Fugging Up with the Kardashifugs

KIM KARDASHIAN: Gee, Vera Wang, thanks so much for coming out with me and my cameras and my hideous, hideous jumpsuit today.


KIM: A LOT of designers wouldn’t deign to be on my show. Or to be snapped by the paps with me like this. ESPECIALLY given what I’m wearing right now!

VERA: Yep.

KIM: And you’re wearing something noteworthily nutty yourself!

VERA: Yep.

KIM: All of this combines to make me think that maybe your business needs some PR of some sort or perhaps even some cash.

VERA: No comment.

KIM: Although you DID also do Khloe’s dress, so maybe you are a secret Kardashian mega-fan!


[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Amy

    Wait, we’re not even going to talk about what’s happening on Vera’s legs? What is that? Chaps? Thigh high leg-warmers? Are they paired with shorts or over jeans? I’m puzzled.

  2. BigNoise

    KK’s jumpsuit is NOT doing her infamous butt any favors at all. How many animal prints can you count?

  3. TaraMisu

    Wow. Kim. Stumpify yourself much?

  4. Carolina Girl

    Standing next to Kim Kardashian in that hideous jumpsuit makes Vera Wang look like a million bucks. Even with no bra and bat shit crazy pants.

  5. Libby

    If you look at it from Kim’s perspective, the jumpsuit is the perfect “Look at ME! Look at my boobs!” outfit. Has she ever asked for anything else in her attire?

    And what’s Vera’s deal? Looks like she’s bought into that designer gimmick of always dressing in black (like Donna Karan).

  6. CJ

    When I look at KK, I have the same reaction that I have when I see Lady Gaga. The “too much is never enough” of their sartorial habits exhausts me — and I’m just looking at them. And they are unavoidable, even if you don’t visit this site. Two trips to the market per week, and you’re overloaded with both of them just waiting on the checkout line.

    Please, KK just give it up for a month, heck even a week. Gaga too. Give yourself and all of us a BREAK and wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. You don’t have to wear any makeup. You don’t even have to wash your hair every day. I’m not asking you guys to be slobs, just…simple. My eyes hurt.

  7. Tracy L

    Carolina Girl–i was going to say the same thing. While Kim looks obviously ridiculous, on close inspection Vera appears to be wearing sheer pants under her gym shorts from 1984. You can understand Kim’s outfit, given that she’s a fame-hound. But Vera surely should have better fashion sense???

  8. Nicole

    Ok, I agree that next to Kim, Vera Wang looks pretty awesome, but I cannot look at the picture and see anything except her nipple hanging out. Even that animal print cannot distract from the rogue nipple!

  9. Carolina Girl

    @Tracy, you are absolutely right. Vera really ought to know better. But I always think that she has a kind of Carine Roitfeld/Alexa Chung aesthetic … The “I’m Too Chic To Care How Crappy I Look” syndrome.

  10. vandalfan

    I refuse to look at any of the K’s, and that is easier here because it’s wearing a clown outfit.

    But Vera, Vera, Vera! You succumbed to the granny pants and leg curtains fad. Yes, you toned it down as much as possible, but those are leg curtains, ma’am, and don’t belong out in public. Then again, neither does your companion.

  11. Willow

    Is this meant to start the speculation of who will design her wedding dress? because all I’m thinking is “RUN VERA, RUN!”

  12. Christian

    No one is a Kardashian mega-fan.

  13. Chicklet

    As wackadoodle as Vera Wang is dressed here, she looks like Helen Mirren next to Cheetah McJumpsuit. (A philosophical question: Do the Kardashians cease to exist if nobody is looking at them? LET’S GIVE IT A SHOT, EVERYONE.)

  14. Gigi

    NPR mentioned yesterday that Vera is 62 years old. Looks pretty damn great for an older lady. But the sheer leg curtains are too much.

  15. Geemee

    I have to disagree. Next to Vera, Kim looks almost presentable. I know that when you get to 62 you probably don’t care what people think, but WEAR A BRA. Please. For our sakes.

  16. Chandra

    What Vera is wearing is far more heinous.

  17. Kim

    Vera – eat some food!!!! The Kardashians couldnt cheapen up a Vera Wang dress any faster could they! Vera is taking the money and publicity BUT must be cringing inside- selling out to these fugly golf diggers who wouldnt know class if it hit them in the face.

  18. KC

    The look on VW’s face is all “But they’ll pay CASH”. I love her in her crazy pants, because she’s Vera MF Genius Wang
    Poor Cheetah McDumpy Tree trunk Thighs. She has no clue .

  19. snuffy

    I don’t think that’s even Vera Wang… my theory is that, upon catching a glimpse in a mirror of herself in this outfit , Fergie fell off the wagon and has spent the past few nights doing meth in an abandoned warehouse. She was forced to sell her bear arms, boots, and belt for drugs, and her legs got so skinny that her shorts and tights now look baggy.

