This might be fine. It’s hard to judge the dress, really, because it doesn’t seem to have been given much of a chance.

Not that Jessica Chastain isn’t pouring a lot of really great DNA into it — no, it’s that she’s so fair, and the dress so much like the old-school underpinnings of a lady who just doffed her outfit for her midafternoon nap, that she didn’t do enough to make it look like she’s wearing actual legitimate clothes. Instead, she seems to have wandered out of the fitting rooms at Saks to find out why the salesperson is taking ten minutes to bring her a new size. I wish she’d had more fun with it — added a wild accessory, maybe, or a really colorful bag that played off some equally fun and creative shoes (not that these are the perfect pick; I just wanted an excuse to link to them again because I am in deepest lust, about ten minutes away from doing a MASH game and then cheating so that it turns out I marry these shoes and we live in a mansion on Lake Como, drive a Ferrari, are super rich, and have Ryan Gosling for a butler). She could even have employed a wrap of some kind.

So that is your challenge: Without changing the actual dress, what accessories would you add to spice this up? Because for me, nude shoes + fair skin + white petticoat do not fly together for me. No matter how much eyeliner you are wearing, ahem, Ms. Chastain:

You are lovely. So was Taylor Momsen before Michelin sponsored her eyelids. Also, is that dress pinching? Is it wrong that this makes me feel better? Because if it does that on someone with an enviable figure AND it does it on me, then it must mean it’s just a fact of life and therefore I don’t have to give up sandwiches. Hooray! Today is starting off so well.