Fugs and Fabs: The Cast of The Face

Fug Friend Carrie called The Face what would happen if ANTM had a baby with The Voice,  and I think that’s pretty apt, from what I can tell: teams of models, mentored by actual real models, compete to be….models. And noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker is there. I obviously plan to watch this. (A) I seriously will watch any show in which people attempt to be models, because it’s fun to roll your eyes and snort, “you’re too OLD to be a model” at the TV while shoveling uncooked PopTarts into your mouth. (B) Nigel so pretty. (C) I love me some Coco Rocha. (D) I’m scared what Naomi will do to me if I don’t.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Mary

    there’s a photo credit so does that mean there should be a photo? or photos?

  2. Anissa

    As the photos don’t seem to be working at this time; try this link to view them.

  3. Rayna

    Jumpsuit, gaaah, and space alien jumpsuit.

  4. Deanna

    erm, there’s no photo(s)?

  5. Elbyem

    In the initial photo, Karolina looks exactly like The Terminator from “T3″. Total cyborg. The shoes don’t help that impression.

  6. Fernanda Trupiano

    Coco Rocha looks to have put her cashmere sweater through the dryer. I feel your pain, hun. My mother put my cashmere beanie in the dryer during her last visit, and I promptly donated it to my garden gnome. Le sigh.

    This is a pet peeve of mine, I know, but have models gotten so used to shoes that don’t fit that they forget their shoe size? Coco’s toes are just hanging off the ledge there, thinking about jumping.

  7. Caroleena Stantonova

    I believe these women dressed in an entirely dark room, and forgot what mirrors are for.

  8. Sajorina

    Nigel is GORGEOUS! And, I love that Naomi is wearing flat sandals with both outfits! Sadly, I don’t get Oxygen!

    • Snevhead

      I think Naomi’s in flats ever since that mugging incident in Paris. She seems to have hurt her foot or something?

    • Cal

      I don’t like the flats. It makes her look dumpy compared to the other 2!

  9. Maggie

    Was your goal with that, “She’s just bein’ Naomi.” comment for us to hunt down the 2007 Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana song “See You Again”?

    Because, if so, it worked.

  10. Fiona

    I can’t get over how tiny Naomi looks in flats! She almost looks normal!

  11. Sarah

    Karolina’s shoes make her look like she has runner’s knee and feels the need to wear her braces all the time. just say no to weird knee braces, Karolina!

  12. Miss Louise

    Karolina’s shoes look like a scold’s bridle for nagging feet. I’m so glad you remembered to use Nigel’s full ANTM moniker – ‘noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker’. I find that man hilarious.

  13. Mia

    Naomi seems like a raging b**ch, so it’s especially unfair that she’s so dang pretty!

  14. Isabel

    How tall ARE these girls? Naomi is kind of a giantess, but in the first photo she looks decidedly short compared to the other two. She’s wearing flats, but that doesn’t account for all of the difference.

    I’m reminded of that 3rd Rock episode where the Amazons From Venus take over the world! And that’s a compliment.

  15. Vandalfan

    Those white pants on the alien visitor, the one with the yooge shoulder pads? Those came from a tin soldier costume for The Nutcracker.

  16. Donna

    I don’t know what Coco has on, but it’s really frightening me. And for reasons that are not relevant on this planet, it has a turtleneck. I don’t want to be anywhere it goes.