Fugs and Fabs: Naomi Watts, Stella McCartney, and Rashida Jones

NAOMI WATTS: I can’t believe we’re still doing this one-armed thing. Seriously, you guys? STILL? Even Kim Kardashian gave it up!

STELLA MCCARTNEY: I actually look surprisingly great here. This pattern is adorable! Yay! I win! I WIN!

RASHIDA JONES: Oh God. Zooey PROMISED this wasn’t contagious!

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    Rashida is so gorgeous and yet so awkward. I can’t believe Stella looks the best–I feel like hell just froze over.

  2. Linney

    When is Rashida Jones going to get the memo that she is totally gorgeous and start wearing flattering clothes? I will give her props for showing off her killer stems, though.

  3. Cranky Old Batt

    Poor Rashida. The prettiest of the three dressed up like a present for a men’s club. Or like she is preggers. Or both.

    And that Stella looks the best is very disquieting, indeed.

    Naomi has a bucket of fail going on there starting with that hair don’t.

  4. Francesca

    Stella’s dress looks is cute and she looks great (and yes, I never thought I’d use either one of those adjectives for Stella or her Stella McCartney designs) The one-arm dress is fussy and feels mother-of-the-brideish, but I really wish there’d be a ban on strapless dresses that look like the only thing holding them up is the nipple on which they appear to have rested upon.

  5. Ms.A

    Rasheeda does look like Zooey, but with more cleavage.
    Stella does look the best, and that dress is adorable. Which is weird, cuz almost every celeb looks wack in what she dresses them in.

  6. that girl

    I do like Stella’s dress, but it also looks like melted crayons.

    So presumably these three are all wearing Stella’s designs, and she saved the best for herself…?

    • BrownEyedBetty

      Melted Crayons…too right!!

      None of these dresses is doing it for me but worse than that is their hair. What’s the deal? Is it the weather over there or doesn’t anybody give a rat’s anymore..??

      • The Fugger

        The problem is, they DO give a rat’s.

        …unfortunately, by that I mean a rat’s NEST.

  7. Sandra

    Fair is fair; Stella’s dress does look good. Not such a fan of the hair and makeup. Naomi’s dress would have been lovely without the one-armedness and a few more inches of lining under the sheer part of the skirt. Maybe a transplant from one to the other? There is nothing that can be done for Rashida’s dress. She would have looked better in her bathrobe.

  8. Amber

    I don’t mind Naomi’s dress (other than the one-shoulder thing), but her hair. My God, don’t you have stylists at your disposal?
    I’m just very “eh” on Stella’s dress. It’s fine, which, now that I think about it, is actually the best thing I could ever say about any of her designs, so I guess she gets a well-played.
    And Rashida…oh honey, no. I give her props for showing off some skin, because normally she looks so dowdy, but this is not the way to do it. Throw that dress away.

  9. Emily

    I too thought Stella kept the best for herself… until I saw the side view. OMG it’s unflattering. http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/2012/05/25/naomi-watts-stella-mccartney-rashida-jones-in-stella-mccartney-the-nspcc-pop-art-ball/

    Cute pattern, though.

    • Liz985

      Ha! My first reaction was, “Well, it’s just a sheath dress. Hard to muck that up.” But, of course, it’s Stella McCartney — and she did!

      • PinkieBling

        Ass cocoon WHAT!

        • Sandra

          Oh for f**k’s sake!! What is wrong with that woman? That is not a “cocoon shape”. It is a giant abcess growing out of her back. If only RCFA were being ironic when they said …Stella McCartney continues to wow celebrities with her designs… She wows me too: Wow, I had no idea you could do such hideous things with and to fabric!

  10. mary lou bethune

    They look fresh and summery…. Naomi looks like she doesn’t care that much, nor does Rashida who is so pretty and always adorable on P&R.. Stella probably doesn’t care that much either. She has a huge family and PAUL MCCARTNEY is her father. That could get you through life. I love him….

  11. Nicole

    It baffles me that Rashida Jones cannot dress herself. Has she ever had a “well done”?

    • Libby

      Yes, and she can’t seem to style her own hair, either. It always looks dirty or as if she’s just let it dry naturally (with no product, no flat iron, etc.). What a waste!

