“Hello. We’re former actors and general moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. If you’ve been missing us from your lives since New York Minute, we’re moderately pleased to share that you can buy our forthcoming spoken-word album, Hmm, featuring slam jams like ‘Nah’ and ‘I Guess’ and ‘You Would Only Say That If You Didn’t Really Know Me, But Okay.’ Featuring at least two tracks delivered in German-accented English, and our seminal harp-accompanied piece, ‘Fun Is Made-Up.’ There’s even a call-and-response song with our sister Elizabeth Olsen called, ‘Do You, Though?’ and then a cameo by Nellie Olesen from Little House On The Prairie where we passive-aggressively mmm-hmm a bunch of old audio clips of Half-Pint. Buy it now on Tidal and receive a foreword from Jay Z that’s entirely the three of us saying ‘Uh-huh’ back and forth at each other.”

[Photo: Getty]