Fug or Fab: Rashida Jones


Like Alison Brie, I quite like Rashida Jones. I mean: as I like Alison Brie, so do I like Rashida Jones. For all I know, Alison Brie fosters a burning hatred for Rashida Jones dating from a time when she was a Jim/Pam mega-fan. I don’t know her life. But I find Rashida charming on Parks and Rec, mostly because her relationship with Amy Poehler’s character is refreshingly realistic for a Lady Friendship on TV — note the scene where Amy is desperately trying to get Rashida to read The Corrections because she wants to talk to her about it; I do that to Heather all the time (although not with The Corrections because of my Franzen issues) — and also because of that awesome episode where they all got drunk on Snake Juice and she woke up all hungover wearing a snowsuit. ALSO: I totally remember an issue of Seventeen where she and her sister were profiled (for being pretty and cool and having awesome parents) and it imprinted something on me that makes me like her. BUT ANYWAY:

Meh, am I right?

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  1. jessicookie

    I was on board for “Totally Meh” until I saw the shoes. HORRID. Rashida, you deserve better! Parks and Rec is possibly my very favorite show right now!

  2. Ranee Singleton

    Those shoes are pretty bad and that lipstick looks like something Tammy Wynette would have worn.

  3. Valentina

    Shoes are bad, but I think the neckline looks terrible on her… It makes me wanna grab a scissor and cut it open.

  4. Fiona

    OOH, more on your Franzen phobia, please! I do love your diatribes. Though I do also love Franzen. But I enjoy reading your opinions, Jessica.

    (To stay on topic: Rashida is gorgeous, but nothing about this outfit is working)

  5. Emily

    I was *really* confused about the connection between Rashida Jones and Alison Brie, until I scrolled down and realized a missed a post somewhere between lunch and this procrastinating moment. But I really like them both, so I’m happy to see them featured. Too bad they aren’t wearing cuter clothes, though. :(

    Also, I really like Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler’s friendship on Parks and Recreation. My favorite is when they are talking about guys and Ann is making lots of happy YAY! faces and sounds for Leslie. ALSO, does anyone else find it refreshing that when these two are interested in a guy they talk about making out with him instead of skipping that step and going straight to sex? I mean, the majority of my girlfriends didn’t save sex for marriage, but we were also more likely to talk about views on kissing on the first date instead of sex on the first date. You know what I mean? I’m sure I sound like a prude, but it’s just one of the things I’ve noticed about this show and enjoyed.

  6. Bird

    If your Franzen issues are that he’s a pretentious jag you’d be right, but damn Corrections is so good. His new novel, Freedom is also very good. Everything else, not so much.

    Ms. Jones is not a pretentious jag but those shoes might possibly be the devil in disguise.

  7. missdove

    Sorry for the correction (see what I did there?), but Leslie wanted Ann to read Franzen’s Freedom, because she had to talk to someone about Patty. I recommend you get over your Franzen issues and do the same. If you enjoy Leslie and Anne, you will love Patty.

  8. Sarah

    I remember that profile in Seventeen too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Had totally forgotten it, and didn’t realize this was her until now.

  9. Adriana

    I think it’s meh because the proportions are way off. Either hem up or like Valentina said, cut off the neckline into a scoop neck.

  10. JayBee

    I read that profile also! That was the first time I’d ever heard of her and every time I’ve seen her since, I’ve thought about that cover. I remember liking her then, too. And Parks & Rec is my faaaaaaaavourite show and I totally love the Amy/Rashida characters’ best friendship. So I’m finding it really hard to ding her :( … It’s not so bad, is it?

  11. Veronica

    I wish I could say I wasn’t guilty of the, “PLEASE READ THIS SO I CAN TALK TO SOMEBODY ABOUT IT” thing, but ALAS I am.

    I think the dress is cute, though a bit casual for the red carpet. I also think the shoes need to be lighter.

  12. Mellie

    We really need to do something about the shoe sitation, Fug Nation. They’re just getting uglier and uglier. These are no better. Are they lace-ups? Boots? Sandals? My head hurts.

  13. Allie

    I totally remember her from Seventeen. And also from Boston Public. Hey-o!

    Rashida is stunning. She’s easily in my list of Top 10 Women It Wouldn’t Suck To Look Like. She is seriously so so pretty and yet I always feel like she turns up kinda “meh” on a red carpet. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I just feel like she never wows me at events. And she definitely has the potential to wow.

  14. Heather

    I remember that Seventeen article and have loved her and Kidada as a result since then.

    That said, this outfit… meh.

  15. vandalfan

    If the skirt has a bright red lining, then that IS my drill team outfit from 1975, except with a black instead of red sequined belt. So this hideous horror is beyond my comprehension. Who would willingly, deliberately, voluntarily wear a heavy white polyester throat-cutting square dance dirndl? We wore these with chunky heeled white knee-high boots, which look she is seemly trying to reproduce.

  16. Laura E

    OK, so it might be meh, but I love Parks & Rec so much that no matter who on the show wore what, I’d probably give it a thumbs up.

  17. Rayna

    I <3 Rashida, from Office and a movie or two. Yes, she deserves MUCH better than this hyenous getup.

  18. Jessica

    My issue with Franzen is that I always think all his characters are jerks to each other ALL THE TIME and I never find any of them likeable. I HATED The Corrections for this reason. I get that Literary Fiction of his ilk is often people with Rich People With Painful Ennui Who Hate Each Other and I actually like that genre and read it a lot, but I find, in general, that I need at least ONE character that I think is funny/sympathetic, and I tend to not find that in his works as much as I want to. Like, I fully FULLY acknowledge that he is a brilliant technician, but I don’t emotionally connect to his characters beyond disliking them. That being said, I enjoyed the excerpt of Freedom in The New Yorker, but I haven’t forced myself to try to read it yet.

