff, enjoy:

– Time for a 90s a capella dance medley courtesy of the Danish. (The Danes? People from Denmark.) (The Hairpin)

– Time for a look back at pop culture’s most memorable sleepovers! (Flavorwire)

– Time for….a praying mantis to wreck havoc in the Florida Marlins dugout? Okay! (Last Angry Fan)

– I think you will enjoy this look back at Maidenform bra ads of the past. I kind of want to frame a bunch of them and put them in my artfully decorated walk-in closet that I don’t have. (Millicent and Carla Fran)

This article about dress codes for New York clubs is INSANE. It makes me just want to sit on one of your fire escapes and drink beer out of a cooler. (You’ll let me come over and drink beer out of a cooler in jeans and an old J Crew top, right?) (NY Times)

– You probably need to buy this Ron Swanson doll. (Buzzfeed)

– You probably should also recreate this Ron Swanson mosaic. (NBC)

– I know everything think Mariah Carey seemed crazy on HSN this last week, and I agree. But she seemed CRAZY FUN. Loopy, and possibly drunk, and sort of hilarious and now I want to drink cocktails and watch HSN with her. DOES THAT REQUIRE A DRESS CODE? (Styleite)

– I love this article about why everyone should be reading YA. (In the Library With the Lead Pipe)

Rumer Willis and Zac Efron are DATING? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? (Celebitchy)

– Dude, I forgot Shag even existed. I LOVED that movie as a wee girl. (Vogue)

– Wow, Ke$ha is SO PRETTY without all the…Ke$ha accoutrements. (Refinery29)

– I totally forgot that there’s going to be another Royal Wedding this weekend — well, maybe no caps are required for this one, since Zara Phillips doesn’t technically have a title, intentionally so. BUT STILL. What will she wear? I’m sure we’ll have coverage of it on Monday. Fug Nation loves a good wedding! (Lainey)

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Comments (18):

  1. Katie

    Those Danes make me so deliriously happy every time I watch their video. I especially love the guys! And you can come drink beer out of a cooler with me in whatever clothes you decide to put on! I don’t have a fire escape, though, so we’ll just have to settle for the much-less-romanticized patio.

  2. Kate

    That dress code article makes me a little sick to my stomach. Thank goodness I’m just your average middle-class chick and never have to worry about what trendy BS I need to buy to go out on the town.

  3. Heather

    Yay, loved Shag too! Phoebe Cates was (and still is) just so, so pretty. Can’t even remember the names of the other actresses, but I loved this movie.

  4. Amber

    I am apparently never going to a club in New York. And that’s just fine by me.

  5. LoriK

    There’s no clubbing in my future either. Dang.

    And Ke$ha really is pretty. Why does she hide that under all those Ke$ha accoutrements? It was bad enough before, but now that I know what’s under that mess I feel like there’s something extra worrying going on there.

  6. Erin

    Completely off subject: has anyone seen the commercial for “Against the Wall” (the “Family Drama” that is splashed all over the background of the website)? I think it’s an intriguing plot line (seriously, because I will watch any cop show at least once), but… is it just me, or is there something different /off about the lead character? Maybe it’s cause the actress is Australian and trying really hard not to have an accent that causes her to only have one facial expression.

    Okay. Sorry. I’m done with my question about nothing. We may proceed.

  7. Kestralyn

    I need to look this up – what sport does Zara’s soon-to-be-hubby play? That’s an IMPRESSIVELY broken nose! And they do look relaxed and happy – gotta love that :)

  8. Wordphreak

    The term is “wreak havoc,” not “wreck.”

  9. C-No

    @Kestralyn — rugby, I think.

  10. berryberrykix

    Mmm…Buzz Ravenel.

  11. Kris

    People from Denmark are called Danes. Danish are pastries that (according to my sister-in-law who lives in Copenhagen) can only be found in the USA. Good ones, at least.

  12. Alix

    I think there’s another “well played” in store for the Duchess of Cambridge — rockin’ a FIERCE hat and cream coatdress at Zara Phillips’ wedding. And from the pic I just saw, Beatrice looks somewhat less batty than usual, so kudos there. (Alas, the bride should have let her hair down a bit under the tiara; it’s a rather severe, mannish-looking ‘do. Perhaps Mom was her stylist?)

  13. AuntTora

    That article about dress codes makes me want to take a nap. And makes me glad I live a continent away.

  14. T

    I thought Zara’s wedding dress was gorgeous – I far preferred it to Kate’s dress, which was a little conservative. Wasn’t keen on Kate’s choice of outfit for this wedding either – bit boring and matronly for a 30yo but I guess she didn’t want to deflect attention from the bride. Princess Bea looked like she had a satellite dish attached to her head but it was an improvement on her April number. Princess Eugenie looked good, as did Sophie Wessex who, somewhat late in life, seems to be turning into quite the fashionplate!

  15. Lime

    I can’t believe that article on dress codes at clubs! 5 inch heels REQUIRED? Even if I could afford them (I can’t, unless I want to be homeless), I could never wear them! I broke my foot in high school and consequently can’t wear anything higher than 3″ without intense pain. They should just call that club “Wannabe Starlets and Reality TV Whores” and call it a day.

  16. Rayna

    Truly LOVED the Maidenform bra ads. I know I actually saw some of them back in the day…………thanks for the trip down barely-remembered Memory Lane.

    And Kesha not looking like the dollar sign girl – WHO KNEW? Girl, just be your pretty self, and while you’re at it, talk Gaga into doing the same. We’ll love you and pay attention to you, we promise!

  17. Marie

    In my ears (I’m from Denmark), ‘Danes’ is kind of an old expression more commonly used in reference to the Vikings and the Viking Era. In any case it is the more formal way to say it. I think we are usually, in casual conversation, referred to as ‘Danish people’.
    You can get ‘Danish’ – the pastry – in Denmark (very good ones ;) ), but they are called ‘Wienerbrød’ (Which translates to ‘bread from vienna’, which makes no sense :p )

  18. Henriette

    Danes = the people.
    Danish = the bread. And that’s coming from a bonafide dane.