Man, the hits keep on coming — as I’ve said before, I think it’s all well and good to get on the map for being one nutbar short of a case, but it gets exhausting when you never strip it down and show us your natural awesome. So I LOVE seeing Kat Graham in something so simple and spectacular.


There’s just enough design to it that it flatters her body completely, the color is incredible, and SHE looks radiant. And probably kind of enjoyed not wearing a science fair project on her head for once. I imagine that’s an excellent way to lower one’s Advil intake.

Her co-star Nina Dobrev — usually the one in the ball gowns — went a slightly different direction:

I feel like I shouldn’t be looking, as if she accidentally strolled in front of an X-ray machine that works only to expose people’s lingerie. Or she accidentally tore off the front panel of her dress while yanking her napkin out from under her chin to storm off to the bathroom. I have a lot of fantasy arguments with people in my head, like when I’m driving or trying to fall asleep — it’s a great time to practice what you’re going to say, should that argument ever come to fruition, which they almost never do but whatever, I was a Girl Scout so I like to Be Prepared — so therefore I tend to imagine other people ALSO having dramatic arguments at all times. That was a long digression. Should we keep it going? Any thoughts on the weather? Chechnya? The aborted Chris Paul trades? Sidney Crosby’s latest concussion? House plants? Her shoes? Panty hose? … No, we’re done here? Okay.