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Remember the Sweet Valley High book where Elizabeth gets in a motorcycle accident and wakes up and thinks she’s Jessica?

Apparently, this happened to Patricia Arquette, except when she woke up, she thought she was Helena Bonham Carter.

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  1. Chasmosaur

    She may think she’s HBC now, but that’s the best-wrangled her girls have looked in ages. She should consider similar necklines going forward.

  2. Roberta

    I’m sorry, I know it’s crazy, but I love this. All that plaid, and gathered, and ruffles, and the shoes look cool. The pearls are sort of deranged headmistress. I just think she needs a red purse.

  3. Maxi

    Ack!! Looks like she pulled this out of a dumpster. What the heck?

  4. Robertinaz

    Ths is not HBC, this is 100% Vivienne Westwood… If she’ll be attending a funeral!!

    • Gigi

      Yes, Vivienne, but more at like 50%. Especially the cleavage part. But she still needs more feathers and hot pink and crazy brooches or long pearl necklaces to be really full on Madam Westwood.

  5. Diane

    The outfit is ok, but she should change her hair. I loved her hair on Medium. I miss Medium.

    • Orange Clouds

      Yup, it’s Katherine Heigl hair. Patricia, you deserve better than this.

  6. jerkygirl

    That shiny, painful looking sunburn coupled with her crispy looking hair is what’s killing this even more than the outfit itself. I like plaid, and that outfit looks really comfy, and then I look up above the farmer tan line and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mikki

    Ack…I had no idea who that was until I scrolled past the picture. That is an unfortunate outfit, and what happened to her hair? I’m all for short hair, but that’s a lot of forehead! Deranged headmistress indeed.

  8. h² fashion

    It’s like an oversized Irish kilt gone horribly wrong. How can people leave their house looking like this?!


  9. Sarie

    What is up with those sleeves?!?! It looks like her wrists are broken!

  10. Em

    Hasn’t she worn this before?

  11. Siobhán

    The outfit seems to be Vivienne Westwood. I could see Gwen Stefani pulling it off, but this bleach blonde? Nope.

    On the plus side, she seems to have lost some weight.

  12. Sandra

    One’s handbag should not be deployed in the same manner as an actual saddlebag.

  13. Bella

    I can’t get past the hair. It has so aged her.

  14. Alma

    I’m with Em, I feel like I’ve seen this on her before.

    But OMG What is happening with her head?? :(

  15. Bailey

    Holy crap.

  16. Em

    I think I was remembering this: http://gofugyourself.com/fuggium-10-2006 – funny… it isnt so much a replica of what she wore, but what her ex-husband was wearing. Saddlebag and all.

  17. Alicia

    HBC would totally rock this look. Not so much Patricia Arquette.

  18. Amanda

    I literally cannot believe this is Patricia Arquette.

  19. gryt

    The spray-on (face) tan is a little crazy, but I give her a pass on it all, always – on account on her being one of the coolest people in Hollywood. She’s allowed to do whatever the frick she wants. :)

  20. Minutiae

    I think her bod looks great, but the outfit and hair? NO. Just NO. I really, truly hope that hair is for a role, because otherwise she needs to fire whoever did that to it.

  21. Leila

    OMG I loved that book growing up. When LIzzie went wild and Jessica had to reign her in lol. That book was so stereotypical lol

  22. Squirrel!


  23. Beth

    I love that one! Otherwise, Elizabeth was so BORING.

    Also, the one where Regina tries cocaine one time and dies. I credit that book with a lifelong terror of drugs that go up the nose.

    • Fouxdefafa

      Me too! Poor Regina.

    • Kristin

      I’m too old for Sweet Valley High, but “Go Ask Alice” had a similar effect on me re: my lifelong terror of someone slipping something in my drink.

  24. Helen

    Hey, sunburns happen… I think she looks beautiful anyway, and I am thrilled to see a lovely actress NOT Botoxing herself into oblivion!

    Terrible outfit. Hair – well, meh. I’m not mad at it but I don’t think it’s her best look either.

  25. Anne B

    I know plaids are back, but here’s the thing: one plaid at a time is kind of the limit. Unless your name is Cher and you’re best friends with someone named Dionne, and you’re both in high school, and by the way Bill Clinton is president, just dial it back.

    Think about how good that skirt would look with a simple black top. Then come back to me and say this is in any way a “look.”

  26. maryse

    i think my issue with the look is how sunburned her face looks. on the other hand, good for her for not messing it with it with botox and fillers.

  27. laurie

    It’s refreshing to see someone in Hollywood that doesn’t have their face jacked up with fillers and botox. I saw a close up of her face on another site, and it’s obvious she is au natural, and she looks great! (even if she is a tad too tan)

  28. Sarah


  29. BrownEyedBetty

    Not a fan of the ombre-effect from her forehead to cleavage. Ever look in a mirror?

  30. Lisa

    I feel bad for her, that sunburn looks painful. I hate the outfit, but isn’t she always somewhat nutty clothing wise? Hate the hair cut, love her with a bob.

  31. A. Beaverhausen

    Her hands look detached from her body — like she’s being felt up by someone behind her.

  32. Vandalfan

    Perhaps the giant leg things are pants.
    It’s a heavy, long sleeved jacket. Why a decollete’ open so wide?

  33. witjunkie

    I love the skirt. I could live with both together, on someone else – as in not me, and not someone who looks like they just stepped off a ski boat.

  34. Emma

    Someone over at the Daily Mail said “EXCUSE ME, THIS HAPPENS TO BE VIVIENNE WESTWOOD!” As though that makes it any less cracked-out.

  35. Laura

    She looks like she fell asleep on the beach after an opening night bender from doing a period play at a dinner theater, woke up and said “Shit! The thing! I’m late!” and went exactly as she was.

  36. Verlaine

    What on earth has she done to her hair? I was just watching her in Lost Highway the other night, and I miss that hair. And some of those outfits, honestly.

  37. Chrissy

    I can barely concentrate on the outfit because I am so distracted by how terrible her hair looks – in every way. The cut, the color, the styling: all awful. The dress might work on a taller (and thinner? sorry) woman or maybe if it was knee length? Nothing will look good on her ’til she fixes that hair, though.

  38. Sajorina

    This is offensive to my eyes and I love plaid!

  39. stephasaurus

    You know how in some places, hardworking people take what few tattered clothing items they have to a questionably hygienic water source and use a piece of wood to beat the dirt out of the clothing? This garment makes me so angry, I wish it would just get beaten like that for all of eternity.

  40. karanakau

    Jessica, that was genius.

  41. Kat

    I honestly thought from the thumbnail on my RSS reader it was Bette Midler. Wow.

  42. Ann

    I swear I’ve seen her wear this one before.

  43. Lily1214

    This is truly old-lady.

  44. Hima

    Dear Sister: first SWH book I ever read, even though I wasn’t allowed because I was too young. In it, Bruce Patman touches Elizabeth’s BOOB. And she LIKES it. (And then she hits her head again and returns to her normal boring self).

    Oh yah, I hate this outfit.

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