Fugs and Fabs: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals at PaleyFest

PaleyFest goes on so long, and reaches so far and wide, that it’s starting to feel like TCAs — as if the only qualification for getting a PaleyFest panel is, “Having ever aired on television for more than ten seconds.” It’s great for shows like Lost, or really long-running/ending/changing favorites (like, Grey’s Anatomy, with Sandra Oh leaving, feels like it could’ve merited one), or reunions of old shows, but I’m not entirely sure I think The Originals — in the midst of its first season — necessarily needed to come to the party yet. I don’t begrudge it; I just don’t really get the point. Having said that: HOORAY FOR OUTFITS, and cute men in suits, so invite whomever you want, PaleyFest planners.

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  1. Liviania

    I like Klaus’s outfit as is. It’s very jaunty.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Is Klaus Joseph Morgan? With the blue-green shirt and narrow tie? If I’ve got the right person, I liked it, too! And it all fits nicely.

      • Liviania

        Yeah, Joseph Morgan plays Klaus and I couldn’t remember the actor’s real name despite it being right there.

        • HelenBackAgain

          It does say Klaus in the description, too, and I forgot that! I think I owe you a drink!

  2.  Miranda

    I remember Persia White from ‘Breaker High’ where the high school was on a cruise ship. Her co-star? The delicious Ryan Gosling!

    Outfit wise, none of this speaks to me one way or another, mostly because I couldn’t pick any of them out in a crowd. I am too old for the CW I guess (but I still watch Supernatural).

  3. peachpye

    Fun fact, not only did she play Kat Graham’s mom on VD, but Persia White was also on Breaker High with Ryan Gosling back in the day.

  4. Maria L.

    How any grown-ass woman can think of sticking a bow in her hair is beyond me.

    Heather, you are an “older lady?” Please.

    •  KLeewrite

      Seriously. Heather, if you’re “older,” then I qualify for a nursing home.

      • Heather

        Well, I am… older than Joseph Morgan is.

        • Maria L.

          Well, if that is what you consider “older,” I guess that puts me in the Older-Enough-To-Have-Seen-The-Pyramids-Constructed category.

        • Helena

          Joseph Morgan is 32, right? …Are you like six months older or something? Because if you’re going to say that you have a couple of decades (or actually even a couple of YEARS) on him, then you photograph extremely well! Because I legit thought you were late twenties.

          • Sajorina

            I’ve met Heather and does NOT look her age! And neither does Jessica, whom I’ve also met!

  5. Lisa

    Her hair and bow are making me irrationally mad. Grow up, please.

    • HelenBackAgain

      And all this twee – including much of the dress itself – in combination with a gratuitous boob-flash. It’s WEIRD.

      Dobrev usually looks so great… I guess she had to mess up sometime?

  6. patricia

    I often find that Nina either looks like a Ukranian version of Vanna White or one of the Price Is Right ladies, or like she raided the prom section at Wet Seal (we called it Wet Squeal BITD)
    Anyway, does anyone else love the Nina/Ian post break-up professionalism in public? I think they are GREAT!
    Newsflash, besides the fact that I cannot STAND Phoebe Tonkin and her perpetual cotton-ball mouth talkspeak she CALLS acting (I realise she has an accent, still NO excuse for gurbled talk), she is also dating Paul W. IRL and was purportedly the cause of the break-up of his marriage to the lovely and talented Torrey DeVitto from PLL. Ps- Phoebe Tonkin can’t act-did I already say that?
    Moving forward…Props to Klaus for loving not only an Older woman but a WOC too (I fall into both of these categories, maybe I have a chance?)
    Lastly, this quote from the fuggirls “I will leave the CW demographic the day I am cold in the ground y’all” <-WORD.

    • flick

      Phoebe Tonkin had a serious boyfriend into at least late May last year. Unless Paul and Torrey’s relationship went from fine to divorce papers served in under two months, I’m doubting Phoebe had anything to do with it. Yes, the news of them being together broke very close to the announcement of the divorce, but Torrey was posting photos of herself and proclaiming her love for her new boyfriend at about the same time. And yet so few people feel the need to comment on that…

      Disliking an actress is fine, but the way people insist upon trying to spin their personal lives is pretty gross.

      • patricia

        Hmmm, that is not what I heard, read etc at all! Also, not what the rumour mill stated.

        I did hear the part about Torrey posting pics of her new man BUT read (heard) all of that long after their split.

        Also, thanks for the advice(?) I was simply “trying to spin” the IRL dating lives of these actors as prefaced by the actual captions in the fug, so relevant, not gross.

        Though I am totally gross when I eat cheetos, so there’s that.

