Subtle, Rihanna.

When they find the waiter bound and gagged in the meat locker, and realize there are six bottles of champagne and a hank of beef missing, I can’t IMAGINE who they’ll come after first.

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  1. Miz H

    It’s like she borrowed the jacket from David Byrne and removed the sleeves.

  2. Sandra

    The outfit has the same number of arms and legs that she does, so that’s a start.

  3. Penny

    aargh I hate to sound stupid but I don’t know what that comment means. and I hate missing a good joke.

  4. Geemee

    WTF is that jacket? Great shoes, tho, and extra extra points for getting rid of the KoolAid cherry hair extensions.

  5. Lina

    But why is she deploying her purse as a crotch-shield when she’s (for once) fully clothed?

  6. CJ

    I don’t know her personally, so I shouldn’t judge, but man, this girl rubs me the wrong way. My kids are starting to listen to pop music and it I realize it is my choice to play one station or another, but I think it’s gross to hear her ridiculously indecent (S&M) and self-hating (I like the way you pull my hair) lyrics blaring from my radio as my kids go the school when, in my day, a little peek at Cher’s ass could only be seen after 9am.

  7. amy

    @Penny, I don’t know what Heather means either, but I know it’s not flattering. I want to know where Rihanna is in September that she needs all of that winter clothing. And do you think she might have stolen the vest/coat/whatever from Andre Leon Talley? It’s the right size, and I could swear I’ve seen him in something similar, although probably not with those sleeves.

  8. TereLiz

    Honestly, for Rhi-Rhi this look IS subtle. Her hair is a normal color, and she’s wearing neutrals as neutrals. Sure the jacket (vest?) would fit better on the likes of ALT, but I think it’s partly the angle that’s making it look so voluminous. Though she probably could slip a side of beef in there unnoticed. Eep.

    Not a winner, but not as horrid as it could have been, IMO.

  9. Peachsiki

    She looks like Vivian Banks (the mom from the Fresh Prince)

  10. Miz H

    @Penny, David Byrne was the lead singer of Talking Heads. He wore this oversize suit in the Stop Making Sense movie. Google “David Byrne big jacket” or “Stop Making Sense” and you’ll find pictures and video.

  11. Rowynn

    Doesn’t it look as if those black leather sleeves are attached to the cream-colored part? It sure does to me. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse, but at least I think I see it for what it is.

  12. JKZ

    She’s just trying to start some rumors. Jealous of all the attention Beyonce is getting!

  13. Bambi Anne Dear

    She is just soooooooo pretty but almost never looks any good in anything. What a waste.

  14. vandalfan

    Yes, one certainly could shoplift an entire side of beef in that vest-coat (Coest? Veote?) monstrosity. I think her sense of fun left with her nifty red locks.

  15. anonymoose

    best shoes she’s ever worn.

    otherwise she looks like a walking fun-house mirror, all distorted in all the wrong ways. basically, the usual for this *ssclown.

  16. Chris

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t jack that off of AndrĂ© Leon Talley, because you could fit two ALTs and three Tyras in that thing.

    It is a VERY ALT jacket, though. I imagine he’s reading this right now and planning to wear that vacket in the event he wakes up and discovers he’s twenty feet tall.

  17. Infoqueen

    She’s stopped wearing Ronald McDonald’s hair, but has stolen Grimace’s tuxedo jacket instead.

  18. NYCGirl

    Eh, at least she’s covered.

  19. Penny

    Thanks guys for helping me with my dimwittedness. Giggling immoderately at the idea that she ‘borrowed’ it from Andre Leon Talley but his would likely have been shinier, with fur and/or sequins.

  20. lc

    I would like this and wear it if the coat was downsized a bit….. ok maybe a lot of bits.

  21. Dan

    I like the hair and make-up personally and if that coat had been a tad smaller I think this could have been a good look.


  22. Faye

    Actually, for Rihanna this *is* subtle. True, the vest/jacket thing could fit a small village underneath it, but still, given what she usually wears (or doesn’t), this is normal.

    @CJ, I don’t have children, but my friends who do share your concerns. Her music is catchy, but I can see their point. And one friend pointed out that while you can change your radio station, you can’t prevent what they play in public places like pizza shops, bowling alleys, roller-skating rinks, etc. — all places where kids congregated and where they play a lot of Rihanna.

  23. Kara

    I actually don’t have much to say about the outfit, but what lipstick is she wearing? I want it.

  24. Bex

    One simple word – FUG!!