Fugs and Fabs of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Installation Luncheon

I like the idea that all these people are being “installed” into the HFPA, as if they’re being mounted onto the walls for awards season.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Claire1

    I wish La Kruger’s dress was just a tad shorter ( to her knee)…. but that’s just being nit picky….she looks fab and so fresh and like she’s NOT EVEN TRYING…… and I suspect she’s not…..
    I like Wilde’s dress… but I suspect it’s mostly because it fits her well and the matchy shoes/handbag combo does my matchy match heart proud.

  2. Aria

    Not wild about Peraboo, Delpy or Heard, but everybody else looks really good! Love that pink/coral dress and even the matchy shoes! And Blair Underwood does preppy very well.

  3. Nanny

    I wish I could see Kidman’s shoes better, are they gold or just black? Either way, they look great. (But I hope thay are gold!)

  4. jenelope

    An companion to the “everyone looks hotter in sunglasses” rule: everyone’s clothes look better when they’re smiling and having a good time.

  5. Tassie

    Do not like the black shoes with Hemsworth’s suit. Too dark.

  6. CakesOnAPlane

    Ooh! Nicole Kidman’s hair is red(-ish) again! Today is going to be a good day.

  7. Other Emily

    Ooooh, Blair Underwood. Sooo handsome and dreamy. Lookin’ so fine. Also, the Lesser Hemsworth is working it — I hope he and Miley are done soon, for both of their sakes, and can find partners that seem better suited to them. La Kidman looks lovely, as does Ms. Kruger, who I am really enjoying on The Bridge as a cop with Asperger’s.

  8. Lynne

    Exactly what potion is Underwood drinking? Dude has not aged since LA freaking Law.

  9. Karen G

    I like Olivia’s lot of look. I think she handles it well. I would, however, have opted for even more look by not matching my purse to my shoes so much.

  10. Lisa

    I also approve of Blair Underwood! I also like Ms. Wilde and Longoria’s looks.

  11. Sandra

    Eva wins the white dress. Because it’s way better than the other two and, more importantly, it isn’t black.

  12. Rachael

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there’s something about Nicole Kidman’s attire, makeup, hairstyle, or shoes, or some combination thereof, that makes her look at this event really dated. It just is not jiving for me. But that color on her is amazing. Something is just off, though. It’s making me cringe a little when I look at her picture.

    I’m coveting Oliving Wilde’s shoes. They’re a great color. I wish she hadn’t matched her clutch to them, though.

    • Anne

      Yeah, I can’t put my finger on it either. She looks like a collectible porcelain doll of herself. But why? Her hair looks kind of… Wiglike? The green strap that goes behind her neck looks like it is about to hoist her up and do jumping jacks? The sleeves and color seem unseasonable for daytime? The combo of lottso chest and long sleeves –with peekaboo shoulder cutouts– seems to date from 1983?

      • Mair Mair

        I think the answer to your question is in Trace’s comment directly below: more Botox, more often.

  13. Trace

    Oh Nicole. Enough with the Botox and fillers already.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Agreed. She’s so naturally beautiful, and this is such a great dress on her, and her hair is smashing… and she looks like a wax figure of herself.

      Stop it already, Nicole, please!

  14.  Hmmm

    *If* Amber Heard’s boobs are real, then (given her ample size) how in the world is she wearing a bra with that dress? Do they really make ones that are that low in the back, and actually provide some support in the front? Genuinely curious.

  15.  Squirrel!

    I LOVE Olivia Wilde’s dress. Is it wrong to say that I’m not wild about the dress on Wilde, though? It would look smashing on someone with black hair and either dark or pale skin. Imagine it on, say, Solange. Scrumptious! Or Dita von Teese — it might not be her style, but it would look terrific on her.

    • kittenmittens

      I think you’re right. It’s a cool dress but it doesn’t go great with Wilde’s coloring. She doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t enhance her beauty either.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I love it, too, and I also agree, Squirrel. Great dress, but somehow not a great combination of dress and wearer, despite how well Wilde wears things.

  16. Renee

    The black shoes with Delpy’s dress are totally off, as are Taylor’s pink ones – too matchy.

  17. Elle

    Nicole Kidman appears exhausted and everything about the look-hair, makeup, clothes,. looks like one of those dolls you see advertised in TV Guide e.g. “the Princess Diana doll” and the “Nicole Kidman doll”- dead but “life like”.
    Nicole seems to be thinking: “I’ve given all I can with this whole movie star thing.. Now please just leave me alone.”

  18. HelenBackAgain

    Kruger looks like something my parents used to keep in the car trunk and throw over me when I fell asleep in the back seat.

  19. Heidi

    Bah–I’m scrolling back through the day and all I’m seeing is dresses that hit everyone at a funny place in the lower leg. Maybe it’s just me, but most of these (and Rooney Mara above) look really schlumpy and stumpifying, and would look so much better a bit shorter (or maybe a bit longer).

  20. Bambi Anne Dear

    Not keen at all on Nicole’s washed out almost red hair. It looks dusty. Have those lips been recently plumped?

  21. H C

    Totally agree about the dress length for Wilde. Cute dress but stumpifying length, above the knee and she would have had me, matchy shoes and all.

  22. Sajorina

    LOVE Diane Kruger’s dress! Olivia Wilde’s dress is AWESOME, but I would’ve liked some color on her face and earrings! Taylor Schilling looks super cute! Nicole Kidman & Amber Heard look great! Eva Longoria = No!

  23. Lion

    As for Ms. Schilling – it’s much better to match your shoes to your dress than to your purse.

  24. Dulwichgal

    Neck down, Kidman looks great and I agree the colour is fab on her. But what’s with the pale face/hair colour. She looks like a ‘good for her age’ granny!

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