Fugs and Fabs: Keira Knightley

Is it weird that I am happy Keira Knightley is back? I didn’t even realize that I’d missed her.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Getty]

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  1. Popcouver

    That hair though (in slide 3) <3

  2. Amy S.

    The dress in slide 3 is what she wore for “The Daily Show,” and “sister-wife” was my instant impression. I wonder if it’s Valentino; they’ve been doing a lot of frumpy long-sleeve dresses lately.

    • Amy S.

      Not counting the bird dress, which is great.

    • Tamarin

      I thought it looked like a Victorian nightgown – especially in motion.

      • Wildviolette

        Instant lacy frump. She is just too cute and charming to tolerate this get-up.

        • Early Ashley

          Second the frump. Way too elderly tea and little sandwiches in the parlor.

          That said, on someone else: add wild hair and combat boots, it might have potential.

    • bettymac

      I actually love the white dress. It’s every bit as retro as the first––just 1970s retro. Very “my sister Lisa’s 1976 prom dress.” However, I can understand why only people who are old enough to have watched “Shazam” on Saturday mornings would really appreciate it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7TR4ixOkhM

  3.  Constant Reader

    Keira frustrates me because, well, how hard can it be to get dressed and look gorgeous if you wake up looking like Keira Knightley? Yet she gets it so wrong so often. Love the vintage-y outfit on her, though.

  4. Emily

    I think same shoes, different colors.

    • Joanie

      I’m voting for two pairs of shiny shoes in different colors because that what I would want in my life.

      I love that icy blue dress, too! She looks fantastic in it!

    • jenelope

      I think it’s actually three different pairs of shoes. Two silver pumps, one with a somewhat lower heel, and a gold pair.

  5. C. Mak

    The Erdem dress lacks shoulders and, if you look closely, I believe it also lacks underarms … however, while I am not as enamored of the shiny metallic shoes as you are (I prefer my metallics matte) I like what she’s doing in all these photos … I think she is making the sister/wife dress work.

  6. Breda

    I went through a brief period where I had this completely irrational (and, let’s be honest, jealousy-driven) hate for her, but now I love her and her great face. It’s much more soothing this way. LOVE that retro dress on her.

  7. Becca

    Picture #2 is how I like to imagine I look walking to work in the morning. That dress is perfect on her.

    Also, who else is excited for Begin Again? Keira! Extra-rumpled Mark Ruffalo! James Corden!

  8.  Michelle

    Wish she would stand up straight, it would help the look of the dress in slide 4 immensely.

    • filmcricket

      She has horrific posture, doesn’t she?

    •  lilywise

      Her posture always surprises me — she has the build of a model so I always expect her to have the posture and posing skills of a model.

  9.  ShannonTX

    Love that vintage-looking dress in slides one and two, but the other two outfits? No. Just no.

  10. witjunkie

    She and Prince can hang out together until you need one or both.

  11.  Michaela

    The heels in the last slide are definitely gold — at least, in other photographs with very different backdrops, they still look gold, and therefore can’t be reflecting something.

    That shirtdress is the actual cutest.

  12. Diane

    I can’t take Keira seriously because she went to school (in the English sense) with the daughter of a friend!

    I do wish she would brush her hair occasionally, though.

    • NinjaGaiden

      Wait, what is the English sense of ‘went to school with’? Is it something other than attending classes together? Because suddenly I’m imagining all kinds of other possibilities for that seemingly innocent phrase.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        ME TOO. I feel like I have a filthy mind.

        • Diana2

          Ha! Like, she went to school with a daughter of a friend. BIBLICALLY.

          I think I’m in the minority, but I really don’t like the sister-wife look, even on lovely Keira.

      • Diane

        I meant “went to school” as opposed to “went to university,” that’s all! * Nothing untoward!

        * In the UK you attend school from age 5 to 18 then university thereafter.

  13. Gine

    The shoes! I love them (both the silver and gold). The first outfit and the third, too, although I agree that there’s shoulder/arm weirdness happening.

    I also have to say that her husband has grown on me. I didn’t think he was cute before, but I’m changing my tune (is it the hair? Because I think the hair is different). And they seem so super into each other, which is always cute.

    • Gine

      Oh, and I was going to say that I missed her too, and I thinks it’s because she’s one of the increasingly rare celebrities who actually lets us miss her. Like, she promotes her movies and then goes away and lives her life instead of showing up to every single event or posting incessantly on social media, so when she pops up again I’m all “Hey, it’s you! I like you!” instead of “Ugh, her again.”

      •  Lerie

        Not that I am a celebrity, but I need to take this approach into consideration for my own life. I am sure the majority of my facebook friends have hidden me by now. lol

      • Early Ashley

        Like Ann Hathaway….

  14.  Mrs. Ditter

    Definitely put Slide #1 to work in future posts as the “You’re hilarious and crazy” face. I’d love to see it pop up from time to time.

