Fug the Show: Ringer, episode 20

Man, the universe was against me on this one: First, the director of Cruel Intentions did this episode, and they did NOT put Ronald in it, even for a single second, even in the background teaching a panting schoolgirl how to bow her cello in both euphemistic and non-euphemistic ways. Second, DirecTV and Tribune didn’t settle their little financial squabble in time, so our CW station was yanked and I was forced to watch online, which I hate doing because I’m an old crotchety crone and I spent far too much time on my computer as it is. THEN, in the middle of watching it online, the CW ran a very long and revealing and spoilery promo for tonight’s episode, which on a twisty show like Ringer seems like an especially dumb thing to do. LE SIGH.

Fortunately, it all ended happily, because there was another moment at the end of the episode that’s in the spirit of the Ringer I deeply love. It involves a letter opener. And it rules. Also: a leopard poncho.

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  1. Kate

    Some thoughts.

    1) Victor Newman improves every situation.
    2) I know this show is nigh unsaveable, but the thought of it being canceled makes me seriously Sad Sacked. Gruffuddly even.
    3) Andrea Roth IS a delight, but she’s also kind of poor at executing dastardly plans. (Par for the course on this show.) I mean, a woman who has just taken a bunch of pills is not likely to have them intermingled with her hair as if they were dropped from above.

  2. holypotatoes

    So I was watching Fatal Attraction last night for like the umpteenth time, and abruptly realized that Ringer stole from yet another movie. Andrea cutting her wrists with the opera music on is EXACTLY what crazy bitch Glenn did in Fatal Attraction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ9nOmRn6fg

    I don’t know if I should wag my finger or do a slow clap. Obviously Fatal Attraction is amazing and anyone that tries to pay homage should be acknowledged but straight up thievery is not cool Ringer.

  3. Jill

    I do hope they renew this show if only so I can read these hilarious and delightful recaps every week.

  4. TonyG

    Amazing recap. I don’t watch the show yet you had me clicking that right-arrow button so fast to see what happens next.

  5. Jo

    Fab recap! Let’s petition the CW for a second season!

  6. Donna

    What could we send them to show our love? Two of something, for sure.

    • Ann

      Leopard-trimmed coats!

      • Sajorina

        I vote for two t-shirts… One that says “Team Rich Twin” & one that says “Team Poor Twin”! It worked for “Twilight”!

  7. TaraMisu

    I think the boys names are Dash & DEX …… not that it’s all that important :D

    Fabulous recap as usual! Fingers crossed for a renewal and more Gruffiditty.

  8. Ann

    I swear that “Annafried” (sp?) is a real name, although Google tells me it is not. It rings a bell from distant childhood books – maybe from Heidi? Or The Little Princess?

  9. Heather

    I wondered that, too! Such a random choice. It MUST be something like, one of the writers loved Heidi (or whatever book).

  10. The Other Molly

    What? No comment about the fugtastic boots the droid twins were wearing?
    I actually gasped when I saw them.
    They may be robots, but they deserve better footwear than something from Willow Smith’s closet.
    Gruff to the fudd!!

  11. The Other Molly

    P.S. Anni-Frid Lyngstad is one of the singers in ABBA.

  12. Stacey

    I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about the fuggery of the boots they make the wonder twins wear. Poor poor sad sack robots

  13. Sajorina

    My dear GFY Heather, these episode recap was masterfully & impeccably written! Your recaps truly elevate the show to another level of soapy drama awesomeness & only make the show-viewing experience better! I’m praying for this show to continue because missing SMG on TV every week & loosing these recaps would crush me! Thank you for making me laugh!!!

  14. Hallie

    I went to see Titanic 3D this weekend (no judging), and I was ashamed to realize that I had forgotten that a very young Ioan Gruffudd played a Titanic crew member — in fact, the crew member who paddles his lifeboat back to rescue people and actually saves young Rose from the North Atlantic . Despite his baby smooth, unlined face, and minimal screentime, Ioan manages to do quite a lot of gruffing and dduffing and ffurging.

  15. liaso

    I had to watch it online because my cable box froze. The preview was quite stupidly placed. Thanks for the fun recap! I’ll be sad if the show gets canceled. I’ve really been enjoying the slideshows, and Ringer has the best episode titles!

  16. The Other Molly

    *High fives Stacey for noticing the fuggery of the twin droid’s boots*

  17. Heather

    I was too caught up in their CUTE LITTLE FACES OMG MUFFINS.

  18. Eli

    The frozen dude is most assuredly not the Mustache (tm Jack Abbott), aka Victor Newman. As I have been on vacation this week, I can assure you that Victor is alive and has been up to all kinds of machinations, the likes of which would embarrass all of the characters on this show for their own poor plotting and embarrassingly bad scheming. Victor would decimate Andrea Roth with a well-placed eyebrow raise. Or he’d shadow box her furry ass to death.

  19. Eliza Bennett

    I actually watched an episode of Ringer yesterday for the first time and your recaps really did have me up to date. I enjoyed the hostage situation. “Put down that paperweight you’re planning to bludgeon me with.” Can’t wait to read the fugcap of yesterday’s show!

  20. The Other Molly

    Now I’m wondering about an eyebrow raising contest between Victor Newman and The Dowager Countess Of Grantham.
    It could be very intense.

  21. The Other Molly

    And speaking of Downton Abbey, I’ll bet none of you know, that there is a secret, REAL heir to Downton…yet to be revealed.

  22. ChocoChip Destroyer

    “She may get the udd gruffd out of her, and not in a sexy way.”
    “Life lesson #31: Never have tea with an archenemy who is dressed like the zoo.”

    It’s lines like these that make me look forward to the recaps, and hunt down the recaps to other shows.

  23. Marinn

    I think Annefreide is a not-entirely uncommon German name.

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