Fug or Fab: Titanic ladies

So, I get why cast member Frances Fisher might be excited that Titanic is back in theaters, in 3D.

But the only way this could have been more on-the-nose is if she’d shown up naked with a huge blue heart pendant on her chest.

Oh, no, wait, that’s what Kate Winslet did. … I’m kidding. But let’s see what DID happen on that front:

I… can’t decide. Facially, and figure-wise and whatnot, she looks tremendous, that is for sure. But do I like this dress or is it dragging her down? Or both? We’ve dinged La Winslet a lot for seeming to veer into dowdy, but maybe I just need to accept that this is what she wants to do, and it’s going to happen, and I am powerless to fight it. Also, I’m not sure how else she should dress. At a certain point she could go “don’t care” like Meryl, kinda loony like Melissa Leo, or regal like Helen Mirren (this is where I suspect she will land), or I suppose totally insane like HBC. I think I wish she’d journey down Diane Lane and try out something like this but maybe in a color. Or maybe I’m just over Kate Winslet, and thus nothing she wears will ever make me happy. OR, maybe this is really good on her and very appropriate, and my concerns about it looking droopy around the waist are null. Please tell me how to feel, Fug Nation. You’re here. There’s nothing I fear. And I know that my heart will go on.

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  1. Katharine

    Oh, Kate. Either inappropriate bodycon or dressing like your own grandmother at the Sunset Rest Home Annual Bingo Gala and Tea Dance. That is a horrendously droopy look.

  2. Gine

    Yeah, it’s…fine? But for awhile there Kate was one the actresses I most looked forward to seeing on the red carpet, because she really wore awesome stuff (the red, one-shoulder Ben De Lisi dress she wore to the Oscars once is one of my all-time favorites), and now her outfits all seem very blah. Nothing objectionable, certainly, but just a few stops short of awesome.

  3. Andrew S.

    Lose the sleeves and it’s good. Make it then into a halter top dress that’s above the knee and it would be even better.

  4. Alison

    I think the biggest thing that needs to be done is a new color for the dress – perhaps a silver/grey or blue. The black is just too somber.

    • Erin

      I saw a pic somewhere else that make it look navy blue. I think it’s pretty.

  5. Mongerel

    This is a great place to compare contrast makeup style. Fisher: very faint eyebrows, monochromatic base/cheeks/lips, compensated for with just the right of eye liner and framed with all that incredibly vivid hair. Winslet: Nondescript hair and minimal eye makeup, balanced with those dark natural brows balanced by a vivid lip color. Two different techniques, both so appealingly executed.

    Love Fisher’s dress, the necklace not so much. Appalled by Winslet’s armfat-squeezing sleeves and the cheapo belt thingie. Add a sarcastic caption and it looks like something you could buy at cafe press.

    • Chasmosaur

      Yes – minus the necklace, Frances Fisher looks great. I want to look that good when I’m weeks away from 60.

      But maybe that’s why the necklace – neck is vulnerable at that age. But who’s looking at her neck when she has that face and hair?

      As for La Winslet – go back to your 20′s and while you were a touch more zaftig and maybe a little less groomed, you looked so much happier. And you wore colors.

    • Bo

      You’re right, that belt is crazy cheap looking.

  6. Amber

    It’s…ok. It’s not fug. It’s not fab. It’s just ok. I’d almost rather have her go full-on fug, just to make things interesting.

  7. Stefanie

    I feel like with Kate should be wearing something that is as great as her face is, this (and her last few dresses) are not cutting it.

    My 8 year old niece and I were watching TV and a commercial came on for Titanic and she squeals “I cant wait to see this!!! WILL YOU TAKE ME!?!” and I say (without even thinking), “You do know she lets go right?” The look she had on her face would have been the same if I ran over a puppy.
    I ruined Titanic for an 8 year old. Worst aunt ever. Im such a jackass *hangs head in shame*

    • dvj

      I am generally in support of stamping out the tendency in girls toward saccharine sentimentality as young as possible (esp. as manipulated by Cameron and co.), that is your job as an aunt. But maybe that was a tad early, developmentally. Have you discussed Santa Claus?

    • Mahastee

      I must also be a bad aunt, cos this story just cracks me up ;)

      Did you explain about the sinking part too?

  8. Lina

    It’s definitely not GOOD, but I’m not sure how terrible it is. Mainly it just looks like somebody else’s dress.

  9. ortenzia

    I love it. Love love love it. It’s DEMURE.

  10. Lynsey

    It’s okay. It’s not completely awful or even something we’ve seen a billion times before, but it’s just sort of ehhhh. Like it’s firmly entrenched in the middle of blahsville where things aren’t fantastically awesome but neither are they outstandingly, undeniably ugly.

