Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard


Well, I definitely like this better than the ballet outfit she sported in NYC, because at least this is more intriguing.

Look how tiny her waist looks — it might be cinched, it might be full-on pinched, but at least it hugs her shape in a super sexy way that I hope Anne Hathaway is noting for later use. Jessica and I agree that we love the lipstick and shoe combination, and the sexy rumpled hair. We are not entirely sure those textiles fit together even in a fashiony clashy way, although we applaud the attempt at interest. But whereas I had stronger worries about the bodice (will it stay up? Will it hold everything in?), she was more worried about the skirt. WILL IT BE A FUG DIVORCE? … No. But you can mediate anyway.

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  1. Audrey Jo

    OK. I realize at this point that I should be grateful for this girl does not make me feel like a mere worm of earth – which she totally could – by wearing things that drive attention away from her natural stunning beauty. Because do I hate the colors and textures nothing is going with anything, even on her make-up.

  2. pantsonfire

    Goodness, she’s beautiful. I like the idea of this and the execution is almost there. A different color and better fit up top and this would be great. The color is a problem for me because I don’t like how it interacts with the color of her lips, shoes, clutch, which I wouldn’t change. My concerns with the fit of the top are pretty obvious. I love everything about the skirt.

    Also, does it feel dressy enough for a big-time movie premiere? This might also be addressed by changing the color of the top part.

    • pantsonfire

      On second thought, the clutch is bothering me a little. It feels too close to matching her lips and shoes, but not quite.

      • bambi_beth

        I think the clutch is the first problem here. It’s not quite the right hue. Maybe a metallic clutch to echo the belt??

  3. Sandra

    The casualness of a swimsuit–which is what the top reminds me of–does not play well with the formality of the tailored hounds-tooth skirt. The (non)color is also problematic. I like the skirt better than the top, ergo the top is the problem. Sorry Jess!

  4. Ghanimatrix

    The top is too short, the skirt is too long, and the clutch is maybe a bit too clashy. But we’re nitpicking, really. I would kill for any of those pieces.

  5. christine christine

    The top is skin colored. If you squint she looks topless. I like the style, the theory of what she was going for, and the patterns, and would like the top more in a bit deeper color.

    But all of this is a lesser concern. I’m afraid if she breathes in, sneezes, walks, waives, scratches her knee or looks left or right her bajongas will pop out. Then no one will care if her fabrics class. Say no to bajonga popping.

  6. Amy

    I actually think the top/bottom is a single dress, since the exact same combo was in the Dior show: http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2012/07/marion-cotillard-wore-brand-new-dior-couture.html

  7. Josephine

    I think this is lovely, actually. It strikes a nice balance–formal structure with a touch of whimsy because of the bold dogtooth and odd bodice color. If I have a nit to pick, it’s that I’d like the skirt to be just a hair shorter, maybe an inch and a half. Not so much that it would change the tone of the dress at all, but possibly enough mesh with the proportional bareness of her arms.

  8. Cat

    I am definitely worried about her breasts making a break for it if a breeze blows through… yikes! I also wish the skirt was shorter, just because I hate hate hate tea length skirts/dresses. Maybe if the bodice was better fitting the skirt length wouldn’t bug me.

  9. sarah

    The bodice needs an additional inch or two but otherwise I really love this. Love the competing textures and the unusual length of the skirt. This woman is unworldly beautiful and I think this look really suits her. Sorry fugnation – disagree with most of you on this one.

  10. Lynn

    This is straight off the Christian Dior runway. The combination of textiles isn’t her styling…it’s the designers.

    • pantsonfire

      I can’t speak for everyone, but was assuming that this was a dress, not separates (and therefore she had no say in the color of the top part, for example). References to top versus bottom was just shorthand for referring to which parts of the dress to change/tweak.

    • Kit

      I was going to say – this is very French runway.

      I like it actually – I don’t think it’s wearable by most of us plebians, but it’s beautiful on her.

  11. ML

    I can’t explain why but I like this. I think Kit nailed it – Just Regular Folks can’t pull it off but The Fashionable Few surely can.

  12. ML

    Completely Random: Jennifer Grey is being interviewed on TV right now and I swear to GOD, she doesn’t even look like herself. I mean, at ALL.

  13. CJ

    This is a dress, not separates.

    I think she looks great (and also, she is so beautiful, so unfair).

    The one thing that bothers me is the clutch… also I’d maybe take the hem it up a little bit, but otherwise it doesn’t bother me much.

  14. ortenzia

    you know, this is dress is so kristen stewart-y to me. in that it’s modern, it’s cool and it looks like it should only be worn on a red carpet for like 35 minutes before you’re back in jeans and a t-shirt.

    • Mollsworth

      I love that Kristen stewart is becoming shorthand for “dresses comfy”.

  15. Leah

    I love everything about this, except the short-bodice problem. I would wear it; I’m short-torsoed.

  16. Olivia

    As I scrolled down, I thought she was topless. Not good. But my goodness, she is so pretty, and such an eeny waist. I like the skirt and shoe combo, just needs a different top and it’s good to go.

  17. vandalfan

    Too long in hem and too low in bodice. If we’re changing things up, I’d make the top more sedate, like a tank top in solid color. Love the shoes and lips, don’t like the clashy clutch.

  18. JanetP

    The fabric looks too heavy for me for July. Or maybe that’s just the heatwave speaking. But those shoes also clash badly with the purse and in general are just too darn loud for the outfit. Hmm, a fug it is, then!

  19. Tracy

    It looked better on the runway. The bodice came up higher. Other than that, it’s virtually the same dress.

  20. Francesca

    Such a different look. The textures make it interesting for me, the length is good because it’s not the defacto mini. My main dislike is that the top is too low – it makes me want to tug up my own top and I’m just wearing a t-shirt. I also love the blasé looks on the folks in the gallery behind her. They don’t seem to be too entralled with the look.

  21. G

    Ugh. She’s wearing a very tailored skirt and belt over a bathing suit, or possibly the top of the spanx that are holding in that tiny waist. It looks ridiculous.

    She should lose the bathing suit and replace it with a crisp, white collared shirt done as a halter top to show off her nice shoulders and arms. That would balance the bottom half both in color and shape.

    Making people wonder “Did she forget to put her shirt on before she left the house?” is not good.

  22. fritanga

    Cotillard shows up that mug Hathaway wherever she goes. She is always fabulous, effortlessly.

  23. Mahastee

    She looks FAB. I should hate the skirt length and the mis-matched reds, but somehow I love it all! Like Diane Kruger, she is able to look great in things which would make others look awkward.

    Oh to be beautiful, elegant, perfectly proportioned, and European.

  24. Hayley

    I reckon the top looks like it’s about to come off and the skirt makes her look bulky. Ugh to all of it except the hair and makeup!

  25. Sajorina

    It IS different and that’s why I LOVE IT! It just works beautifully on her… That outfit is FABULOUS!!!

  26. Poppy

    Okay, I’m putting Marion right beneath Emily Blunt on my list of Women I Would Trade Places (And Wardrobes) With In A Heartbeat. I think this is gorgeous. The top is sitting a bit low, yes, but to me it doesn’t look like she’s in any danger of a nip-slip and that skirt is so chic and classic. Love the brave red lips and shoes!

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    The shoes are gorgeous. Are stilettoes coming back in?

  28. Ms. A.

    Add straps and shorten the skirt.
    Other than that it’s pretty fabulous.

  29. Mollsworth

    I don’t loooove this but I do think it looks very fashionable. I just don’t like the shoes. They have that 80s spikiness that just doesn’t do it for me. Also I’m in total agreement that she is just ridiculously beautiful.

  30. Toula

    As Amy pointed out, this outfit is direct from the Dior couture show about 2 weeks ago. Just a note though, the skirt part is not made of checked fabric. It’s actually made of 4 layers of mesh/chiffon arranged so as to create a houndstooth-y pattern. Nothing is ever simple with those haute couture types. And MC just drips with chicness.

  31. Rubee

    I think this outfit is inusual in proportion and textiles combination but the overall effect is what we dreamily expect from a beautiful & talented French celeb wearing French couture : very original, classy and chic. I personally resent how cinched her waist is in terms of comfort , but other than that she looks amazing. Love the strategically placed touches of red .

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