Fug the Uniforms: adidas

For the various basketball conference tournaments (please, not the official March Madness tourney, or “madness” it will be), adidas made special-occasion uniforms for six teams. Six teams they OBVIOUSLY HATE. FOR THESE ARE AWFUL. SO AWFUL. When I saw Notre Dame’s green “away” kit, I almost passed out on the spot — which is an accomplishment considering how screamingly loud they are — and then Tweeted that they are a neon aneurysm. Also, Time wisely left Zubaz behind. Why can’t adidas?

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Rachael

    They’re so awful, they make my eyes and my heart hurt. Why does Adidas hate these schools so much?

  2. marlie

    Was Adidas contractually obligated to incorporate that HIDDY camo print? Because all of these are just FUGLY beyond words.

  3. Jessica

    So basically, they took one print on the shorts and changed the colors. And did the same with the tank. So very innovative, adidas. You must be like, first one ever.

  4. Betsy

    I love this. I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate the uniforms, but I love that you posted this.

    • Linda

      Me too. I thought I was going crazy.

      ND’s Shamrock Shake uniforms suck, but the new Michigan uniforms are even worse. I thought the color controls on my television were broken. That god awful egg yolk yellow that they call “maize”.

  5. Tall and Salty

    How how how did so many people look at these, nod, and say, “This is a great idea!” No one had a seizure? No one had a rage blackout? NO ONE SAID THESE HURT MY EYES NO NO NO?

    At least Mike Brey seems to have moved on from the mock turtlenecks?

    • Mrs. Ditter

      Is this the basketball fashion equivalent of the horrors of the recent Paris shows? Because I’m getting the same vibe.

  6. qwertygirl

    I don’t follow baskeball at all, but I have eyes and a reasonable sense of aesthetics. These are very bad.

  7. Other Emily

    The uniforms on the high school girls’ teams here in MN were better. They also had their tournament over the weekend, and not one of them looked as ridiculous as this. Also, they played some mean basketball. Adidas should be ashamed.

  8. Rayna

    Wow, worse than Stella.

    That’s pretty bad.

  9. junaitatres

    Eric Stangel, who is a great follow on Twitter hilariously tweeted, “I turned off the TV and I can still see Notre Dame’s uniforms.”

    And seriously, no one has been waiting for the Zubaz comeback. No one.

  10. MKKS

    See, in Baton Rouge our colors are just garish. Show up, rock your purple and gold tiger print zubaz, whatevs. Embrace the cheez. And I’m always a little jealous of schools like ND (and UGA with their black and red) because you don’t necessarily have to embrace the cheez. So I see where this hurts — having to embrace the cheez when you don’t have to … rough, dude. It’s not only being forced by your mom to wear the tacky Christmas sweater to the party. It’s being forced by your mom to wear to the party the tacky Christmas sweater to the party when you had custom Dior in the closet.

    But still. At least you got invited to the party. *Geaux Tigers*

    • Miranda

      At least LSU doesn’t have Clemson’s orange and purple. Way uglier than the purple and gold!

  11. Chris P


    Just so you know, I’m typing this from a Braille keyboard. THANKS NOTRE DAME.

  12. Cat

    Wow, these are truly awful. And even worse, it’s the same design in different colors. Barf.

  13. Karen

    I hate the tacky Adidas uniforms as well! But… last year, my Cards snapped into focus during the conference tournament in those stupid “infra-red” uniforms (same neon hideousness as the Baylor yellow, only we looked orange) and went on to the Final Four in them… so I’m hoping that having even UGLIER uniforms this time will get us to the championship! Not rational, I know, but sports fans rarely are.

    • Karen

      But yes, the Notre Dame uniforms are worst of all. Shamrock Shakes, while seasonally appropriate, should not be a uniform inspiration.

  14. witjunkie

    Aw, you made me all nostalgic for my Aunty’s lime cottage cheese salad.

  15. Nat

    As a European girl, I know absolutely NOTHING about US basket, but…1) these uniforms are terrible; 2) I love it when you do these sports posts.
    As a tennis fan, I really hope you’ll do one about tennis outfits some time soon (I remember you covered some of Venus’ crazy stuff in the past, but there many other potential fuggers out there on court). Like, for Wimbledon? I would LOVE that.
    To make you more willing to do so, I’ll tell you that there’s an entire Adidas tennis line designed by Stella, which is often crap-tastic. Got you interested? :-D

  16. Jules

    I’m so, so glad my Gators didn’t get selected by Adidas for this experiment.

  17. Caroline

    Yes the outfits are hideous, but I am most struck by how those Kansas boys were captured jumping / levitating in unison. To a non-sports person it looks wonderfully mystical.

    • Dazie

      I work at KU. They go around campus like that too.*

      *not really. But one of them did hold the door open for me the other day. Nice boy.

      • Dazie

        Actually, it was the one with his back to the camera who held the door, not one of the levitating ones.

      • Caroline

        If they’re not magical I’m pleased they’re at least chivalrous.

  18. Hillary

    Adidas asked the Hoosiers to wear these, and our AD told them no way. So glad!

  19. Tarryn

    I don’t follow basketball but for some reason pictures of players mid-game make me laugh. The Baylor one in particular really got me (something about #34 is cracking me up).

  20. Erin

    I’m not sure who’s been responsible for the University of Maryland’s unis this season, but they have been lacking across all sports. This weekend, they had alternating patterns inspired by their state flag on their unis AND shoes (one sneaker was red/white; the other black/yellow). Gross.

