Fugs and Fabs: The Estee Lauder “Modern Muse” Fragrance Launch Party

So many models, so many actresses, so many outfits.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Cristina

    I love Michelle Dockery for flashing her lovely pale gams at every opportunity. If I had a dollar for every jerk who told me I’d look better with a tan, I’d be able to live at Downton myself. Lady Mary knows that is not the proper course of action and I appreciate that.

    • Christine

      YES! My mom proceeds to tell me EVERY WEEK how much better I’d love with some “sun”. Thanks mom, but I enjoy looking like the living dead!

      Also, I basically equate tanning with smoking. We know they both cause cancer, there is no healthy way to do either (and no, i don’t have the patience for that self-tanner crap), so I will not take part in either. Cancer ain’t sexy on anyone!

    • Sajorina

      Agreed! Pale people unite!!!

      •  Lil

        You have my pasty person vote.

        Also, does anyone else think Julianne Hough is turning into Olivia Newton John? I think it’s the combo of her face and the odd showbiz-nana-being-sexy outfit.

  2. qwertygirl

    It’s all…I don’t know, fine I guess excepting the sheer. I didn’t love Tao Okamoto’s shoes with that dress (I did like the dress), but I’m in the early stages of a head cold, so when I mentally looked back at the slide show, all I could think of was, “Eh, a bunch of stupid sheer and some whatever whatever.” Nothing so egregious that it caused me physical pain, but nothing so amazing that it was able to filter through my Cold Brain to make a permanent impression.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yeah, none of it really stuck with me either, and I don’t even have a cold.

      Awfully pretty people, though! Every face looked great, so that’s always nice.

      Also, “MOVE AWN” was rather good. I laughed!

  3.  Carolina Girl

    Prabal Gurung is REALLY handsome. I had no idea he was that good looking. For me, he pretty much wins this slideshow.
    I’d like to know what possessed Joan Smalls to don a lavender satin sack and pair it with what looks like a high-heeled version of the leg braces worn by Forrest Gump?

    • Rowynn

      Is that satin? I thought it looked like leather. Either way, yeah, those shoes are awful.

  4. Lucasta

    That is a LOT of beautiful people in one place. Iman! Every time I see her I start looking around for David Bowie.

  5. Snevhead

    Lady Mary needs a better bra.

  6. Kate Andrews

    Linda Evangelista looks like Milla Jovovich! How weird.

  7. Lynne

    Iman is a goddess. I mean, that dress is actually kind of average but she looks incredible. I don’t really get the fur vest that Linda Evangelista is wearing. It seems unnecessary.

    • Bonnie Klein

      It is worth noting that Iman is 58 (though different years, we share a birthday so I keep track.) Amazing.

      • Katty McNiley Ripley

        WoW, Really!? Iman win this (and life in general)!

        Linda looks crazy, I recently saw “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye” and (the little time) she talked was obnoxious… Her face looks “plasticky” and she was SO,SO beautiful…shame!

        PS. Prabal, call me!

  8. Erin

    I share your Savannah and Willie Geist love. If you don’t follow Willie on Twitter, you should. He has a great wit. I was distraught when they announced Carson Daly was joining the Today Show cast last week, as I thought I meant that Willie was being adiosed. I may have a crush on him…

    • Mavis

      I recently used the Fug-phrase “secretly hilarious” to describe Willie Geist. I find him incredibly charming. (I used to think the same about Matt Lauer, though, a million years ago when he read the news and occasionally filled in for Bryant Gumbel. In other words: What do I know?)

      I do wonder about Jessica’s beef with Natalie Morales. I don’t watch “Today” very often but never had an issue with her. (See above, re: Questionable tastes with respect to Today Show anchors.)

      • Jessica

        I don’t dislike her, I just am not that into her. I don’t really have a beef with her, per se, she just leaves me kind of cold and I think her interactions w. other Today hosts can be a little awkward in a way that’s uncomfortable.

  9. Christine

    That is a long line of beautiful people wearing iffy clothes.

    But I have to ask, why does everyone dislike Matt Lauer these days? I somehow missed the transition from when everyone loved him (and thought he was sexy, I remember those beach pics) to now no one even likes him. Someone fill me in…?

  10. Sajorina

    OMG, I totally read that as Estée Lauder “Modern Mouse” Fragrance and screamed ‘WHAT? Who names a perfume THAT?’! Thank God I was wrong! Anyway, I’m obsessed with Hilary Rhoda’s and Arizona Muse’s whole outfits! COVET their dresses & shoes! And their hair & makeup are flawless! FAB!!!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      If it were called “Modern Mouse,” I would buy it just to look at the bottle and laugh every day!

  11. Catherine

    With all due respect, Samantha Guthrie is actually Savannah Guthrie (the only reason I mention it is because I love her :) ) Also, I agree with the pale thing- I am (mostly) proudly pale and always will be!! :-D

    • Jessica

      Oh, god, totally. Thank you! Fashion Week brain fart. It’s fixed!

  12. Edith

    Suddenly realized who Juliana Hough looks like – she’s a younger, blonder Jennifer Anisten. Look at their faces – especially eyes and chin. Am I going mad? Too much Modern Mouse perfume? Because now that I’ve seen it, I can’t stop seeing it.

  13. Rach

    For the Linda Evangelista comment, you may have my first born. Hilarious.

  14. meggiemoo

    I wish Linda Evangelista would go back to her super short, bleached blonde 90s do. It was so hot and her face is perfect for it.

  15. nicolegrr

    When I first looked at Hough’s dress, I was like: Oh, look, dress. Sheer sleeves. Whatever. Then I had a double-take and realized: it’s not a dress. It’s parted curtains and panties. WHAT.

  16. anne p.

    Mme. Carine, of course, has been wearing the panties-and-sheer-”skirt” for a million years. Exactly right that she would have been a very early adopter, but (by the same token) surprising that she’s still clinging to this ridiculous thing past its expiration date – regardless of its continuing appearance on the runways.

    OK, spitting in the eye of grandmotherhood, but still … there are plenty of other forward (and nutty) things to wear that’ll keep your bread buttered with the designers.

  17.  bambi_beth

    Just stopped by to say Julianne Hough’s hair actually looks clean and styled and nice!

  18. greatwhitenorthchick

    Love Iman, but this dress looks like the she “saw it in the window and simply had to have it” (a la Carole Burnett). Not flattering. Rare misstep for her.

    Sorry, can’t resist comment on the Lauer situation. Ann Curry, good as she is, WAS bringing down the show; she was not co-anchor material. Do you keep someone who’s faltering in such a key position, to the point where they start sinking the whole ship? Calling Lauer a HD does seem like overkill.

    • maryse

      nah. he was a huge douche. i agree. ann curry was not co-anchor material. she was always better at serious news and scripted pieces. however, she had been a colleague for years and she deserved to be treated better.

  19. Tiffany

    I have a twin sister, and you could NOT PAY ME to stand like bookends with her in every. single. photo. I have no idea why the Olsens pretend to be so above everything, yet continue to pose in “we’re identical twins!” fashion (even though they are fraternal). Why do they always face each other in the same pose?

  20. Claire1

    I kind of love how Dockery looks here.