  19. David Lochley

    She’s so gorgeous, she turns “meh” into “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn”.

  20. thunderrose42

    She looks likes she bound in a fabric iron-maiden.

  21. Kelly

    Ugly shoes, the wrong shade of lipstick and she forgot to brush her hair. She’s so pretty and likable that I bet she’s not accustomed to people hating on her, but she could have tried just a bit harder to pull this look together properly.

  22. Sally

    Jessica on Franzen: YES! YES! YES!!!!!! Why do I have to spend 600 pages with people I wouldn’t spend 30 minutes with in real life? Same issue with Midnight’s Children (Rushdie)- brilliant writing but bored to tears. Can not get that concept across to some of my friends.

    Emily, you and your friends are not alone in the “OMG, we made out for hours and it was so hot” conversations with friends. Isn’t that the point? Men can have sex with any one any time and women prefer having a connection with someone? And that’s how you can tell Parks and Rec is written by women- because finally that view point is being heard.

    Now, about that dress. Meh but sooo close. Different belt in a color? Cuter, strappier, (is that a word?) lighter shoes would have helped greatly.

  23. witjunkie

    Emily & Sally – I love being married, but damn I miss making out for hours.

  24. kb

    Those shoes are a crime against feet.

  25. Mary Lou Laurin

    It was Sassy, not Seventeen.

  26. Amber

    Those shoes are horrendous. There are shoes that I personally think are ugly, but can objectively look at and say “Ok, I get what they’re going for here”. These shoes, and others of this kind, are not like that. There is no reason for them, unless it is an ugly shoe contest.

  27. G

    Is the top half of this her mom’s sleeveless blouse from 1966 with the then-stylish button-down collar? That would explain why it fits her so poorly. And the bottom half seems to be just random sheets of white fabric hanging from the waistband. This dress manages to be both very weird and very boring.

  28. Sajorina

    I’m sorry because I like Rashida too, but to me this is WORSE THAN MEH!

    @GFY Jessica: If I was your Professor and had ask you in a pop quiz (do they do those anymore?) “What is your issue with Franzen?”, I would’ve given you an A+ for that eloquent answer!

  29. NYCGirl

    No to the collar, belt, hair, lipstick, and especially the shoes. So, worse than meh. She does seem like a pretty cool person, though.

  30. Fiona

    Jessica, my boyfriend has the exact same problem with Franzen. Somehow I don’t! There just seems to be some skein of humanity, vulnerability and/or truth in his characters that endears them to me, in perhaps a perverse way…

  31. Amanda

    The collar is too high and the shoes are all wrong. Rashida, you are awesome and you deserve MUCH better than this!

  32. Becca

    I actually think this dress is really cute and should be oh-so-pretty, but the shoes! Oh the shoes are foul! They’re hoofy with toes, and no-one should have hooves AND toes.

  33. Katharine

    This outfit is edgy. She is not. She therefore looks wrong. She might have saved it by doing something avant-garde with her hair, but as it is, she looks as though she wandered into SWINTON’S closet by mistake and had to make the best of it.

  34. jerkygirl

    I don’t think the dress is bad, but she could do with an updo or something, and WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THESE SHOES LATELY I agree with Mellie, I just can’t understand how anyone could look at something like those old-timey-medical-harness-for-people-with-broken-bones things up there and say “cute!!! they would look great with this nice dress!!!” Hollywood, you are all on the drugs. She herself is really cute though.

  35. Emily

    I totally agree about The Corrections. Every character is a horrible person that I didn’t enjoy spending time with. I spent most of New Years Day 2010 in bed reading that book mostly because I hate not finishing a book, and in the end I just felt so dissatisfied. I don’t plan on reading him ever again.

  36. Em

    I love Franzen. Leslie wants Ann to read Freedom, not the Corrections, because “we need to talk about Patty!”
    Also, I don’t think the dress is flattering and I hate the shoes.

  37. jennifer

    Like the dress. HATE the shoes. The “shooty” trend can die now please.

  38. Nancy

    She does look meh. (Leslie wanted Ann to read Freedom, not The Corrections.)

  39. moi

    If you hated Corrections, you’ll hate Freedom. No one is likable, and Patty’s downright bullet-hole-able.

    Getting back to Rashida: This from one of the gals whose style was featured in Lucky’s Guide to Mastering Any Style? There, I found her sartorial choices charming. Here, not so much.

  40. Jillian

    OH. MY. GOD. I remember that Seventeen article too which began my total girl love affair with Rashida as well! We are clearly teenazine soulmates Jessica. Though I always suspected as much.

  41. Jules

    If Webster’s dictionary had a picture for the entry on “meh” this would be it.
    If “meh” isn’t a word by now, it should be.

  42. Maggie

    I like the dress and I like the shoes, but they do not at all work together or on her. Those shoes need to be on Emma Stone in a wicked miniskirt, and Miss. Lindsey Lohan should wear that dress next time she wants to prove she’s not a delinquent.

  43. NM

    That was in Sassy!

  44. ElisaQ

    I remember that article, too, but it was definitely in Sassy. Somebody scanned it and posted it on a blog, so you can see it here: http://rashidajones.blogspot.com/2009/02/magazines-sassy-1992.html