    This is the closest she’s come to interesting in awhile, and I think had this dress been shorter (I’m thinking around knee length) it would have been three steps closer to awesome. The sleeves being sparkly isn’t my favorite, but they’re not totally unfortunate looking. They just seem like a sort of afterthought to add interest and not in a good way. Then again, what do I know?

  11. Cat

    I don’t know, I think I love this. Demure but elegant, and her boobs look good (and not too droopy). My main problem, I think, is the sleeves (which I want to like) and the fact that at the angle this picture wasn’t taking, she loses her shape, which doesn’t help. I think the problem with the sleeves is that they’re a little puffy and stand up above her shoulders, elongating her torso and making her boobs look droopy. A slightly more relaxed sleeve might solve this issue.

  12. mep

    i wish the V was a little higher, actually. It seems to me that if it were higher it would be a sort of updated deco dress, but plunging so low it does make the sleeves feel dowdy and the dress over all look droopy. also, her hair is too retro

  13. Kate

    Am I the only one who is just super happy that she went to the premiere?

  14. Gigi

    Isn’t she too old to be pregnant?

  15. Mahastee

    Oh crap – Titanic is really back? In 3D?

    What shiny new hell is this…

    • Minutiae

      Oh man, I am so with you. Two of my “friends” dragged me to see it on the first go-round, and I maintain that it’s crap until the boat starts to sink.

      I think Kate looks fine, though. Frances? It looks like a holiday pageant dress for an 8 year old.

      • anny

        IMHO it’s crap AFTER the boat starts to sink too.

        Kate: sleeves + decolletage + waist brooch + heavy skirt = matronly.
        FF: -10 for lack of follow-through on the hair.

  16. Fawn

    make it emerald green or royal blue, and it would be completely fab. As is, it’s just meh.

  17. Carol

    I just…..it’s just…..I dunno…..the sleeves…..the diamond thing smack in the middle…..it’s all a bit wrong but not really that awful. Eh.

  18. corriner

    BEST VOTE OPTIONS EVERRRR! My heart goes on for YOU, Fuggirls.

  19. CJ

    I thought Frances was Ginger from Gilligan’s Island for a minute.

    As for Bonnie Kate, SHE doesn’t look matronly. The dress is not matronly. I can’t believe I am talking about Kate Winslet’s boobs, but it is the position of her breasts that makes this matronly. Most of us don’t realize it, but we instinctively see high boobs and think adolescent/ low boobs – older, mother figure. Had she worn better support, this would have been divine.

  20. TonyG

    I think if the diamond thingy at the waist were lifted an inch or three it would improve the look by making her legs look longer. As it is, it cuts her off too low in the torso making her look more stumpy. Also, a tapered look at the bottom would improve this.

  21. vandalfan

    The V neck is just a bit too low, with a bit too much of the Naughty Pillows showing, and that is the droopifying result. But the redhead! 1. Should have left that dress on the boat, underwater and 2. Might recognize that after a Certain Age, long hair looks ridiculous, even gorgeous tresses like that.

    And resurrecting that dreadful, schmaltzy, too long Titanic makes me speculate that Cameron just wants us to pay for his mini submarine trips to the Mariana Trench.

    • Sajorina

      I totally agree about Cameron’s motive for “Titanic 3D”… Greed! I only saw it once in the movie theater and I won’t see it again! I refuse to give them another cent to make me suffer for 3 hours!

  22. Kate

    This took me a while to figure out…because I like the sleeves, they add interest, as does the brooch. I think the combination of the sleeves with this particular neckline is not right – the low v is creating a drooping effect. Cap sleeves look good with a square neckline. Change the neckline and the color to maybe a sapphire blue and I think this would be a win.

  23. liz_bee

    Wow, those dresses both make the weakest statements I have ever seen. They are both screaming “Yes, this is a dress. There is a top part and a skirt thing. Let’s not get too excited”. I’d almost take a Ke$ha disaster over this, at least it’s interesting.

  24. BrownEyedBetty

    Kate can’t seem to make up her mind and the result is…. kinda boring if I”m honest. She goes from this extreme to occasionally boob-tastic body-hugging stuff that’s a little too much. Wish she’d make up her mind. Agree..she’s taking care of the face & bod though…

  25. Claire

    I think this is pretty good. Better than norm. Kind-of-thematic (bejeweled cap sleeves! Nod to Period!) without being full-on-Fisher.

    But mostly I just want her to be Marianne in Sense and Sensibility again and not The Grande Dame of The Screen.