    • Amy

      Under Armour (founded by an alum!) does Maryland’s uniforms. I actually love the crazy flag unis, though. They’re so… Maryland. Plus we beat Duke in them.

      • Melinda

        Beating Duke almost makes up for those uniforms. :)

      • Erin

        I can definitely co-sign on beating Duke. Whatever it takes, huh? Doesn’t make me like the uniforms, though. NC State (my alma mater) also had some crazypants unis this season, complete with tone-on-tone howling wolves. As a school with a well-known design school AND one of the best textile programs in the country, you would think we could come up with something better.

  21. Dazie

    That Bearcat hugging the coach? All I could think was “Eeew. Sweaty pits on the coach’s suit.”

  22. SG

    I like the snug look from the 1950s until 1983. Okay, I know I’m an old lady.


  23. Vi

    Being a Canadian, we sometimes have to sit through hockey games when the team is wearing ‘historic’ uni’s: the teams first, 100 year anniversary, etc…..But, sweet mercy, why would you subject basketball players, and their fans, to this! Did the teams in this Adidas ‘experiment’ lose a bet?!?

  24. Edith


    For goodness sake, ND, our colors are BLUE AND GOLD. As hideous as these uniforms are, they would have looked worlds better in BLUE and GOLD.

  25. ML

    Man, it’s like 1989 puked all over the NCAAs.

  26. Beth

    They posted the pictures of the ND ones a couple of weeks ago to universal derision with the standard “well the players like them”…the players are contractually obligated to like them :)

    By the way, the women’s team wore the new home version of this jersey once and then switched to a modified version of the standard blue and gold home jersey for the rest of the tournament. The green trim on the other jersey was still that weird pastel green, but it wasn’t as bad as the camo or teal. Proving the girls were smarter than the boys :)


    • Helen

      The girls look SO MUCH BETTER. I even like the pastel green there – it’s a feminine color, and having just little touches of it like that isn’t overwhelming.

  27. Jill

    I was bummed that Louisville clobbered Syracuse for the Big East Title but at least I can laugh at their uniforms…..they looked silly while they were running all over the Orange!

  28. Sandra

    Clearly this idea had its genesis on Take Your Kindergartener to Work Day at Adidas

  29. Celia

    I appreciated the ND uniforms, for the sole, selfish reason that they made Michigan’s solid yellow (even the names on the back and the shoes) uniforms look modest and tasteful by comparison. Alas, we didn’t last very long anyways :( .

  30. Lizzy

    Those are seriously ugly uniforms.
    Re: Basketball and hunting – gives whole new meaning to “he shoots, he scores!”.

  31. Lynn

    Ha. My mother insisted Baylor was wearing “some kind of camouflage.” (She was watching the game depicted here, as she is an Ok State alum.) I knew it must have been one of these horrid things.

  32. Mrs. Ditter

    Those ND socks? I was forcibly inserted into a bridesmaid dress that color many, many years ago. It had a little cape with fringe for extra horrificness…this gives me flashbacks. Thanks for ruining my day, FugGirls.

  33. MegoPachego

    Alright, to be fair, extended metaphor-wise, the Bearcats were hunting for a victory.

  34. ceecee

    The Notre Dame uniforms look like an explosion in a sherbet factory.

  35. Mo

    I have a conspiracy theory that deep in the Adidas design department are members of the Fug Nation. They did this on purpose, hoping you would fug the unis.

  36. Paige

    As an Oregon Duck from the womb I am very disappointed in your comments. Go Ducks! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • MaryAnne

      Gotta agree with the Fug Girls on this one … the Ducks football uniforms are truly fugly. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone, even the most die-hard Oregon fan, defend them – my extremely unscientific surveys indicate that pretty much everyone makes fun of them.

      However, as a WSU Coug (and therefore a perennial basement dweller), I do realize that Oregon is laughing too – all the way to the top of the standings each year. And I also admit that if hideous uniforms were what it took to lift us up from bottom-of-the-barrel status, I would be on board in a hot second! :)

  37. Tiffany

    “the guy on the right looks like he’s tagging his man in a dance-off.”
    Sooooo funny!! And totally what it looks like too!

    The green uniforms look so much better without the socks at the knees! A little flesh helps break it up a bit.

  38. Megan

    I feel doubly affronted. I grew up in Louisville and was an ardent Cardinals fan, but went to U of Cincinnati. Those are heinous.

  39. Sajorina

    The question here is “WHY?”! Their regular uniforms are fine, so why go with these ones? They are so loud and distracting, it would be hard for me to concentrate on the game and I enjoy watching basketball games on TV! Burn them!

  40. Colleen

    From a fellow ND alum, thanks for this – truly horrible uniforms. My nine-year-old daughter’s impression while watching the game: “It looks like a tall, angry leprechaun threw up all over the place.”

  41. Lisa E

    THANK YOU for posting this! I was horrified this weekend watching the games. I love March Madness, but I am praying we don’t see any of these again this weekend!

  42. Christine K

    I had seen these before the tournament (thanks for sharing, ND Athletics!) but I still made very loud inhuman noises when I saw them live. I have no idea what possessed ND to okay these monstrosities. ‘Thy blue and gold’ leaves no room for lime green camo. Lime. Green. Camo. Lord have mercy.

  43. Emily

    The NY Times interprets these unis as meaning that Zubaz are making a comeback? Let’s hope not…


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