Gwen wore some wacky shit. Let’s get into it.

Also, I have a lot of feelings about The Voice finale (spoiler at the end here), mostly that it could have been one hour and had 74 percent fewer random performances — particularly the weird Keith Urban and Pink duet, where a pre-recording of her was “projected” onto a screen behind Keith, who was himself also not at The Voice studio. But mostly: DeSz was robbed. I love her, I think she should release that single, and I am stunned she came in fourth (except not, because of course two country white dudes placed ahead of her, ugh). I am NOT stunned that the 15-year old won. I think he had it sewn up when he sang “You Say” by Lauren Daigle during the knockouts, which was easily his best performance of the season, but — and this is the quiet part no one said out loud — I also think voters know he needs to hurry up and get a few singles under his belt before that voice hits the skids of puberty. But it should have been DeSz. JUSTICE FOR DESZ.

[Photos: NBC/CTV/The Voice]