Fugs and Fabs: The Latest Captain America 2 Premiere

I’m so much MORE inclined to like things right now, which I suspect is TOTALLY because we are in the middle of Fug Madness and so everything in the world seems prettier than the hellpiles we have to shovel in those entries.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. TalleyL

    There are certainly some fit issues w/Scarjo’s dress, BUT I stand by my first reaction, which was, “Dayum!”

  2.  Miranda

    Both ladies have boobs running for the border, just opposite ones. Scarlett’s headed for Canada, Hayley’s for Mexico. It makes me sad that they haven’t figured out you need a bra to keep them in place.

  3. Kate

    I am not a facial hair person AT ALL, but I think I like Chris Evans better WITH a beard.

    • Rachael

      Me too, and me too. I am too distracted by Chris Evans to care much about anyone else in that slide show. Hot damn.

      He makes me feel better that NC State and Arizona State totally ruined my chances to win a billion dollars I can’t stop talking about basketball someone please help me.

    • Buster

      The beard thing is weird to me, because it’s not like he’s not going to have to shave it off any day now for the Avengers, unless, I don’t know, Steve Rogers has been roaming the United States as a nomad since the events of CA:TWS and he’s gone all beardy as well. So why not just shave it so you look more like the character you’re promoting right now? Is he trying to not look like Steve Rogers?

      But, yeah, it looks fine on him. He looks fine without it. I guess if it makes him happy.

    •  Melanie

      I LOVE the beard!

  4. Frances

    Love the sexy-vavoom from Scarlett! Really hot without venturing down-market (which is what underboob/butt cleavage etc feels like to me). Righty may need some tucking but maybe it’s too sensitive these days to stand the thought of wrangling it further. And both the gents are bringing it! I love that they have both had some fun with their otherwise-conventional accessories.

  5. Stefanie

    Does Scarlett look weirdly like Gaga in that picture?!? I’m a little freaked out.

  6.  Holla

    Scarlett from the neck down looks awesome, but something is off with her face (makeup, not surgery), I just can’t place my finger on what it is. I do love the lipstick.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      Like Heather S writes below, I think it’s the relative lack of eye make-up that’s causing the imbalance. I love the lipstick, too.

      I love this dress on her, boobs and all. I think she looks dy-no-mite.

      I prefer Evans with the beard and/but, up close, he looks goofy to me. He dresses well, though.

    • Jenz

      Thank you.. I came here to say just that. I had to read the comments two or three or times because she just doesn’t look like ScarJo.

    • Nikki

      I think it’s the light eye makeup, and her undereye concealer might be a little too light for her skintone too. But she is still a total bombshell, especially considering she is probably still in her first trimester and possibly feeling quite yucky.

    • jezebel

      I think someone just gave her the wrong shadow and powder/foundation, as if she looked peaky (as well she might if she’s in her first trimester) so they tried to brighten her face up but with colours that don’t work for her or together. This happened to me (and the bride) in a Jersey wedding party, and it just looked off.

  7. Heather S

    Scarlett would be perfect except the deficit of eye makeup. Perhaps it’s a taste thing, but I find the sharp lipstick and eyebrows with no mascara or liner look unpretty.

    Chris Evans can totally be an honorary Hemsworth. I keep thinking he is anyways.

    • Stacey

      I think the same thing. I know one wasn’t doesn’t like to do strong eyes and lips together, but she looks like she’s not wearing any eye makeup at all.

  8.  Michelle

    If you look closely at just Scarlett’s face, she looks wiped out and nauseous (i.e. exactly how one looks when pregnant). BRAVO to her stylist for the magic of that dress and lipstick!

    • Other Emily

      She really does. She’s got her lips pressed together in a very “I don’t feel good” way. Poor thing. Love the va-va-voom of this dress, even if the ladies aren’t perfectly wrangled the way I’d like. Still I think overall it looks pretty hot. And Chris Evans Beard Version is killing me with hotness. Like, I get sweaty at my desk just looking at him.

