So, Coachella expanded to two — TWO! — weekends this year, and at first I was like, “Hooray — this is going to be nonstop hilarity,” and then all of a sudden right now I want to slap the hilarity in the face and send it home for a shower.

Why wear the tights? Just LEAVE THEM AT HOME. Or TAKE THEM OFF. Between her and Swiss Cheese Legs behind her, I am very concerned that “disaster movie extra” is the next new style fad. We cannot, as a society, start walking around like Michael Bay just verbally belittled us before blowing up our neighborhood.

Katy took in a show with her good pal Rihanna, and I’m pretty sure these girls are NOT mutually helpful friends.

Is she making up for looking semi-normal the day before? That jacket belongs nowhere except MAYBE on Joe Pesci in a comedy about a retired mobster who is trying to support his family by selling watches and homemade shoulder-toupees out of the back of his Pontiac. And the bra is an interesting touch considering those shorts are basically pelvic war. Don’t believe me? Just ask this dude.

I hope he WANTED his ears pierced.

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