        • flick

          The divorce was announced right after ComicCon at the end of July. Phoebe was dating Chris Zylka until mid/late May and then was out of the country until mid-June. There was nothing that said their behavior was romantic until late September. Unless Torrey and Paul’s marriage was already hanging by a thread, there’s no way that Phoebe had anything to do with it. The only people who are insisting she did are fans.

  7. swingbird

    Hmmmm, I myself wouldn’t have chosen Nina’s dress for an event where she’s supposed to sit for a while. The length is ok I agree, but the neckline is revealing enough that I’d would have worried, not about an involuntary exposing of the bits maybe, but certainly of the bobs. As it is, Ian probably saw a lot more than most exes do after a breakup.

    • Wildviolette

      And “seeing more” might have been her point. ;)
      I adore this dress and from the neck down, pulling it off! The make-up actually bugs me more than the hairbow – although I hate that too. The eyes are too dark and smudgy. And this is coming from a former goth chick.

  8. janet

    I have to admit that I watched the Vampire Diaries’ first Paley Fest panel on hulu, and Nina Dobrev was really cold the whole time. (I remember this specifically because Ian Somerhalder gave her his jacket to wear and the crowd went BAZOOKS over it.) So I like to think that she was like “not again! give me sleeves and length!” Although that wouldn’t explain the front entrance to her dress.

  9. Esmerelda

    I think Phoebe Tonkin’s dress is troublingly sheer. I swear I can see granny panties.

    • HelenBackAgain

      It’s very nightgown-y. And she’s wearing body glitter.

      Very pretty young woman. Pity she can’t dress herself. If this is relatively good, for her… then I’m glad I don’t remember what she usually looks like!

    • flick

      I can’t make my mind up if it’s intentional or the result of not flash testing the outfit. There are some shots where it’s not even a question of whether or not it’s sheer and there are some where you would never know it’s an issue.

      Personally, I generally like her style. Usually I wouldn’t replicate the looks exactly, but I prefer what she wears to seeing the millionth CW starlet wearing the same thing over and over. Plus, she generally seems to like what she’s wearing which is more than can be said for some. That said, when she gets it wrong, she gets it horrifically wrong.

  10. Sarah

    Elijah – yum

  11. hannah

    ‘a shirt and blouse that match’? :p

    • flick

      It took me a minute, but I believe meaning a two piece outfit rather than a jumpsuit.

  12. Kate

    Every time I see the words “Paley Fest” I read it as Pacey Fest and think Joshua Jackson has finally expanded PaceyCon into numerous events. WHY HASN’T THIS HAPPENED?!

  13. Alicia F

    How does Rachael Leigh Cook still look like that?! She’s All That was what? 12-15 years ago?

    •  LT1

      I wish she was allowed to wear her hair closer to that on Perception. The bun-with-hair-covering-her-ears is really distracting–as distracting as Josh Holloway’s mulletey thing on Intelligence. (Yes, I am a procedure junkie.)

    •  CreLa


  14. Lynne

    I think I’d like to invite Daniel Gillies and Rachel Leigh Cook to my imaginary dinner party. I’m sure they’d come. I’ve already invited Emma Thompson and Willoughby.

  15. KHS

    Here is my fanfic: Nina and Ian have such terrible hair here because they hooked up in the limo on the way. They are secretly back together but they don’t want everyone to know. That is the ONLY explanation for Nina’s hair looking that bad. Bows do not belong on a grown women. EVER.

  16. Angharad

    I love Nina’s dress, boob window and all, but that bow! Why?

  17.  Pia

    Wow, did not recognize the actress playing Cami at first.
    She’s really pretty, every time she’s on the screen I think to myself she would have made a good Buffy (but SMG 4theWin, of course)

    PS :Wait, I just checked and she’s just 25 !! Oh my, she looks 10y older (but that’s ok)

  18.  Shannon

    1. I cannot with either Rachel’s or Persia’s shoes.
    2. I watch both shows religiously and have no clue who Leah Pipes is.
    3. Whither Kat Graham and her cracked-out fug?
    4. There is a documentary about Daniel Gillies’ attempt to make an indie film, and if you aren’t already a fan of his and Rachel’s, you will be after watching it. They are a lovely couple.

    •  Pia

      Leah Pipes plays Cami ! I did not recognize her at 1st

    •  Anita

      I don’t know who Leah Pipes is either, but she’s got me wondering if the Olsen twins weren’t originally triplets.

  19.  CCKilleen

    Nina’s dress = Yesssss that bow = Oh hell no girl!

  20.  JessicaAZ

    I too will never leave the CW demographic. I am pretty sure I watch/have watched/tried to watch everything they have ever put out there. I guess admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery?

  21. elz

    I have watched both shows from the beginning and have NO idea who Leah Pipes is. Is she a new witch? A werewolf?? Befuddling.

    If I was married to Daniel GIllies, I would totally have the super shiniest hair ever.