Fugging Up With the Kardashifugs

I decided Kourtney Kardashian here woke up and thought, “I’m feeling DISHWATER PRAIRIE today:”

My personal theory is that when you can wake up and just throw together DISHWATER PRAIRIE, you officially have too many clothes. And I didn’t even think I believed in “too many clothes” as a concept. I feel like my world is crashing down around me. I knew the Kardashians would come for me eventually.

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Comments (24):

  1. Elaine

    oh dear. she at least looks a lot taller than usual??

    also… are those pants?? or a skirt/split?

  2. Eliza Bennett

    I’m pretty sure those are pants. Why would you wear something that made you look that WIDE? She’s like a to-scale model of Montana in that shizz.

  3. pidget

    Nothing says post-natal depression like a clay-coloured skort-shroud…

  4. Elizabeth E.

    Turns out I have most of these in my closet, so maybe dishwater prairie isn’t collapsing our collective worlds quite so much?

  5. Linda Brinkley Noble

    This is a scary outfit- almost an Amish serial killer, what was she drinking?

  6. Dazie

    Does she dress like a fancy sister wife to counteract her sisters’ dressing like… um… people with more of their assets showing. She really does like the high-neck blousy look. Maybe she should hang out with Christina Hendricks.

  7. foo

    I’m just happy that Pa shot the ocean-hued iridescent rattlesnake slithering across the prairie so she could wear that purse with that outfit. (because it suits it so well…)

    I was trying to think of what that color blue reminded me of and I just remembered. When I mistakenly washed a blue pen with my white tee shirts and also the Shawshank Redemption.

  8. Martyn

    Holy Cow, that is awful.

  9. mary lou bethune

    please — make it stop with the vulgar, simple K’s.

  10. Vandalfan

    If only these actually were pants, they’d be hilarious. Perhaps the color palate is to show sympathy and solidarity with the poor hurricane victims?

  11. anny

    Well, OBVIOUSLY she won the bet – just look at the poor woman behind her in the jailhouse stripes.

  12. JessicaAZ

    Yipes! I just looked at this monstrosity up close and think it may be all one piece! Someone PLEASE tell me I am wrong!

  13. Amy Farrah Fowler

    Upon view of the closeup, I just came to that same conclusion. It is one piece. A full-on fug of a sister wife dress.

  14. cathy

    if you have a nice petite frame after 2 kids why in the world would you wear this?! she has so much trouble dressing her body

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    Maybe she should try the wide stripes behind her.

  16. Lilibet

    Should go down well in the Middle East. Just add headscarf.

  17. AM

    I actually like the top. The pants(?) scare me. They look like safety hazard as well as not that cute. That’s a heck of lot of material that could trip you up (literally).

  18. ML

    She’s really gunning for that return play-in slot this March in Fug Madness, isn’t she?

  19. Lily1214

    Very bad. I wonder if she consults a stylist before getting dressed for public appearances?

  20. Mary Urech Stallings

    Gumbys come in Grey?