  20. jenelope

    I am shocked that Vera Wang is 62, and think she looks great for her age. However, knowing her age makes that outfit all the more ridiculous.

  21. Lynnie

    KIM KARDASHIAN: Gee, Vera Wang, thanks so much for coming out with me and my cameras and my hideous, hideous jumpsuit today. Oh, and my boobs.

    Vera Wang is 62?! Wow.

  22. yeahandalso

    is she wearing sheer pants UNDER formal shorts?!?!?!? without a bra??!?!?

    Also…62…is she a witch?

  23. kjb

    In the profiles I’ve read about Vera, she touts the excellence of black leggings & says she wears them every day, almost everywhere she goes, as pants. She may design the pretty party dresses, but she loves the leggings. It made me sad inside. Leggings aren’t pants, no matter who you are!

  24. Sherri

    I’m guessing Vera Wang put on those leg curtain/see thru pants and suddenly realized she was NOT wearing the right underwear for that level of revelation, but didn’t want to peel out just to change panties, and grabbed the shorts she’d worn to the gym. Then, she grabbed the t shirt she’d worn with the shorts. The sports bra smelled rank, so she skipped it.

    However, I was so bedazzled/blinded by KK that, really, Wang was a cool, calm, restful place for my eyes to go.

  25. KG

    Kim Kardashian is hopeless and Vera Wang is a fameball. Ugh.

  26. Bella

    VW needs to work her design magic on herself … and eat something! And KK? Gives us an idea of what she may look like pregnant. That may go down as the worst jumpsuit ever created. Leopards and cheetahs and fug! Oh my!

  27. Kate

    Wow, so much fug!

    Vera: come on. Bra please, and no leg curtains.

    Kim: wow. Do you realize that dress makes you like like you gained 150 lbs? I mean, seriously. Doesn’t it look like she’s struggling to haul around her incredible mass in that thing? It’s like her thighs grew by 20 inches and then she grew cankles!!!

    That has got to be one of the most unflattering pictures I’ve ever seen (well, her bustline and face look normal, haha). I can’t get over what that jumpsuit thingy is doing to her shape!!!

  28. Anne B

    I love the expressions here.

    KIM: OMG OMG not only is Vera Wang **doing** my wedding dress, she is totes HANGING OUT with me. I am soooooo A-list! Calm down, self. Calm down.
    VERA: Can’t believe I’m doing this. That trashy dress better cost a f**king fortune.

  29. Stephanie S

    Why is it that I keep confusing KK with Eva Longoria lately? Do they have the same plastic surgeon?

  30. Grant

    Random Fact of the Day: Vera Wang also has her own line of mattresses! Which is odd. Also, I can believe she’s 62 even if she doesn’t look it. Here in Asia, every country in the big cities there’s gorgeous women that when I find out they’re over 50 and have grown children and not actually in their 20′s/30′s I just keep gasping. They age amazingly over here.

  31. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m very concerned by the horse’s hooves behind them both.

  32. Sajorina

    I’m not even going to address Kim’s outfit because I’m trying to forget I ever saw it, but I’m surprised to see Vera Wang wearing something other than leggins!!! But, then again… Vera is wearing something totally cracked-out in black (again) and she needs a bra STAT!

  33. Emma

    What the heck is up with Vera Wang lately? I kind of expect her to be more elegant than she is. I don’t know whether I’m more annoyed by the chiffon pants-shorts or the leopard-clad accessory.

  34. anny

    It’s like bizarro-world Photoshop: if somehow you could select Kim, hit some sort of qualitative “invert” and get Vera. Rounded > angular, burnished > pale, buxom > not, no hair > hair …

  35. jean

    I think when you are 62, you can dress any way you darn well please. I think she looks good for a casual walk in New York. She’s also reminding me more and more of Yoko Ono with that long hair. If she’s got grays, I kind of wish she’d just let it go white. Long and witchy white.

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  38. ddukes

    this is really JLo of Kim – absolutely love what Vera is wearing

  39. www.bravoerunway.com

    YIKES…………. Jumpsuits are hard enough to pull off as is and in leopard…that is a task! I wish Vera would wear something aside from black!

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  40. lola

    From the collar bone up, they both look incredible. Beautiful. I would love to look like DK when I am 62.
    Kim’s outfit it ridiculous- the way the cheetah print looks blurry/jagged in her outline, it’s almost as if her clothes are having a space/time continuity problem, like they are a hologram having reception issues.
    As for DK- she’s always dressed in black, deconstructed casual hodge podge… I imagine this is like a fashion palate cleanser for her after fashion brainstorming and designing all day.

  41. echo

    Is that a Vera Wang nipple showing through? I have no words for what’s happening on her legs, although I did once wear harem pants made out of that same material for a dance performance. I did not wear shorts over the whole thing. On the plus side, now I know there’s something worse than dress over pants.

  42. City Rocka

    As a Jewelry Style Blogger from Cityrockajewelry.com, I’m calling it like I see it .
    …………..But her jewelry is nice.

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