Like Alison Brie, I quite like Rashida Jones. I mean: as I like Alison Brie, so do I like Rashida Jones. For all I know, Alison Brie fosters a burning hatred for Rashida Jones dating from a time when she was a Jim/Pam mega-fan. I don’t know her life. But I find Rashida charming on Parks and Rec, mostly because her relationship with Amy Poehler’s character is refreshingly realistic for a Lady Friendship on TV — note the scene where Amy is desperately trying to get Rashida to read The Corrections because she wants to talk to her about it; I do that to Heather all the time (although not with The Corrections because of my Franzen issues) — and also because of that awesome episode where they all got drunk on Snake Juice and she woke up all hungover wearing a snowsuit. ALSO: I totally remember an issue of Seventeen where she and her sister were profiled (for being pretty and cool and having awesome parents) and it imprinted something on me that makes me like her. BUT ANYWAY:

Meh, am I right?

I said, AM I RIGHT?

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