  15.  AlyssaFromOK

    Those sunglasses in the third picture are to die for!!!

  16.  Jess

    Slide 3 was a scrolldown fug for me. Her hair and face look lovely, and I love the idea of the dress. Until I got to the approximate location of her knees, and the dress kept going, and it went from “pretty” to “sister wife” in an instant. Had it stopped at or just above her knees, I think it could have been a win. That first blue dress look is also a total delight!

    • Niki

      I was going to type the same thing. It was Kate Middleton-eyelet dress-perfect… until it kept going. Cut it off!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Same, and I think it also doesn’t fit quite right.

  17. camille

    It’s so nice to see celebs making dumb faces because that’s just how they look when they laugh, or whatever.

  18. Paige

    Love everything about the first outfit from head to foot! Literally, her hair is so lovely here. I think that if that lace nightgown were cut above the knee it would be so much better. At least passable. Her hair looks amazeballs though! Don’t care for anything in the last shot. Well the shoes can stay.

  19. papersitter

    Everytime I see Keira Knightley I think “my god, Yasmin Le Bon looks great!”

  20. Roosje

    In the image of her face she really reminds me of Kate Middleton and I cannot figure out why

    •  Mrs. Ditter

      Good call! She looks delighted and unguarded, and we see that on some D of C pictures.

      • Kate

        I think it’s also that when they smile big their upper lips kind of disappear. (Not in a bad way! They are obviously gorgeous…it’s just a feature they share.)

  21. Beatrix

    I think she looks fantastic in all of these! Her style is improving with age, I reckon.

    I also need the shoes in my life. Can anyone point me in their direction?

  22. gigi

    that pleated dress is so deliciously retro! and it almost seems like the stylist laid out a belt that matched the silver pumps & she was all ‘sod that’! and flung it to the side with disdain. I’m also imagining her sunglasses were more goggle-ish, which would give it sort of post cold-war steampunk-lite appeal– but then if we go that route she’d need some kind of matching leather holster for her silvery & brass accoutrements…. hm… too much?

  23. Cat

    She’s adorable. Love the first and last dress– and I hope she owns those shoes in two different colors because that’s what I would do. Also, now I want silver and gold pumps.

  24. The City Dweller

    I too am digging the ensemble and accessories in the second pic. I am however wondering if she was wearing a bra. As a small-chested woman myself, sometimes I don’t wear one, thinking I can get away with it. Alas, the shape of a boobie doesn’t always allow for it. Now, I wasn’t staring at her chest, but I just observed the shape while admiring the dress and its fantastic waistline. (Wish I could make something like this. Dunno how they created a pleated cinch like that without it being two pieces.) Carry on.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      There’s probably no bra. Basically, Keira’s chest is femininely shaped, but there’s no actual breast. Fantastic for clothes!

      I love that dress, but my busty bod would not be flattered by something like it. On her, it’s perfection!

  25. marylou bethune

    The last dress superb. She is really beautiful in the quasi-period dresses, as you say… .it’s her metier…( should be an accent over the e ).

  26. Deb Chasteen

    Okay, it is just me? Surely it can’t be just me. No metallics in the daytime. Ever. Not those Michelle Obama silver flats she wore for ever, not here in the first slide, either. I’m glad I’ve gotten this off my chest; it’s been true for eons.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I’m trying to get over it, because it seems they’re here to stay in the day, but I learned the same thing.

    •  lilywise

      Eh, I think that’s a silly rule. I think the only fashion rule that should still apply is that a guest to a wedding should not wear white unless specifically requested by the bride or groom. But that’s more being courteous than obeying some law about the time of day or year that certain colors or finishes or fabrics are allowed. Metallics at breakfast are fine with me.

      • Jessica

        I think a metallic shoe is actually a great neutral regardless of time of day, too.

      • Sajorina

        I agree with lilywise & Jessica! I wear silver and gold sandals during the day all the time! And wear metallic heels in the daytime as well if its a more elegant occasion! Just embrace it!

  27. juanita

    I think she always looks just GREAT! The long lace dress is fabulous too – she can do the buttoned up look so well and makes it look sexy. Not many stars look as elegant as her – she never looks trashy either.

  28. WHAT 

    Slide 2 NIPPLE ALERT. I canNOT get past that. for all of that to be showing in a dress that’s sort of demure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But so it always goes for me with Keira.

  29. Alaurable

    Does she kind of ruin the first outfit with visible nips? (Picture two)

  30. Sajorina

    I’ve missed her too! I love her & her style, so all of these are FAB for me, especially the pairs of silver & gold pumps! And her hair has never looked better… It is so AMAZING in Pic #3!

  31. Natalie

    I love her face in the first pic – she looks gorgeously animated.

  32. jean

    I miss her too but Lena Headly on GOT has the exact same clipped accent. Cersei needs a cousin. I like how she dresses for her own shape. And she rarely feels trendy.