  12. Charlene

    Errmmmm…. no mention of the fact that the cup on Rashida’s dress is cutting her boob in half? Who’s the misogynist that designed this thing??

    • The Fugger

      She’s to Rashida’s right.

      Yes, they’re all Fugga McFugtney creations. Although I don’t object that strenuously to Naomi and SLEEVE (although I do object to HAIR). I think that SLEEVE would have been better off if it weren’t an umbrella of fug, but I kind of like it. (On the other hand, I know that one-sleeved dresses are the jumpsuit of 2012, so yeah, I guess it’s a fug if you count it like that.)

      I thought Stella looked fine until I saw the dress from the side, and – uh – WOW. It would have been awesome as a simple sheath.

      Rashida looks like a condolence present Zooey Deschanel would bring to a funeral. Can we just get a moratorium on boob bows for…like…eternity? Because it would be fine with a bit more material up top (like an inch or two) and WITHOUT THAT MUCH OF A RIBBON.

  13. Gigi

    I want Ann Perkins’ shoes!

    Yes, Stella does look best here. Crazy.

  14. Sara

    Am I not allowed to like a one-shoulder dress anymore? Cause I still do…

  15. G

    I hadn’t seen a sleeve so big and awkward-looking since that dress I made in home ec class in 1967.

    What is it with Stella and the weird puffs of fabric where weird puffs shouldn’t be? Naomi’s sleeve, Stella’s butt. A little of that extra material could have gone into the bodice of Rashida’s dress but that thing couldn’t be unfugged — it needs to be thrown out.

  16. Libby

    Stella has managed to design & wear the one dress where one could affirmatively answer the classic question, “Does this make my a** look big?”

  17. TonyG

    Love Stella’s dress; that pattern is great. The orange is bold. It’s chic and definitely captures that ’60s vibe. Well done. And, ahem, some folks don’t mind a dress that makes an ass look bigger than it may be. Just sayin’.

  18. Sonya

    Naomi – major hair fail, it looks windblown, like she’s been outside in the wind all day and she finally just gave up and tucked it behind her ears. I know this look, I live in Chicago and have fine hair like hers. I kind of feel like she is smirking at the camera too, thinking to herself “I have looked way better, but who cares?”

    Stella – pretty pattern, stupid poof, I won’t complain about her hair and makeup because that seems to be her formal “look”.

    Rashida – omg girl, that bow is way too twee and your dress is falling off.

  19. Rina

    I’m distracted from the clothing by how haggard Naomi and Stella look! Wan, tired, hair that looks like leftovers from the night before — did they go on a three-day bender then realize they were late for the event so grabbed some dresses from the back of Stella’s car?

  20. Kim


  21. Lova

    Naomi looks stunning her makeup looks classy and natural with a fresh glow her hair looks bad Stella looks great love dress she looks well.

  22. vandalfan

    Move on, folks, noting to see here at this car wreck.

  23. Moi

    They’re all Fug to me. Even Stella’s dress is bad. Like something my mother would have worn in 1973. To clean the house in.

  24. Shiitake

    Leave it to Stella to be wearing the least offensive dress of the trio.

  25. Sajorina

    I think Rashida looks GREAT! I just wish her shoes were black! The other two… Oh, boy! FUG!!!

  26. Jeanette

    I would like to see Diane Kruger wearing Stella’s dress – she seems to have the arua to pull off all sorts of crazy s*#t Otherwise they all look kinda terrible…

  27. Remi

    if you look over the one arm thing, watts has a really nice dress there. While I have to agree with above, the back of McCartneys is horrible.

  28. Katharine

    What is up with Naomi Watts? I’ve seen several photos of her from Cannes this year, and almost every time I’ve mistaken her for Renee Zellwegger at first glance. I didn’t think the two looked much alike at all.

    All of these dresses are less than good.

  29. LibraryChick

    I’m just excited to see sandals that are seasonally appropriate without ridiculous platform heights. I wanted to like Ms. McCartney’s print. After looking at it for a few seconds, I realized the abdominal section resembled an artistic interpretation of a fetus in utero and now I can’t unsee it.