Fugs and Fugcreation

Someone recently asked me to name three celebs I’d like to have with me on a desert island, and one of my three was Amy Poehler, because without Jessica or any of my other ladies around, I’m totally going to need a girlfriend to gossip with, who will crack me up routinely, and who will tell me if the saltwater is doing weird things to my hair or whether my palm fronts are sufficiently flattering. Amy Poehler is totally that person, or at least, in my head.

And while we were on the island, watching Ron Swanson carve us a habitat with his bare hands as Steven Colbert wrote the evening’s newscast and Eric Ripert made us some fish (since Ron is fictional, I invited him along), I would turn to her and say, “Amy, remember that orange dress Stella gave you? The one that was a great color but looked like a full-body poncho?” And she’d be all, “No, because I ate some brain-eating berries over there,” and I’d be like, “PHEW, good choice, because I don’t think you want that memory, and also, stop eating those.”

Actually, no, I’d tell her to eat them one more time, until they erased the memory of this as well:

Amy is LOVELY. Look how foxy she is here. This outfit is just plain mean to her, and I don’t like to see my imaginary best friends treated in this manner.

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    WTF with Stella’s pants? That’s it: she’s a nominee for Fug Madness.

    • Art Eclectic

      Nominee? Sheeeet. She deserves her own bracket.

      • Fat Desdemona

        I am wholeheartedly seconding that, Art Eclectic!

        Sidenote: The longer I look at the word “eclectic” the more I realize how odd it looks. I keep thinking I spelled it wrong.

  2. CJ

    I think I wore that orange dress in a white version with light blue polkadots, only my butt and back were exposed and I was at the doctors office.

  3. Mints

    I think she was working the shorts! though I agree with CJ on the “dress”

    • wildviolette

      AGREE! She is ROCKING those shorts! And I’ve never said that about anyone!

  4. Lindsay

    I read that as “dessert island” at first, which seemed appropriate for Leslie Knope.

  5. Lily

    Does anybody remember the episode of The Cosby show when Denise volunteered to sew a knockoff’ ‘Gordon Gartrell’ shirt for Theo, and the disaster that followed? Is that not the SAME shirt, dyed black, that Stella is wearing here?!

    Honestly, I will never understand how Stella HauteMess McCartney retains any friends, because she dresses them terribly. Hell even SHE doesn’t look good in her clothes. Is it the hype of being the daughter of a Beatle? Because I don’t understand how she’s still in business. Her clothes suck. The outfit she’s wearing here would get run off the show on Project Runway. How on earth does this survive in the fashion world?

  6. Kate

    I LOVE Amy Poehler, so was half hoping that she wouldn’t appear here when I saw the pictures of her in the Poncho of Doom, but I knew there wasn’t much chance of that!
    I’m not a fan of formal shorts, but the colour is great on Amy, and she has fantastic legs. The orange poncho is just evil though – I can’t imagine that anyone would look good in it. Amy looked so amazing at the NBC upfronts, and is awesome in general, so I’m sure this is just a momentary slip.

    • Heather

      She DOES have great legs — way better than those shorts are making them look.

      • Kate

        oh, the shorts aren’t great – don’t get me wrong – but at least they have the benefit of showing off Amy’s legs, whereas the poncho of evilness doesn’t do anything for her at all

        • mhorv4

          The shorts are experiencing some weird creases and might be riding up too far. This would be so much cuter if it was a pencil skirt or trousers. And maybe a nice light camisole instead of the black shirt.

  7. Anna Svahn

    Why can’t Stella McCartney make pants that fit? They don’t even fit her! Or is she trying to create a new style of pants for the world to wear, baggy hangy crotchy pants.

  8. sarah

    The second outfit is rather cute.

    • steen

      I concur. I realize that the wrinkles are located in evil places, but the color is awesome and I am a sucker for the shorts/blazer look on women with enviable legs like Amy’s.

    • Natalie

      i agree! love the blue pantsuit/romper.

  9. vandalfan

    Boy Howdy, that orange polyester really clings in all the wrong spots, doesn’t it?

    And, is Stella famous solely because of her Dad? H’mmmm- YA THINK?

  10. kindakute

    Stella must secretly despise women more talented than she is. The orange atrocity is a new low. The woman must be stopped.

  11. oohsparkley

    Stella must be a super nice person and a great friend, they don’t want to hurt her feelings by refusing to wear the fugly clothes she forces on her friends.

  12. val.

    I don’t think Amy is rockin’ that shorts suit. I think someone taller and lankier could maybe possibly pull that off, but it’s still questionable.

  13. mary lou bethune

    Amy always looks cute as pie and the look on her face always says, ” what riot…. this is part of my schtick, people, laugh it up.”

