Fugs and Fabs: The British Fashion Awards

In which Stella McCartney wears something so terrible you…well, you might not be that surprised anymore. But trust me: it’s BAD. Other people look surprisingly decent. At least one person was kinda naked. So, you know: THE USUAL.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Siobhán

    She knows it. She totally knows it. This atrocity screams: “Hey suckers, this is who you’ve crowned Designer of the Year! Joke’s on you!”

  2. Willow

    I’m still reeling at the fact Stella McCartney accepted an award in that hideous get-up. I’m going to try and believe she was just mocking them at this point.

  3. Natasha Cher

    The link is not working on Pixie Geldof page

  4. PB

    Victoria Pendleton is a serious bad ass and it is nice to see her out and about in something other than a skin suit (a skin suit is a really unflattering article of clothing typically worn by bike racers but also occasionally donned by people who have no business wearing such clothes – however, it’s unflattering even if you have about 0% body fat).

  5. Danielle

    Someone should have told Kelly that you can totally see her Victoria’s Secret push up bra. Considering that it is that boring beige color and not leopard print/lace/frills, I have a feeling that she wanted to keep her knickers to herself.

  6. qwertygirl

    I don’t care who Stella McCartney is related to. She should never be allowed to design clothing again. She has given new meaning to the phrase, “Really, it just CAN’T get any worse.”

  7. Sandra

    Whatever substance that woman is using to control the minds of every single person in the British fashion industry, I want some. She would look better if she wore an actual burlap sack. Her Shoes of Evil are spreading their contagion, I see. Hop on your bicycle and go very fast in the opposite direction, Victoria Pendleton.

  8. Beth C.

    Cara Delevingne is gorgeous?? Really? Because I think she looks dangerously thin. I think she’d look gorgeous if she gained about 10 pounds. 15 pounds would be even better. I mean, her face looks gaunt, along with much of the rest of her.

    I would have hoped that the Fug Girls, with all of their insights in fashion (both good and bad), would have acquired a better sense of a healthy body ideal. Ms. Delevingne’s body type might be ideal in the fashion world (for better or for worse), but certainly not in the real world.

    • bex

      I would have hoped that someone who reads Go Fug Yourself would know by now that it’s totally unacceptable to judge the physical bodies that appear on this blog. There are plenty of people that appear what you would call “dangerously thin” and “gaunt” naturally that would not appreciate your body policing. There are LOTS of different body types in the “real world” and it’s unfair and damaging to ALL women if you declare some unacceptable/not a “healthy body ideal.”

      • Eliza Bennett

        Get it, Bex. You go :)

      • Lilibet

        I think the point is more that Cara Delevingne is being held up as an IDEAL, being crowned model of the year or whatever. Compared to the Supermodels, such as Helena Christensen and CIndy Crawford, it is plain that today’s models are alarmingly thin as can be seen regularly in Style.com’s coverage of runway shows. These girls are freaks of nature – tall and willowy – and may be naturally built that way. The fashion industry, however, chooses them over many, many other women.

      • Willa W

        Rock on Bex, i’m right there with you!

    • Jessica

      I think that she is lovely. I’ve also said that Christina Hendricks is lovely, and given similar accolades to celebrities with a VERY wide variety of body types – from Salma Hayek to Chloe Sevigny to Kate Middleton to Tyra Banks. I’ve known women as naturally slim as Cara is, and women as naturally curvacious as Hendricks; it’s unfair to BOTH women to say their bodies aren’t ideal. Their bodies are their bodies and their weights are none of my business.

      Gorgeous women come in all shapes and sizes. You are certainly allowed to think she is too thin in your estimation. Just as I think she is very pretty; I think lots of people are pretty. Please do not accuse me of pushing some kind of body politics here on GFY because that is not something I do.

  9. cynicalsmirk

    The little model looks like she’s listing to the left, probably due to lightheadedness from malnutrition. I keep waiting for the so-called “healthier models” to arrive on the scene.

  10. margaret

    Stella is a black satin burrito.

    • anonymoose

      Yep, that’s a strapless burrito tuxedo.

      Who is the dish with her? Yum!

