Fugody Thornton

Remember when the Pussycat Dolls were a thing? Seems so far away, doesn’t it? And that’s as good a reason as any why Melody Thornton shouldn’t have worn this:

Because now we can’t tell if she’s just wearing really awful harem pants, or she’s actually seeking employment IN a harem. Hey, times are tough. I just wish she’d tried Hammer pants first. He’s probably a better boss — both too legit to quit AND prone to laying out quite clearly what you can and can’t touch.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Comments (13):

  1. Sherri

    She’s one veil short of a nice Halloween costume there.

  2. Willow

    I’ve never seen anyone look so aggresively gimicky in all my life.

  3. LoriK

    Are we sure that she hasn’t joined the ranks of people who dress up as characters and perform for tourist dollars on Hollywood Blvd? As Princess Jasmine, maybe?

  4. Stefanie

    OOOOO It’s like the outfit Jafar made Princess Jasmine wear when he was Sultan. Only with an uglier top.

  5. AliceBlue

    The Fugly side of “I Dream of Jeannie”.

  6. Lina

    Are you sure she hasn’t opened up a bellydance studio? She looks all set to give a recruitment demo at the local supper-club.

  7. vandalfan

    I’d loved this if it was a flouffy, belted, shiny red maxi skirt, but then the crop top exercise wear would make NO sense at all.

  8. witjunkie

    Aw. Reminds me of a halter top my mom made me when I was 7. But wouldn’t let me wear to school because it showed my midriff, and that’s how I learned the word midriff.

  9. Gabby

    Oh Heather. You kill me.

  10. Sajorina

    I ♥ you, GFY Heather!!! Thank you for the laughs…

  11. becs

    If that top was another eight inches longer it would look great with a pair of red shorts.

  12. Isaac Applebaum

    This legitimately looks like it was taken in 1976. The hair, the makeup, the outfit… even the quality of the photograph itself, somehow.

  13. Squirrel!

    The pattern/material in that top is beautiful. Too bad it’s in that top.