Fug the Nylon Party

Nobody brings out a middling array of Young Hollywood types in awkward clothes quite like Nylon.

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  1. Jill

    Oddly enough, I feel that Emma Roberts is the best-dressed and I don’t really even like her dress. To me, everyone else just looks that bad.

    • Mir

      I concur–though if she had a Swarovski clutch shaped like a bag with a dollar symbol on it, I would be DOWN WITH THAT. If you’re going to look like an old-timey burglar, go whole hog.

  2. Sandra

    Pants WHAT?!? My head hurts. We’ve got: Shirt longer than trousers, pockets longer than trousers (eww!), formal shorts, beige mullet-dresses, rompers, and so on. The one in the pretty yellow dress better leave in a hurry. It might get confiscated for being to attractive.

  3. Carol

    I don’t know who most of these people are … all I can say is, “Poor Rumer Willis.”

  4. Stefanie

    Oh my, that is a whole lotta Fug going on.

    Although to be honest, I would totally wear the last dress, provided it had straps thick enough to hide my bra straps.

    • Christian

      Indeed, I found the last dress to be the most palatable. However I will say that, while many of these looks are cracked out, it’s pretty demure for a Nylon event, no?

  5. meggyoh

    Aw Hellcats. Which reminds me, what happened to Psycho Derek? Why isn’t he employed? He’s a dreamboat! (I mean, when he’s not in his crazy stalker mode).
    Can’t he play HNW’s Texas cousin? Someone, make this happen!

  6. katkin74

    Well. crap. Why do all the shows I like get cancelled???! Remember “The Gates”? love = gone. I should say I hate the VD, and maybe it will stay on. I moderately liked the Secret Circle. It was entertaining without being too taxing on my neurons. lol If I have to see one more cop, or medical, drama I want to barf.
    These kids are young. Don’t they know that they have to use it while they have it?? Dress yourselves up really nice now, so later when things start going south, you can look back at that picture of you looking hella good and say “Yep, that’s me”.

  7. ok

    Nylon is the worst. THE WORST.

    They make every person who graces their cover look hideously ugly. And for the most part, the studied hipster bizarreness of the styling just never looks good.

    That said, Britt Robertson looks cute. The purple clutch doesn’t match, but generally, homegirl looks cute. The rest: YEESH!

  8. Beth C.

    So, did the photographer forget every lens they owned except for the fisheye and decided to make up for that by standing on an apple box? The angle and foreshortening in every single one of these shots is just bizarre.

    Also most of the clothes are very bad.

  9. Petrova Fossil

    At first glance I thought Rumer Willis was wearing sock suspenders. Turned out it was just shadows, but they would have been the crowning glory for this outfit.

    Also, Gillian Zinser looks like an Amish boy on rhumspringe.

  10. gryt

    I need more yellow dresses. That is all.

  11. Mo

    I feel like a terrible person (it’s quite possible that I am) but every time I see Rumor Willis, I just think, “That girl managed to inherit features from both of her very attractive parents that have combined in the most unattractive way.” I understand that actors don’t HAVE to be good looking to be talented and be excellent at their craft (Buscemi anyone?) but from what I understand, there’s no so much acting going on there as there is, “riding on Mom/Dad’s coattails. And despite likely having plenty of money/access to the best clothes, she just never seems to choose them.

    • Jules

      Is there room for two in that guilt boat? I’m sure she’s a lovely young woman, but she reminds me of those things Conan used to do on his show where they’d mix the features of two celebrities into one face. Also, seconded on the nepotism acting.

    • Lauren Salas

      Make more room in the boat! She’s kind of channeling Weird Al here. I feel bad thinking it, but then I imagine her bank account balance and then don’t feel so bad.

  12. Shiitake

    Makes you wince to think of how crap they look at home.

  13. Kate

    My best friend from college asked me what she should wear to officiate my wedding. I’m going to send her this picture of Rumer Willis.

  14. neiges

    I love the yellow dress…

  15. kindakute

    I must be old. I have extreme dislike for whatever passes for hipster fashion these days. It all looks like it was salvaged from the 50 cent bin at Goodwill. Rompers, granny shorts, hideous polyester looking fabric, denim cutoffs. Why?

  16. mary lou bethune

    Yellow dress gal is beautiful and looks like she has some presence .. the rest will be gone by next year, I’ll wager…. who are they?

  17. Me(lissa)

    Rumer is an odd-looking girl. She has elements of beauty…nice skin, hair, and her eyes are quite pretty. But yes, it all adds up to peculiar. I’d like to see a whole lot more odd-looking women making it in Hollywood. There are plenty of men who get to be “interesting” instead of conventionally attractive. I do think that curly hair has a nice softening effect for her face, though a bit of taming of the frizzies might be in order.

  18. Katie Martin

    Is it bad that other than Emma Roberts and Rumer Willis, I have ZERO idea who any of these people are?

    • Neil

      I’m in the same boat. Either I watch the wrong shows or I’m just getting old, but the only two I know in that slideshow are Rumer Willis and Emma Roberts. And even then that’s mostly down to the whole Hollywood nepotism thing.

      Pretty much all the outfits are fug too. Especially Rumer’s weird long shirt under jacket with rolled-up sleeves. It’s like the worst of grunge is coming back.

    • Amber

      No, it’s not bad. Because I didn’t recognize anyone else, either. I guess I’m old. But, from the looks of things, I’m not missing out on much.

  19. Ruth

    For a brief, shining moment, I thought Candice Accola was Courtney Peldon. This was before I read the picture’s title and adjusting my new glasses. I was *SO* excited! Then, BAM! Disappointment set in. Come back, Peldons!

  20. witjunkie

    All I can say is, Rumer should keep her hair longer and softer-colored like that, that’s the prettiest I’ve ever seen her look.

    • Katharine

      Agree on the hair : this is more flattering than some of the more severe styles she favours. Rumer Willis, if she has talent, could do well in the future as a distinctively handsome older woman. I can imagine her looking more attractive in her forties than some of the conventionally pretty twentysomethings will.

  21. Amanda6

    It must be fate, or subliminally wily cunning on your part, that put Holland Roden and Christa B. Allen next to each other in the slide show, because those girls are CLONES.

  22. Maria

    Do NONE of these young women have access to shampoo, for god’s sake? Or a pair of scissors for just a wee trim of the straggly ends??

  23. Softwear

    I remember Christa from when my daughter used to watch “Cake.” While I realize she’s grown up, I’m still always startled to see her at these events. But then, the way she dresses doesn’t help. She looks like someone let her stay up past her bedtime, no?

  24. Ms.A

    I did not see one thing I found okay. Well what do we expect really. It’s NYLON. Always giving us grimy fug hipster realness.

  25. Aria

    Hate Rumer’s outfit, but she looks good. I really like her hair that color and style.

    I think Aly Mischalka’s outfit might be kinda cool, but hard to tell with the side view. Agree about her lipstick — acutally I’ve never thought she had good makeup. I do miss Hellcats though!

  26. Squirrel!

    I don’t know who most of these people are, but I will say that the last outfit is cute. Also agree with the general tone of the Rumer comments.

  27. ronnie
  28. Lily1214

    Gosh Rumer, you can look a lot better than this!. You have such beautiful skin.

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