Fug the Show: The Voice

Let’s put it this way: Before DirecTV settled with Tribune and gave back my CW feed in time for One Tree Hill, I was contemplating finding Christina to see if her head was picking up the channel.

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  1. Kristen from MA

    Did she have her implants removed? (That would be a good thing, since hers were not attractive.)

    • Sajorina

      Oh, NO, she still has them and mine hurt in sympathy when I see hers bursting out of her tops! But, mine are real!

  2. Hannah

    Xtina bequeathed the fascinator to Andy Cohen on Bravo recently.

  3. Jennifer E.

    so, is there more than a hint of cameltoe in slide 12? this wannabe outfit is disturbing on enough levels without it, but as i am NOT the type to look for it, and thought it was noted, it reached a whole new disturbing-high-score. at least, since the last time we unplugged the disturb-o-meter.

  4. Sajorina

    Whatever it is that X-Tina & Cee Lo are wearing… It cannot be comfortable! Maybe, except for the red silk pajamas! Every time I look at them, I go “Oooowwww!”

  5. The Fugger

    I’m sorry. Christina doesn’t even look like herself anymore so much as she looks like a full-on camp impersonation of herself.

    And yeah, I know, she’s had her makeup gun turned to Kardashian since before we knew Kim’s name. But this? Honestly, the satellite dish was the LEAST heinous thing she had on.

    Cee-Lo, on the other hand, is divine. (And I covet the spiked jacket. And basically everything he wore, although I would look ridiculous in exactly all of it.)

    • Squirrel!

      I agree with you, Fugger. If pix 3 and 4 hadn’t been labeled as being Xtina, I would have thought it was someone else. And pix 1 and 2 make me think of Will Forte as Jenna Maroney.

    • AK

      She actually looked pretty darn good in this week’s episodes. Still a bit too bronzed and shotgunned with make up, but her platinum hair looks pretty instead of drag queeny when it’s straightened, and she’s definitely lost weight. Here’s a not so great photo. I hope this trend continues. Someone with her talent deserves to look good.

  6. Stacy

    I’m sooooo glad you are doing recaps of the Voice. Cee Lo’s outfits are the best part of the show. The weeks that X-Tina wore her little hat/sleepy boob outfit, Adam Levine wore a Mr. Rogers sweater. Why? Because he knew he would be wearing it for 4 weeks and might as well be comfortable.

  7. Kendra

    Can we pleeeease talk about how through the blind auditions whenever Cee Lo would make a comment after somebody performed he would RANDOMLY BE HOLDING A CAT? FOR NO APPARENT REASON. And not just any cat, a smuggy smug face fluffy fat white one that would tell you what an asshole you are if it could talk. And EVERY TIME I would burst out laughing and go WHAT IS HAPPENING, and now I think he is wonderful. Just wonderful.

  8. L

    I’m surprised you didn’t fug Adam Levine’s grandpa sweater.

    • Kat

      I guess when you already have 12 slides and you’ve only covered half the judges panel, you’ve got to pick your battles. Grandpa Adam isn’t nearly as trecherous as Madame Xtina and Dr. Ceevil.

  9. Charlotte

    I caught a few minutes of The Voice the other day and was horrified not only by the outfits, but by a couple of the contestants’ putative “singing.” Someone please reassure me that the judges taught them that there is a difference between “belting” and “yelling,” and that projecting your voice is not the same thing as shouting vaguely in tune with the melody.

    Somewhere my old voice teacher got the shakes and he doesn’t even know WHY.

  10. Charlotte

    Also, that fascinator + Battle Round = Effie Trinket. Is Christina angling for Elizabeth Banks’ role in Catching Fire? Does she know something we don’t? I think everyone needs to keep an eye out for Banks over the next few months, just in case Christina and Mr. Bigglesworth there have engineered for her to have a tragic accident.

  11. Susan

    Christina can strap a bona fide satellite dish to her head if she wants—she’s a mega talent and she’s earned it—but it would just be good to see her dress for her size. Which is fine, by the way. She’s a curvy gal now. Wear the right size.

