So, I get why cast member Frances Fisher might be excited that Titanic is back in theaters, in 3D.

But the only way this could have been more on-the-nose is if she’d shown up naked with a huge blue heart pendant on her chest.

Oh, no, wait, that’s what Kate Winslet did. … I’m kidding. But let’s see what DID happen on that front:

I… can’t decide. Facially, and figure-wise and whatnot, she looks tremendous, that is for sure. But do I like this dress or is it dragging her down? Or both? We’ve dinged La Winslet a lot for seeming to veer into dowdy, but maybe I just need to accept that this is what she wants to do, and it’s going to happen, and I am powerless to fight it. Also, I’m not sure how else she should dress. At a certain point she could go “don’t care” like Meryl, kinda loony like Melissa Leo, or regal like Helen Mirren (this is where I suspect she will land), or I suppose totally insane like HBC. I think I wish she’d journey down Diane Lane and try out something like this but maybe in a color. Or maybe I’m just over Kate Winslet, and thus nothing she wears will ever make me happy. OR, maybe this is really good on her and very appropriate, and my concerns about it looking droopy around the waist are null. Please tell me how to feel, Fug Nation. You’re here. There’s nothing I fear. And I know that my heart will go on.


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