    • TaraMisu

      Hahahaha!! Perfect!

    • Brenda Romero

      I was literally eating a burrito when I read this comment, and now I can’t even look at it without busting out laughing!

  11. Liz985

    Yowza. This the British Fashion Awards and that’s the group that showed up? Um, I’m speechless.

  12. Julie M

    I remember when Heather Mills refused to let Stella design her wedding dress. At the time I thought Heather was a bitch. Now I realize that she was very, very, very smart.

  13. Eliza Bennett

    WHO made Delilah’s horrid molting ode to Sexy Bird Flu?

    • Anita

      Shall we all join together in a chorus of “Why, why, why, Delilah?”

      • Rowynn

        It probably isn’t a rule of fashion, but should be, that if you’re kind of homely, you don’t wear things that make you look crazy, as well. This girl should embroider that on a sampler and hang it near her closet.

        • Scouse Helen

          Who is Delilah? I’m British and I read all the stupid gossip mags and I’ve never heard of her. Has Stella McCartney resorted to dragging randomers in off the street to applaud her when she receives undeserved awards?

        • snevhead

          Is there a visible underwire in that dress? What is going on there? Like, no bra, but an underwire? That you can see. But then again, where would you hide it?

        • Bambi Anne Dear

          Delilah- Who? What? Why?

      • Karen G

        Thanks a lot. Now I have Tom Jones in my head. Which really isn’t so bad.

        Pixie G, with the short hair & the no smile, and in that dress reminded me so much of Ginnifer Goodwin.

        • Kate

          From the thumbnail picture, I thought it was Ginnifer Goodwin … pixie cut suits Pixie.

  14. Leah


  15. Kirst

    Cara Delevinge’s dress is beautiful. I love the colour.

    Calling Victoria Pendleton a track cycling star is like calling Usain Bolt a runner. She’s an Olympic gold medallist.

  16. Shannon

    I really think the worst part is that Stella wore this travesty to accept the award for BEST DESIGNER OF THE YEAR. Just let THAT sink in for a while.

    • Sweetsinger

      Despite the glam of Lady Di and Duchess Kate, Stella McC winning that award proves the Brits still have no clue about fashion.

  17. bex

    Jessica, I am afraid you may have lost your mind a tad re:Gemma. She looks like a child trying on her cocktail waitress mother’s clothes, possibly with some sort of midsection growth and the shoes are heinous. I do love these quick n’ dirty party slideshows though!

  18. Ailatan

    Ay, Salma…Ay, ay, ay.

    • Anita

      Seriously. If I had a body like hers, you wouldn’t catch me dead in anything that frumptastic (and no, the fringes don’t save it from frumpdom.) And can no one take up a proper hem these days? Why do so many of these celebs look like their clothes have been hemmed two minutes before red carpet time using office supplies?

  19. foo

    Some of these are pretty good and some of these are awful (McCartney and the dog ate my dress person), but I am really enjoying the pictures where the little red worms are coming out of people’s heads.

    It took me a minute to realize it was the writing on the wall. (which for McCartney would read: Just stop. I could have sewed that shit while drunk in high school Home Ec)

  20. Lucille Austero

    Re. McCartney. One OH HELL NO is not enough, so let me chip in with another. And another. And another. Her licence needs to be taken away.

  21. anonymoose

    Not to be contrary, but I really like Lily Collins’ look.

    The wall scribbles behind her head make her hair appear messier than I think it actually is.

  22. Gail

    I guess British fashion is akin to British cuisine?

  23. Robin

    Stella’s outfit looks like it’s designed for Sporty Spice.

  24. Sylvia

    I need to type this in all caps.


    Okay, I feel better now.

    Also, Salma Hayek. You are too awesome and va-voom to wear such clothing. Your husband is a gazillionaire. You can afford a stylist who doesn’t hate you.

  25. Janine

    There ain’t no party like an S Club Party.

    (Oh, dear Lord, what is Stella McCartney wearing)

  26. TonyG

    Loved the comment on the Alice Dellal slide, “How is this even still happening?”

    I loved it because I was not quite sure tell if you meant her on her dress. :D

  27. Dani

    I think Stella McCartney and Justin Bieber are competing to see who can wear the crotch of their pants the lowest.