  14. Mongerel

    Not gonna criticize anybody’s fence-jumper. Foxy comes in all shapes and outfits. ♡

  15. Carol

    I think the shorts are hideous and not appropriate to wear to a university award event, which is apparently where she was … long pants when you are being honored, dear, long pants.

  16. Maretha2

    I”m not sure what’s happened to me, but for two days in a row I have not hated formal shorts outfits — Jada yesterday and Amy today. I think maybe I’m ok with short women who have short but toned legs wearing shorts like this, and I like the contrast between the shorts and all the fabric on the top. That orange thing is just weird and unattractive.

  17. TheReset

    I don’t hate that second outfit. I do seem to hate absolutely everything that Stella designs, however.

  18. Mahastee

    Well, the colours are great, but the cut and fit not so much. The jacket is close to being good, but not quite there.
    Still, I prefer good colour and bland fit to good fit and bland colour.

  19. Lola

    Stella has an overweaning fondness for knits it seems?
    Mccartney’s design skills remind me of myself at 7 years of age… I was always drawn to the shiny stretchy swimsuit material to build a doll dress …and they never turned out right. But, I could tell my creations were appalling. Mom said ” you can’t expect fabric that is meant to stretch in every direction to behave” . i also used a lot of weird seaming (crooked, on the bias- you know scissors were still new to me!)
    my creations basically looked like Stella’s dress here. Why hasnt her mom or a seamstress explained about knits to her?? — how they stretch, sag, cling etc mercilessly andyou have to know what your doing to employ them – or rather NOT employ them. You can’t just put janky seaming in hoping the stretch knit will work it out for you.

  20. Megan

    Surprisingly I LOVE the second outfit. I mean, not on anyone else in the world. It is atrocious in almost every possible way, but look how good Amy’s legs look! Her little body is so fucking foxy in that outfit, and I do not know how that makes sense, but somehow that is happening! The first outfit, however, is incredibad.

  21. Squirrel!

    Okay, I’m going to swim upstream here and say I like the first look better than the second. In no way am I embracing Stella McCartney’s designs, but the orange color looks fantastic on Amy, her hair looks cute, and somehow that dress — for all its clinginess — does not create unsightly lumps. (Perhaps this is a testament to Amy’s undergarments.) The second look, including her hairstyle, just screams late ’70s/early ’80s to me. Well, maybe the jacket can stay, but EVERYTHING ELSE, including shoes, MUST GO.

  22. Squirrel!

    Oh, and I do enjoy the “palm fronts” typo here. :-)

    • jenny

      I know, for a sec I was thinking, is that a thing? The fronts of our palms have to be attractive now?

  23. amys

    The colors are at least quite lovely on her, and Amy is a great sport for wearing clothes designed by a friend, regardless of how hideous they may be.

  24. Shiitake

    Stella McCartney is making MY imaginary friend look not so hot.

  25. Sandra

    Oh Amy, NO!!!! The UGA Peabody Awards are actually quite a big deal. These shorts are not only hideous in and of themselves, but they are way inappropriate for the event. I remember reading in the NYT several years ago an article proclaiming the evils of formal shorts and reminding women everywhere that we ALREADY HAVE a type of clothing we can wear when it’s too hot for pants–which I’m sure it is in Athens right now– but not a casual event. We know them as skirts.

    As for Stella’s designs, there’s really nothing left to say. Her clothes flatter no one.

  26. Veronica

    The orange dress is unflattering against her skin tone and just ugly over all, but I have to admit I think the second outfit is kind of cute, though a skirt would have flattered it better. The color, in particular, is quite pretty on her. (I agree that it isn’t appropriate for the occasion. Placed in a different context, I think she could work it.)

  27. Christin

    Ron isn’t real but Nick Offerman seems like a good guy to have on a desert island too. He’s very good at woodshop. Also burly. Mmm.

  28. Cranky Old Batt

    After all that girl crushing, I guess I just won’t say anything.

  29. fritanga

    Ach du lieber. If the blue shorts had been a pencil or even a flirty little pleated skirt, she’d have been OK. The shorts are deadly, though. DEADLY. Part of it is due to the turquoise being terrible against her fair skin when so much is exposed.

    Why didn’t Will tell her that outfit was funky? Better another long poncho than this.

  30. Kate

    @fuggirls – it’s just occurred to me that Aubrey Plaza wore a really heinous pair of leather shorts to the Peabody Awards – kinda surprised they haven’t appeared here, as they’re about 1000 times worse than Amy’s shorts

  31. :paula

    I very much hope the ‘brain-eating berries’ reference means you are going to use Sloane Tanen’s “Are You Going To Kiss Me Now” as a Fug Friday prize really soon!!