  12. Cathleen

    I think the thing on Christina’s head is a record-a 45. Go ask your grandparents.
    (Perhaps I’m too old to be watching this show. : P )

  13. Suzie

    Cee Lo’s outfits and your commentary brought me much glee today! Thanks!

  14. anny

    Thought on seeing that first shot: “Mr. DeMille, Miss Desmond is ready for her close-up now.”

  15. amys

    I love CeeLo; I just can’t fug him.

  16. Hima

    This slideshow just proves that Cee Lo got knocked out of Fug Madness much too early. I love him, and especially love the random cat interviews. And the red telletubby outfit. I will never forget that one.

    Can people confirm that Christina looks better now? I’m comparing how she looked in the audition/battle rounds to how she looks now on the live shows. Did she do something to herself? Is it that she lost weight? Look at her in the satellite hat pic and then the yellow dress pic. Her face looks better in the yellow dress pic, right?

    • Emily

      She totally lost weight. SHe didn’t need to — she just needed to go up a size in clothing before. But she looks fantastic, I have to say. I actually liked the orange number even though it was a whole lotta boob. She really is so pretty when she scrapes off some of the slap and looks like herself.

  17. GFY Heather

    It’s all done in love.

  18. NYCGirl

    That does not even look like her in picture 4.

  19. Sylvia

    I live for Cee-Lo on this show. I just…he’s so theatrical, and I mean that in the best way. Plus, I love his music. This show is kind of a mess. I mean, Cee-Lo’s wig and Adam Levine’s sweater share the same space. A MESS!! But it’s a lovely mess and I secretly enjoy it.

    Speaking of OTH, are you going to fug the finale? Yes, I may have shed a tear, but I also wanted to cry over a couple of those outfits. I’m looking at you Haley Michelle James Bauer Scott (who I love as a character, but no).

  20. Amanda

    The orange look was on Yahoo’s 2Hot2Handle yesterday and I would say compared to how she normally looks on the show that might be true. It is a major improvement because normally she has her boobs pushed up as close to her chin as they can get, which make her look really heavy. I know she gained weight, but that really has nothing to do with how bad she usually looks. The problem is she usually has too much boob, hair and make-up. If she can stick with this look I think she would look sooo fantastic.

  21. katkin74

    I have never watched this show, but I am thinking I may have to remedy that. That first pic of this girl in that hat, with that face, it hysterical. I am quickly coming to love Cee Lo – aka “Dr Ceevil” lmao! Christina has become a charicature of herself and not in a good way. She’s like Britney Spears Lite right now. Cee Lo is the new Ladies Man!!

  22. Mary

    I have never watched this show, but “Glee Lo” made me laugh out loud to myself, prompting a funny look from the dog. Well done.

  23. eee

    I haven’t even read this yet, or scrolled through the slideshow. All I know is that I saw the first picture and my brain went “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Finally. Hooray!

  24. Lauren

    From what I understand about Purrfect The Cat, she is a cat from a pet rental service. She doesn’t belong to him. I love the fact that CeeLo sits with her every week and that she “tweets” to her “Poppa”. https://twitter.com/#!/PurrfectTheCat

    On the topic of clothes? The crazy clothes CeeLo has been wearing only makes me love him more. Also, less boobs for Christina. They are distracting.

  25. MelissaW

    I know Carson introduced the chick with Gym Class Heroes but I have no friggin’ idea who she is or what she was supposed to be doing. She looks like a reject from the Victoria’s Secret runway show.

    And you didn’t comment on Adam’s penchant for wearing his Grandpa’s cardigan sweaters with the buttons on his polo buttoned to his chin.

    CeeLo cracks me up – he looked like he got dressed in Elton John’s laundry pile.

  26. gryt

    Cee-Lo is soooo growing on me. I love the whole business with the cat! From Purrfect’s twitterfeed (heh): https://twitter.com/#!/PurrfectTheCat/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fcherrycheva%2Fstatus%2F166775572008148992%2Fphoto%2F1
    I can’t decide who’s more badass of the two! LOVE.

  27. vandalfan

    Rock and Roll Loofah!

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