  28. roser

    Who Is Delilah anyway?

    • Carol

      And who is Alice Dellal? They both look under the weather as well as poorly dressed.

  29. Carla in Kentucky

    I enjoy the expression on the gentleman’s face in the first photo; it’s as if he’s thinking, “Wait – maybe I can spirit her out of her before anyone sees this – oh, blast.”

  30. Carla in Kentucky

    *out of “here”

  31. Fifie

    How in the hell does Stella McCartney pee in that thing? Does she have a catheter and bag strapped to her leg? Gawd.

  32. val.

    I can’t get over what a terribly unfortunate picture of Princess Beatrice that is. I actually think she is pretty but man she looks like a deer in the headlights there.

    I’ve never seen Salma Hayek look so dumpy, either. I almost didn’t even recognize her. Such a travesty based on what she has to work with!

  33. Slutty Formal Baby

    I was just saying to myself, “How shall I dress my slutty formal baby on New Year’s Eve??” Now I know! Thanks, Stella, on behalf of mothers of slutty formal babies everywhere.

  34. Rayna

    You know, if Stella had just made that thing into a DRESS (with a properly fitting bodice), she could have looked somewhat decent.

    As for Salma, I have nothing against fringe, either, but her hotness is NOT flattered by that look.

  35. AmandaD

    Whoa, never realized how much like Princess Charlene and Stella look alike. Right down to the vacant sad expressions.

  36. Art Eclectic

    I am sorry for the Brits of Fug Nation, but giving Stella a design award makes me question your relevance and sanity. I realize that you have a bonkers sense of humor, but this is a bridge too far.

  37. pantsonfire

    What? People didn’t like that dress in slide 9? Granted, it looks better on the lady here than on Stella, but still, I would have definitely been in the pro-that-dress camp had I been monitoring GFY at the time. Anyway, I really like it and it’s probably something I would wear.

    Also, something Kristen Stewart would wear the absolute hell out of.

    I also like Portia’s dress. Brown + black + sequins = intriguing.

  38. mary lou bethune

    The models all look ghastly and looks like they got ahold of Lily Collins who is so pretty usually. WHY?
    Everyone should take lessons from Dita unless they happen to look like Amber and then just being clean is enough.

    I love the way Gemma looks; she is verging into Christina H. territory and she looks smashing, as they say.

  39. Dana

    Dita looks like Miss Viola Swamp from “Miss Nelson is Missing!” But sort of in a good way.

  40. holly

    I’m going to give a thumbs up to Dita. She has a style that does not suit everyone, but she certainly knows how to put undergarments and a good tailor to use to accentuate her assets. I wish she would share her secrets, not only with some of the curvy celebrity women who struggle but also with some of those wan and droopy models. And also with me. That is what I really mean.

    • Claire1

      I think she’s working on a book. From what I understand it will be detailed with pictures and instruction ( so it’s taking a while and will be in color..almost like a coffee table book)
      I wish she’d get her undergarment line here in the US…..the pieces are beautiful and how I want full bottomed briefs that aren’t all low rise but are made with pretty and quality material.
      I’m kinda over the low rise and/or thong thing. I want glamour..not GLAMOUR

  41. cc

    “like something you would make your slutty, formal baby wear” is the most hilarious description I have read on here thus far! I can only hope to have a slutty, formal baby someday…

    • Joemama

      I agree! I had to wipe spaghetti off of my monitor after I read that!

  42. Helen

    As usual, I cannot keep all this in my head, so, looking at each in a different page:

    I maintain that McCartney is just messing with us. Just to see how far it’ll go.

    Lily Collins looks like she got out of flu-bed to attend. Should’ve stayed there. And Alice Dellal with her.

    Von Teese, well, it’s very Von Teese. For her, this is fine.

    Pixie Geldof, vastly improved, shoes are cute but wrong with the dress (which I love). Looks a lot like Ginnifer Goodwin here, both styling and expression.