  26. Lizzie T

    I… really love Frances Fisher’s dress. I know. But I tend to love a costume, I can’t help it. I DO wish it had been updated somehow, but I can’t quite figure it out. Bolder colors? Yes. Different hair? Definitely. Better accessories? Absolutely. She looks pretty damn good for nearly 60, though, no doubt. And the style of the dress is rather flattering.

    Kate: I think the dress is somewhere between “meh” and “fine”. I agree that the V-neck could have been a little less wide and that the girls could have used some more support. I really, really hate the hair. Neither the color nor the style is flattering her face. I wish she would go back to that rich chesnut… so beautiful on her coloring.

    • Hermione

      I love a period costume too. I would wear this dress! But…the hair and makeup seem far too 90′s Country Music Awards to go with a Gilded Age gown.

  27. Claire Zulkey

    Kate’s dress looks inexpensive to me, and what’s the point of being a fancy actress if you can’t wear things that look like no commoner could ever afford?

  28. Sandra

    Kate’s been full-on blonde for a long time now, but I liked her original wavy tresses better. This dress is just not quite….. The sleeves are an abomination. They make her look square. The sparkly bit at the waist adds to the droopy illusion and the vee in the neckline just hits her wrong. If she wanted glittery things, SHE should have worn a necklace. I wouldn’t dislike this so much minus the sleeves. Or sleeves in the same fabric.

  29. Eli

    I feel like Frances Fisher is auditioning for a part on Downton Abbey. Shirley MacLaine’s sister, perhaps, if La Shirley is rocking the red coif these days?

  30. mary lou bethune

    Frances looks fantastic. All that red hair. The dress is supposed to be Edwardianesque, right? Kate looks fine…. better that in the really tight things she has worn.

  31. notemily

    Hee hee, “journey down Diane Lane.”

  32. Zeina

    Can I just ask the question that is on all of our minds, and by “all of our” I mean mine, and that is LEO, WHERE ART THOU

    • Elbyem

      Leo is off filming a movie. Hence, the poor man’s substitute attendee – Billy Zane.

  33. Sajorina

    I think Frances looks perfect… for Masterpiece Theatre! And, I love Kate Winslet! She looks FABULOUS! The dress, hair, makeup & jewelry are divine!!! LOVE! WANT! ABSOLUTE FAB!

  34. Jacquilynne

    I think that dress of Kate’s is lovely right up to and including the sparkly buckle-like thing.

    And then bottom of it just feels really, really heavy.

    It looks like it would be work to move from that spot and drag all that extra fabric around. And the fabric itself looks thick and heavy.

  35. Kate Pearce

    I just wish she’d worn a bra, otherwise I like it a lot-and her. :)

  36. Cassie

    Better support in the chestal region would improve the whole thing by leaps and bound for me. I think it’s “period” feeling to get people going “oh, right!” without being as on the nose as Frances’s.

    In short, I like the dress, I wish she loved support garments as much as they love her, but over all, she looks great

  37. Shiitake

    I hate that %#?$@*! song.

  38. Corey

    I have waffled on and off with Kate’s dress… and I think that my conclusion is that it’s the belt thing that messes it all up. It’s not the same style nor design as the sleeves and I think that’s where it goes wrong. If it matched the art deco-ish crystal sleeves I think it’d have been better but the severe shape/beading in contrast with the swirly beading on the sleeves leaves the dress kind of in an identity crisis.

    However, I do get that she probably wanted to wear something comfortable enough for 3 hours of a movie with her two kids and boyfriend alongside her.

  39. Loraine

    I read the post, decided I liked both outfits- Frances’ for the costumey factor, and Kate’s almost despite itself, usually I hate those chunky blingy dresses, but even with some logistical sag issues I think in essence it’s really pretty. Then I started reading the comments, and did that thing where everytime someone made a specific reference to something about the dress, I checked it against my mental image instead of the actual one, and with everyone commenting on the V being too low, the result was by the end of the comment strong when I scrolled back up to the picture, I had it in my mind cut down practically to her ankles.

  40. Cranky Old Batt

    What song?

    • Hima

      My Heart Will Go On. Its funny, I didn’t even read that last line of the post, I just read the “chest thump” part, and the song got stuck in my head.

  41. Jo

    Gigi-the woman is in her mid thirties-she’s got another 8 years left to have kids! Sheesh! Don’t you know anything about a woman’s reproductive years?!

  42. April

    I love it! I’d wear it – especially if it really is navy, as another comment mentioned it may indeed be!

  43. NYCGirl

    I agree with those who said that it’s too low-cut. I like it otherwise.