Fugchella Strikes Again

So, Coachella expanded to two — TWO! — weekends this year, and at first I was like, “Hooray — this is going to be nonstop hilarity,” and then all of a sudden right now I want to slap the hilarity in the face and send it home for a shower.

Why wear the tights? Just LEAVE THEM AT HOME. Or TAKE THEM OFF. Between her and Swiss Cheese Legs behind her, I am very concerned that “disaster movie extra” is the next new style fad. We cannot, as a society, start walking around like Michael Bay just verbally belittled us before blowing up our neighborhood.

Katy took in a show with her good pal Rihanna, and I’m pretty sure these girls are NOT mutually helpful friends.

Is she making up for looking semi-normal the day before? That jacket belongs nowhere except MAYBE on Joe Pesci in a comedy about a retired mobster who is trying to support his family by selling watches and homemade shoulder-toupees out of the back of his Pontiac. And the bra is an interesting touch considering those shorts are basically pelvic war. Don’t believe me? Just ask this dude.

I hope he WANTED his ears pierced.

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  1. Jill

    I hope that dude washed his head and back of his neck really, really well. After tending to all of the extra holes on his self.

  2. jerkygirl

    The expression on his face in #2 couldn’t be more perfect. “Rihanna’s on my shoulders, but she’s piercing my head, but she’s RIHANNA and she’s on my shoulders woo hoo, but OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” Bless him. :)

    • Kit

      completely and totally dead on in your assessment. :)

    • Mary

      OMG… Jerkygirl… you made my day… and as Kit says… totally dead on…. hah

    • Kls

      And he’s also wondering when she’s going to pass him the blunt.

      • rebecca

        you know thats what he’s thinking…the back of his head is newly preforated, she’s responsible, and she dont wanna share! i knew there was some reason i didnt enjoy her selfish ass

    • crystal

      Haha, yes!! Poor/lucky guy.

  3. jerkygirl

    . . .oh, and is Katy Perry traveling with a double now? GIRL, YOU ARE NOT QUEEN AMIDALA although some of your outfits make us wonder if you are, indeed, from another planet. A fun planet, certainly, but definitely a non-Earth one.

    • yeahandalso

      LOL What? I don’t see a Katy Perry decoy but that is a hilarious idea

      • Carol

        Wasn’t Katy wearing those studded granny pants — currently worn by Swiss Cheese Legs girl — in an earlier post? (Maybe we shouldn’t go there, on second thought)

    • Kristen from MA

      Nah. Queen Amidala’s clothes were gorgeous. Katy Perry’s are just wack-a-doodle.

  4. Annie E

    I just don’t want to look at another photo of Rihanna. The overexposure is reaching Kardashian levels at this point.

    • ck76

      I totally agree. I am beyond tired of her at this point

      • neiges

        Why is she so attracted to the media (because it can’t be the other way round right?)?

  5. mary

    i squeezed out a few tears about the ear piercing, thank you.

  6. SheriC

    A question I often ask when I see pictures of Rihanna: Dude, what’s she smoking???

  7. melanie

    We used to do this thing with the ripped tights when we were in high school back in the 80s and thought we were all punk rock. Maybe Katy is just trying to bring it back.

  8. mary lou bethune


  9. MonMode

    Katy’s outfit doesn’t look so bad next to Rihanna’s…


  10. gail

    That is one devoted groupie.

  11. Tara

    Never mind Katy’s outfit, what the HELL is going on with the second-rate Lady Gaga wannabe in the background??

  12. vandalfan

    The stars were not the stars in these photos, rather, the chain- mail granny panted curiosity in #1 and the adorable, suffering gent in #2.

    • teekay

      YES! I am sitting at work with my hand over my mouth desperately trying not to burst out laughing at the supporting players…

  13. Bailey

    The girl in the background is making Katy look perfectly normal in comparison. I never thought I’d write the phrase ‘chain-mail-granny-panties’ twice in one month. Or ever.

  14. ceecee

    Is Coachella guarded by wildcats? Surrounded by blackberry brambles? Katy and her body double look like they came in the back way.

  15. Lilibet

    Heather, love the Joe Pesci analogy and you’ve nailed laddered tights completely.

  16. AM

    Okay, I am 100 years old or something, because, I’m thinking, what would be wrong with “walking” shorts, you know ones that cover things, and tank top or tee shirt with a cute shirt or jacket over it, in case it get cold, and some sort of sensible walking shoes? Or a long gauzy skirt with same tank and shirt/jacket combo? Taking my walker in for a nap now.