    Alexa Chung, yawn. Victoria Pendleton, yawnfug. Amber Valletta, yawn. Gemma Arterton, yawnfug. Kelly Brook, yawn. Portia Freeman, yawn (sorry – I love the British ’30s country house murder/romance/time-travel mini-series). Rachel Stevens, yawn.

    Salma Hayek, why? Why would you do this to yourself?

    Princess Beatrice, very nice! Unfortunate timing with the camera, but I like the outfit.

    Rita Ora, definitely channelling, or styled by, Pamela Anderson. I really hope she can sing.

    Lily Allen, tasteful, adorable, and I love that color for her! Fab.

    Delilah, fantabulously cracked. More of her, please! I didn’t know who she was, so I found her website, to see if she always dresses like a crazy person, and the answer appears to be “yes”! Fug Madness candidate, perhaps?

    Cara Delevingne, cute dress for her, but, grooming. What’s up with those huge eyebrows? They look like she stole them from Peter Gallagher. They’re nearly the size of the entire rest of her face! It’s okay to pluck a LITTLE bit, really…

  43. daphne

    wow. I don’t remember seeing a line-up that consistently ‘fug-gy’ in a long time.

    the ONLY one I like- so I disagree, a rarity here!- is Amber Valletta. doesn’t look anywhere near ‘zzzzz’ to me! she looks downright gorgeous-
    the color.. what is that color? rusty orangey coppery sienna-y..
    the fit- at shoulders, wrists, waist, hips.. how difficult is that, with satin ?!
    and the contrast of smooth with the Fortuny-like pleats at the bodice.. and how fiendishly difficult is it to look that good in that bodice? !

    the only way to improve the picture, imho, is a bit more relaxed- loose but full- in the hair.

    oh, and a smile–

  44. kimberly

    As horrible as Stella’s outfit is, can we talk about her hair? She has had the same non-hairstyle FOREVER.

  45. Anita

    Stella’s outfit looks like a formal Tellytubby – sans head.

  46. Carolina Girl

    Alice Delal looks like she just left a party at Charlie Sheen’s house.

  47. papersitter

    This is the thing I don’t get about Stella: why does this woman always look as though she’s sucking a lemon? Everything (which isn’t a lot, admittedly) I’ve read about her indicates she’s got a reasonably happy personal life, she has a name that gets her instant attention and she has conned the fashion world into giving her ill fitting clothes accolades. I wish she’s smile or even look like she knows how good she’s got it.

  48. Steph J

    is it me or is Delilah (whoever she is) wearing almost exactly the same dress as Beyonce from the Met Ball??


    also Iove Gemma’s look – it’s interesting and not in a crazy Stella kind of way!

  49. The Fugger

    Re: Alice Dellal – what, was she writhing on the hood of a Camaro just before she hopped over to the British Fashion Awards?

    Re: Delilah – I CAN. I WILL.

    That is heinous, diabolical, and the illogical endpoint of the entire “sheer skirt” trend. AND YET. AND YET. It’s so insane and wrong it becomes right.

    Much like…basically everything Grant Bowler says in Liz & Dick, actually. (God bless him – that movie was his Bluebeard. Which makes the entire affair meta on yet another level.)

  50. Esme

    OK, I think we’re going to find out that McFugney has been perpetuating a huge myth all this time, and she’s not really a fashion designer at all. Those clodhoppers of Chung’s are hideous. Wow, I didn’t even recognize Pixie!

  51. Esme

    Oh, and Beatrice, the runaway bride wants her crazy eyes back.

  52. Ladyblahblah

    Rita Ora in a fancy gown is what Pretty Woman would have looked like as a documentary instead of fantasy cinema.

  53. filmcricket

    It’s funny, because as McCartney concoctions go, I actually think Stella’s is… well, not good, but less heinous than many other things she’s created. There’s the germ of an idea that could work, I guess. Interesting how bad most of the professional clothes-wearers look. Lighting, make-up, & photoshop are all so important! That’s why Miss Dita always wins these things; she carries her own special effects workshop with her.

    Didn’t Anne Hathaway wear Salma’s dress a couple of months ago? Tsk, tsk. She hasn’t even won an Oscar yet, Salma. The wife of a fashion gazillionaire shouldn’t be beaten to the punch by anyone other than an Academy honoree.

  54. Emily

    Something is still wonky with the slideshow. A couple of the photos open up in like a full screen outside of the GFY site (perhaps from the photo sites?). Anyway, I wasn’t able to get through most of it. I only advanced past Pixie Geldolf because I guessed what one of the urls was for a later picture. Please fix! I want to be able to read all of your witty remarks!

  55. Sweetsinger

    Rita Ora needs to get in touch with Dita’s stylist.

  56. Moi

    Obviously, London no longer swings. It limps.

  57. Vandalfan

    Dita gives great cleavage. Someone needs to give her book to … whatsherface, the redhead from Mad Men.

    But again, I’m not sure if all these folks are going to the same event. That FABulous ’30′s rust and black plaid sequined formal, and then pants with espadrilles, and THEN Delilah’s Ode to Obscene Ice Skating, just don’t belong together.

  58. nobody much

    the best part about all these pics is the writing on the back wall that looks like it’s pieces of hair sticking out from people’s heads. I had to look twice a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t really their hair.

  59. Susan

    Would someone remind me HOW Stella became a designer in the first place??? Oh that is right HER DAD IS FAMOUS and people who actually BUY her garbage are STUPD!!!! Lol… Ehere truely IS a sucker born every minute…..

  60. Katie

    I think that if Stella didn’t constantly have that smug, snotty look on her face, her clothes might be marginally less offensive.

  61. Susan

    Would someone remind me HOW Stella became a designer in the first place??? Oh that is right HER DAD IS FAMOUS and people who actually BUY her garbage are STUPID!!!! Lol… There truely IS a sucker born every minute…..

  62. Nancy

    Alexa Chung’s face and hair look nice. I’m glad that I can finally say that.

  63. Sajorina

    OH, HELL NO, Stella!!! Lily Collins (I like the edgy look), Dita Von Teese (gorgeous, as always), Lily Allen (so adorable) & Rita Ora’s dress (not her) get a FAB from me!

  64. kindakute

    I refuse to utter the name of the hideous boob squashing butt widening jumpsuit wearer, I just can’t. And yeah, whatever jury decided she gets Designer of the Year, I’d love some of what they are smoking. But seriously guys, I can’t believe I’m saying this because I honestly thought it wasn’t possible, Alexa Chung looks good! Love the dress and the shoes! She’s not even doing the annoying wan, twee, little child, who me? pose. Wow. Cara, gorgeous. :)

  65. anne

    Delilah — a strong contender for next year’s Fug Madness, from the looks of that get-up. Is it beginner’s luck, or is she pulling together a real body of work? Heather and Jessica, please keep an eye on this promising newcomer.

  66. Lauren

    My theory re Stella McCartney runs thusly: she is just one of those people who thinks that they are so hot/cool/well-bred/omnipotent, that they can simply wear whatever the hell they like (and this next bit is key), REGARDLESS of how insanely unattractive it is, as they genuinely believe that their hotness/coolness overrides this and makes them look amazing in whatever they wear. In fact – the fuglier, the better.

    I think the equation probably runs like this, in Stella’s miserable-looking head:

    fugliness of outfit + me = I’M STILL STELLA F*CKING McCARTNEY, MORONS.

    It’s a continuation/blow-up of the skinny jeans theory (ie. that skinny jeans are unflattering on EVERYONE, but that the models/fash people who started the trend knew that even if they didn’t actually look good, they still looked THIN, and that was what mattered). Ahhhh, Science.

  67. Willa W

    Has Lily Collins been taking grooming tips from Taylor Momsen?? It’s either that or someone has been telling this girl that Alice Dellal is actually THE fashion inspiration to take cues from this season and that brushing hair and teeth is terribly S/S 2012.

  68. Jo

    It amuses me to see British designers being trashed- yes Stella is an exception but we also have Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, Giles, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, Mulberry etc etc. The US is renowned for its fashion sense of course- snort!

  69. Bambi Anne Dear

    Well done to Victoria Pendleton for disguising what I recall from the recent Olympics are her Thighs of Death! I wonder if her arch rival – Australian Anna Meares- could do the same.