  9.  alamedapeg

    I might actually love that tie on Chris Evans [admits to fondness for 80's skinny ties].

    • ceedeegee57

      That tie “ties” in beautifully with his oh so handsome beard. Indeed his hair is all highlighted by that fun/fab tie. And his suit fit’s perfectly.
      He is way to handsome and his own man to need to be a honorary anyone!

  10. Buster

    Atwell’s dress would work better just as a solid white dress, rather than having that weird see-through business at her cleavage. I don’t know why she likes that look.

  11.  Hannah

    Currently hanging the ScarJo shot on the Wall of Fame in our offices at “NAB-NoNudeShoes-Better Lipstick For America” – my self-explanatory charitable organization..

  12. Flick

    Chris Hemsworth already decided Tom Hiddleston was a Hemsworth, Marvel might as well get all their stars under the Hemsworth umbrella.

    • ali

      Honorary Hemsworths for all!

      But yes, you should change his name to Chris Evans-Hemsworth, or Chris Evansworth or something. Especially when bearded.

  13. Sandra

    Pregnant or not, nobody’s boobs actually swell out from their collarbone like that. That is some poor wrangling going on right there.

    •  Narshkite

      I went for a D to a G (yes, that exists) in 4 months. Forget my collarbone, I had boobs coming out of my chin,

      • HelenBackAgain

        Yeah, I’m totally giving her a pass on the boob wrangling. There was NO way to tell in advance what size she’d be at this time.

  14.  Tamburlaine

    Both ladies look great, I think (Atwell’s underboob is relatively tasteful and that frosty look is fab). I also REALLY like both their shoe choices. Bravo!

  15.  Billie

    I’m giving ScarJo leeway because of the pregnancy. She already had ample assets so I cannot imagine trying to get fitted for something when those puppies always seem to be growing daily, especially in the first trimester. I was barely a B pre-pregnancy and jumped to a full C within a month. I cannot imagine what larger chested women go through.

    Anyhow, she looks fantastic and seems wrangled enough given how quickly her body must be changing.

    • Heather S

      Yeah, I find the boobs forgivable because there is no misery like early pregnancy.

  16.  ringthing

    Another Heatherism to add to the personal vocabulary: hellpiles. Thanks for coloring my conversation.

  17. MelissaW

    Dark-haired/bearded Chris Evans looks like a buff version of Steve Carell with that pose. But he still looks hot.

    ScarJo is wearing a great color, love it on her.

  18. HelenBackAgain

    Johansson looks great, stray boob and all. I just wish she didn’t look like she’d rather be in her hotel worshiping the porcelain deity instead!

    Atwell, I’d call it an Unfug. There are a lot of details I’d change (including filling in that unfortunate chest netting with real fabric), but none would be hard to do. I think a great idea got lost in poor execution, there.

    Evans, count me in with everyone who already thinks “Hemsworth” on seeing him! And this might be the darkest I’ve seen his hair, and I like it. Very good suit. Now get him to stop standing like a gorilla, and we’re all set.

    I saw another picture of Jackson’s outfit, and I cannot get on board with the too-casual pants, and simply ugly black sneakers with white soles. His top half is terrific, but the bottom half needed work. I’m not averse to casual pants with dressy jackets; this, however, is an iteration of the concept that just did not work.

  19. Kristan

    I actually think Evans looks like he got stuffed into a slightly smaller man’s clothes…

    I also don’t dig the beard. But it’s not the worst or anything, I just prefer him clean-shaven.

    And yeah, honorary Hemsworth. We never really see the 3rd one anyway.

    • Claire1

      I was just going to say that it looks like he’s about to bust out of that suit….

      Can we make that happen?

  20. Sajorina

    LOVE Scarlett’s whole ensemble… It is DIVINE! Oh, the color… ♥

  21. Kay

    I think Scarlett looks awful–that thing does not fit her, and it’s a wrinkled mass.