I kind of don’t understand why Hayley Atwell hasn’t turned up as someone’s gorgeous cousin on Downton Abbey, except for how Downton isn’t like Harry Potter (AKA, the unofficial employer of all British actors) and they don’t really HAVE that many guest stars, beyond Woman Who Witnessed Suicidal Pie-Making, Man With Burned Off Face (poor Edith), or Shirley MacLaine. I just feel like she looks as though she might be related to Lady Mary:

That being said: I have notes. And the big note from me is, GIRLFRIEND YOU NEED A DIFFERENT BELT. My personal experience is that a skinny little belt is hard to pull off with a dress like this — it’s half-hearted and incapable of actual cinching when actual cinching is needed. I love the pattern on this dress, but I am really dying to race up to her and give her a better, bigger, beltier belt. What say you?

[Photo: Getty]