Gangster Squad looks like one of those movies that’s basically terrible, but in which everyone looks fantastic (other than Sean Penn, who looks like he fell face-first into a bucket of Play-Doh), and you end up watching on USA Network whenever you have the flu. I can’t be completely negative about a movie where Emma Stone is properly red-headed and also gets to cavort with Ryan Gosling. Basically, I think Stone and Gosling should always co-star, in everything.

On the whole, honestly, I think this is pretty great.  I might have accessorized it differently – do you think the pin on the belt fights with the necklace? I truly can’t decide — and I desperately wish her shoes weren’t ALSO red, not just because it’s matchy-matchy, but also because they blend into the carpet and she looks like she’s floating around, disemfooted.  Otherwise, I say YAY EMMA STONE. Yay!

What do you say?

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