Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the Call Me Crazy Premiere Not Named Jennifer Aniston

So I think Call Me Crazy is a movie about mental illnesses, which is a very important and serious topic, but given that it is Lifetime we’re talking about, I REALLY hoped it was actually about five women who snapped and killed people/threw people down a well/stabbed cheerleaders with vegetable peelers/ stalked their former lovers/ stole people’s identities. Come on, Lifetime. We need a Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? for the 21st century.

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  1. AM

    I didn’t even notice, or see a problem with, the length of Sarah’s dress, if you know what I mean. I think it’s safe to say all eyes were about the waist. On the other hand, first two dresses are really cute, and I would even wear them!

  2. AM

    Actually, I mean dress 2 and 3. Melissa, I enjoy her style.

    • Jules

      Agreed; Melissa Leo looks great. Age-appropriate, but fun and not dowdy.

  3. Sandra

    Why are shoes so ugly these days?

    • Scully

      Because we went from a cute and sensible platform height to hooker platform height overnight. This makes for an eerie hoof-like illusion which, when coupled with a boring nude color, is the ultimate of fugs. In a world where beautifuly shoes are bountiful, this is such a sin to me.

  4. Helen

    Wow, it’s really a parade of near misses, isn’t it? Every one of these could have looked very cute, and Williams’s could have looked FABULOUS, if only

  5. Caitlin M

    I did not recognize Aimee Teegarden AT ALL without the long, straight blond hair and bangs. But then, I’ve only ever seen her in FNL.

    • Tar Heel Gal

      Me neither! What has that child done to her face, she looks like a different person! There have been some Jennifer Grey shenanigans going on with Julie Taylor, I think! I know it’s been a few years since the beloved FNL has been gone, but just wow! Forgive me, Fug Overlord Mistress Jessica, I did not believe that was her, so I googled her name and dang if that pic and a few others don’t show up.

      • malie

        I didn’t believe it either!

        • Liz

          Me either! I had to look her up because I thought maybe I was thinking of a different person. She looks so different. Other than that, these outfits were all pretty boring.

  6. littlepurpledragon

    Sarah Hyland looks like Paula Abdul. I don’t know how or why, I just didn’t recognize her as HER. :|

    • Squirrel!

      I gasped when I saw her face and hair. And not in a good way.

      • Pamb

        Those bangs were AWFUL! They made her look like there were bags underneath her eyes.

      • Esmerelda

        Sarah Hyland had a kidney transplant some time last year. The steroids and anti-rejection drugs make her face puffy. So please take that into consideration when making comments about her face.

        It does not excuse her hair choices. Feel free to critique that.

        • Sarah

          I read somewhere else that (thankfully) those terrible bangs were clip-ins, so we may not see them again. Why, she, her stylist, anyone who saw her before she got there, didn’t realize they look terrible is another isse.

  7. Edith

    Michelle Williams’ dress is amaaaazing. Red shoes would have been fabulous with that. Melissa Leo looks better than I’ve seen her look in years; take off the tights, and she looks great. Her hair and face look *really* good.

    • theotherjennifer

      she must have a thing about her legs because she always has hose or tights on. I agree – she looks awesome – her hair is so shiny and great and love the smart girl glasses.

  8. becca

    not liking michelle williams’ hair. it’s screaming HI I HAVE EXTENSIONS!!!! love the dress though and her face is very pretty.

  9. Josie

    almost every picture was a scroll down meh. They needed a shoe enabler at the door for this.

  10. Goldfish

    I just wanted to say the new format is nice, with the indent arrows, likes/dislikes and so forth.

  11. Sally

    Michelle Williams’ shoes remind me of Minnie Mouse’s.

  12. Corriner

    I definitely think Jessica Chastain has replaced BDH in a lot of people’s minds.

    And crazy fact – Jessica Chastain’s real name is Jessica Howard. Could you imagine if she had kept it? BDH would have really been screwed!

  13. Fashion Maven

    Jessica Chastain is a goddess but not in that dreary black sack, especially when posing against a black border. Ugh. Why the accolade?

    • Sajorina

      That’s NOT Jessica Chastain, it’s Bryce Dallas Howard! And the dress is BLUE, not black!

      • Edith

        Which perfectly answers the rhetorical question about whether Chastain made Bryce superfluous…

  14. Sabrina

    THAT”S Aimee Teegarden? Julie Taylor what have you done with your hair?!

  15. Marycos

    Mary here, and I agree with fashion Maven – why do these people choose some of the dresses they wear, especially with promo photos taken against such a dark background. Pretty unflattering stuff really!

  16. Sajorina

    I love & covet Brittany’s outfit! The whole thing belongs in my closet! FAB! And I like what Bryce Dallas’ dress, plus her head looks great, but why wear stockings with peep toe shoes? Either-or, people!

  17. Antigone

    Number 6 is Bryce Dallas Howard and not Jessica Chastain. Don’t get your redheads mixed up! Plus didn’t BDH had a baby recently, she looks bigger and glowy.

  18. Ailatan

    I would wear the BDH dress to every fancy thing I attended. But, I’m not a Hollywood actress, she needs to go up a notch.

  19. Eliza Bennett

    Jennifer Hudson’s outfit =major UnFug.

  20. Rayna

    I love me some JHud, she is SOOOO pretty, but she would be much better served by a classic cut dress or skirt and blouse in some decent (jewel?) color/s, rather than THAT messy bag of NO.

    Speaking of which, imagine how much BETTER BDH would look if her dress were tailored to her, and in a flattering color, oui?

  21. Anne

    Thanks to Jessica, I have just realized that my memories of seeing Jessica Chastain in the movies in recent years (like 50/50) were actually Ms. Howard. And confusingly, they were both in The Help, so I just spent a few minutes yelping ‘What? That boadcious gal who couldn’t cook was Bryce Dallas Howard?????’ (Answer: Nope. That really was JC. BDH was the contemptible upperclass twit Hilly.)

  22. chickadee

    I actually love Brittany’s shoes and need them in my life. But then again I work in a conservative office and could get away with those so maybe they’re not so much for the red carpet…