  17. Lina


  18. Francesca

    What’s Katy smoking in that photo? It must be a mind bending herb that renders her sense of style from self-consciously quirky to just plain ratty. And why even bother with the music at Coachella? It’s really all about the be-seen anyway.

  19. Stefanie

    I just cant…

    These pictures (and the phone call I just got off of, stupid people) have just confirmed it! I’m going home and having a drink. Or 6. See Katy! See Rihanna! You’ve driven me to drink!

  20. AM

    And to add to rant about These Kids Today. I presume the sun comes out occasionally at this event? If I wore so much sleeveless (and chestless) and holey, for hours at a concert, I would be one red blotch of sunburn. Going back to nap while you young whippersnappers listen to your heathen music.

  21. The Fugger

    I don’t think Katy wore those granny panties.

    I think it was Nicki Minaj (click).


  22. GFY Heather

    I don’t think she was at Coachella — I’ve seen pap photos of her all around L.A. that whole weekend. She did wear this to a McCartney shindig: http://gofugyourself.com/fugs-and-the-occasional-fab-adjacent-stella-mccartney-party-04-2012/video-premiere-of-my-valentine-hosted-by-paul-mccartney-and-stella-mccartney-4

    Could that be what you meant?

  23. Rhianna is an STD

    [deleted - J]

  24. Generation Boring

    Thank you for further documentation that this is the single most boring and un-creative generation to have ever existed. (the season premiere of ‘Girls’ was enough for me). Every look they wear and ever sound and film and book they create, it’s all a bad re-enactment of a period they were never privileged enough to live in, yet without their own spin. It looks exactly the same. They SOUND exactly the same (actually, they sound and look a bit worse to me). There is nothing new from these kids. I feel like Adele is the only artist of her young generation that has managed to pay honor to an older time in a style her own and even still she;s got some really boring crap amongst her great singles. I walk around and see these kids and I see nothing new from them. Generation Boring. Generation Re-Hash. Even Instangram has to look like its from the seventies. Why can’t these kids define themselves beyond ripping off other people, complaining and ear stretchers?

  25. Moi

    That the term “Coachella-chic” has now entered the sartorial lexicon as something to celebrate is enough to make me, an ex-true blue riot grrrrrrl, just want to go hang out with all the self-proclaimed grannies who posted up above and plot the overthrow of this doomahs generation. Boring is right.

  26. dee cee

    It’s so happening and downwardly mobile with all the past in the future parading past retro-grade.. and the time is now.. no fashion worries until the next festival..

  27. cc

    Woah now. The girl in the background’s outfit is Suuper flattering.

  28. Soapstef

    I’m always completely confused by Katy Perry! How old is she…….18 or 45? I just can’t believe how she bounces back and forth from looking like a teen to an old maid! STOP THE INSANITY!

  29. Chrissy

    What is with all the tights?!?! I grew up in Palm Springs and I can tell you that it is currently at least 90 degrees (probably more like 95) in the sun during the day in the desert. You’d probably be okay wearing the tights at night, since the temperature goes down quite a bit, but most people would be miserable in tights during the day in April.

  30. guerra

    I think Rihanna looks hot!

  31. CJ

    Rihanna looks like a whore standing outside the Lincoln Tunnel. The outfit. The red talons. The way she is standing. Her hands look kind of dirty too. And, even if that Chanel jacket is real, it doesn’t clean it all up or make this look fashionable or chic in any way. Only with Rihanna would I prefer to see a person wearing Stella McCartney.

    • Shiitake

      “Only with Rihanna would I prefer to see a person wearing Stella McCartney.”

      A match made in Heaven.

  32. Sandra

    Does the Coachella equivalent of the TSA search your bags and confiscate all cute, well-fitted, weather-appropriate, untattered clothing from everyone at the gate? Is there some massive game where you have to wear whatever they pulled out of the dressing-up box and handed to you? Suffering for fashion is one thing if you look good doing it, but these people……do not.

  33. Caroleena Stantonova

    The lengths some guys will go to just for…peace!

  34. Teleute

    I actually really like that dress on KP. It’s flattering and goes well with her hair. Shame about the tights though :(

  35. crystal

    Rich people pretending to be hippies are basically my favorite thing. They are a comedic gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving.