Fug or Fab: Lea Michele and Jenna Dewan


JENNA DEWAN TATUM: So…what’s wrong?

LEA MICHELE: What are you talking about? Don’t I look SO HAPPY?

JENNA: Yeah. But your hair has gotten to the point where it’s covering, like, forty percent of your face now.  It’s like you’re trying to hide from the world. (I have been reading psychology books to learn how to deal with everyone’s surprise at the fact that my husband is actually really funny, apparently. No one believed me for years. Survivor’s guilt. No. That’s not what I have. Resentment? Whatever.  He’s funny, America. DEAL WITH IT.)

LEA: Are you done with your parenthetical conversation that has nothing to do with my face?

JENNA: Yeah. But I’m worried. You have a really NICE face! Why are you covering it with HAIR?

LEA:…honestly? I forgot to pluck my brows this week.  This hair is triage.

JENNA: Now let’s talk about your dress:

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Comments (22):

  1. cathy

    hate lea’s dress and hair. love jenna’s dress! she and CT both seem so nice and normal (and good looking)

  2. LoriK

    I like Jenn’s dress, but Leah looks like a hot mess from head to toe. And I’m not just saying that because she annoys the crap outta me, really. Look at the rest of the people in the shot. Why is Leah wearing long sleeves?

  3. Emily

    Here’s the thing – they both look fine but those dresses would be more appropriate for different weather. I keep thinking they’re melting and that’s how her hair is sagging down to cover her face.

  4. fine

    i liked lea’s dress not a fan of the hair, but she still looks good

  5. katiecoops

    If Lea’s dress were sleeveless, I would be totally fine with it. Also, I hate those long side bang things around her cheeks.

  6. CJ

    I’d like Leah’s dress if it were cap sleeved. Her hair is way too heavy for her face and frame. She also irritates the crap out of me.

    I think Jenna looks super cute! I like her an CT together.

  7. Susan

    Lea’s needs shortening. Otherwise, I kind of like it.

  8. Billie

    I love Jenna’s dress, it’s very refreshing. However, she really could’ve done without that hair piece, it adds nothing to the look and doesn’t even match her real hair color! It bothers me.

    Leah’s could be cute if you chopped the sleeves and changed the color. As is, it looks as if it reaks of old musty perfume. And please ditch the side bangs.

    • CJ

      Her hair is kind of ombre. In other photos it matches. Her roots are much darker than the ends of her hair.

  9. Mongerel

    They look like True Blood fairies.

    • CJ

      Maybe appropriate since they are at an event called the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. Haha.

  10. Sandra

    Oh god, as if ’80′s flashbacks weren’t bad enough; now the ’70′s are crawling out from under a rock. Blecch.

    • G

      Yep, that blue dress is definitely made from cheap polyester with a weird pattern left over from the 70s. I had a blouse made out of that in ’75 and I cringe whenever I remember that I went out in public in it. Some fashions shouldn’t be revived.

      The yellow dress is great, though.

  11. Sajorina

    Lea gets a FUG for that dress & that wig from the 70′s on her head! Her makeup is nice, though! Jenna gets a FAB… That dress is GORGEOUS, like yellow Chinese Paper Cuts! I don’t like her hairdo, but I’ll give her a pass for the great dress!

  12. Kathleen F.

    With all the hair and all the sleeves and all the neckline and all the floor-dragging hem, Lea looks like she’s about to suffocate. The dress might be pretty in another season, but as it is I feel the need to apply extra antiperspirant just looking at her.

  13. CVW

    Lea is clearly going for the Zooey look here. Sorry, I just don’t think she can pull of adorkable…

  14. vandalfan

    Jenna’s pretty butter yellow dress is the only decent lace overlay I’ve seen, and I’ve seen far, far too many. But what’s with Cousin It next to her there?

  15. Shiitake

    Jenna won this contest.

  16. lettucecup

    I thought we were talking about Jenna’s dress and I “liked” it. I’m overly upset that I voted wrong. Lea’s needs penicillian.

  17. Franziska

    Cut off the sleeves, cut off the bottom and you have a nice dress. And while we’re cutting, cut that fringe, too!

  18. Mahastee

    I like [what I can see of] both of them. The yellow is gorgeous.