So, after lots of speculation while she kept mum during her first trimester, Jennifer Garner’s camp has come out and announced she’s pregnant. Now, the Blind Items, they whisper loudly and persistently that these two don’t have a happy — nor allegedly particularly faithful, ahem, Benjamin — marriage. And indeed, last time she got pregnant was right after a bunch of split rumors. I don’t know if her uterus is just REALLY sensitive to bad headlines, or has a hilarious sense of timing, or what, but: I have this weird love of the two of them together, and so I hope all these things are just rumors, and that the two of them are very happy together and will eventually show up on a red carpet standing within ten feet of each other so as to thumb their nose at the world, and will end up growing old together and sending Jennifer Lopez really expensive vases for her next six weddings. Also: Their offspring are INCREDIBLY cute, so the voyeur in me is clapping with glee that another wee Affleck is en route. Maybe this time it’ll be mini-Ben.

Anyway, the point of this post: It’s a slow month for pretty outfits, so I figured, let’s take a look at what Ms. Garner wore to disguise her pregnancy while the early gestating took place, and see how convincing she was. Or, indeed, was not. Why? Because! It’s a late August Tuesday and that’s what we do.

Were you ever fooled?

  • Yes! She's the queen of slacks and sensible shirts and shoes. I never thought anything of it. (44%, 1,962 Votes)
  • Nope. I have x-ray uterine vision. (10%, 444 Votes)
  • I was early on, but after that? Girl, please. (47%, 2,095 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,502

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