Fug or Fab: Keira Knightley


When I first saw this, I thought, “Giant overpriced duvet.”

But between that and uploading the picture and inserting it into the post, my small heart grew three sizes and I might love it now. The spring green is more unusual than if it were white, I’m coming around on the way it plays off the blue flower details, and — between the makeup and her dramatic dark hair — she’s wearing that shade without looking jaundiced. Is it genuinely great? Or am I just drunk on the fact that I’m pleased it’s not some dumbass “directional” lacy black navel drape?

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[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Donna4Eva

    Wow. I actually think this is great. So much more interesting than all the lace-over-slip/lace-over-naked-person stuff we’ve been seeing. And her make-up looks equally awesome.

  2. Jenny

    palate cleanser.

  3. glee

    What ^ said.

  4. Jasmine

    I totally didn’t recognize her with her makeup done that way. It’s so much more dramatic than I’m accustomed to, and that’s definitely NOT a dig on her facially at all. She looks effing beautiful.

    Much like that dress. I would never be able to pull it off, but sweet jesus she looks so delightful in it.

  5. Jamie

    I love this, but it might be one of those DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME dresses. If Taylor Swift wore this it would be a disaster (also, I’d check to make sure she still had legs because she never actually covers them up).

  6. LG

    I absolutely love it. The color! The detail! The train!

    I know her lip color was controversial in some circles, but I think it’s fun.

  7. Lauren

    I love this. My only note is that I feel like a slightly (slightly!) bolder lip might have been nice. Nothing crazy, just a little deeper a rose. I feel like she is washing herself out a smidge.

  8. Eliza Bennett

    I love that! Even the pockets! She’s like walking key lime pie with a dollop of fabulous on the side. You go, Keira.

    • Nancy

      Yummmm, key lime pie!!!

      Kiera looks gorgeous, love the dress (only on her, and maybe Lucy Liu). I hope she never gets it into her head that she needs breast augmentation, that would make me sad (Why?!! Cameron Diaz, Why?!!).

    • malie

      Mmmmm key lime pie. That’s exactly what’s so delicious about this.

    • qwertygirl

      The pockets are the only thing I don’t like. I just feel that formal gowns don’t need pockets. That’s why God invented Judith Leiber. However, beyond that, agreement.

  9. pidget

    I’m a fence-sitter on this one. Lovely craftsmanship, looks occasion-worthy, is carried off well, interesting colour and detailing. However, I still don’t love it, and her hairstyle makes me think of a parlour-maid.

  10. Gine

    I absolutely love this. She looks so fresh and Spring-y, which is weird since it’s November, I guess, but I don’t care. It’s a breath of fresh air after all the fancy funeral garb everyone’s been wearing lately. And I always love dresses with pockets.

  11. valueofaloonie

    Love it. Just…love. I do wish we could see the embroidery on the bottom a little better, though.

  12. Caroleena Stantonova

    I’d like to see more volume–just a bit–to her hair style. Or maybe bangs. The over-the-ear rolls aren’t doing it for me.

    Place a thumb over her forehead…see? Too much forehead. BANGS!

  13. julie

    this remind me of Audrey Hepburn in “sabrina”, love it!

    • Mair Mair

      Yes, that fabulous Givenchy gown! To die for — and this one is, too.

      • calli

        That’s it! The gown I drooled over for years. And how jealous I was that she was able to wear it. And this is gorgeous.

  14. Other Emily

    I feel like it has a little too much going on in the bustle, but otherwise I love it. She looks gorgeous and the color is really beautiful on her. Win.

  15. pantsonfire

    I love it. I love the shape, the color, the flower details. It’s great on her shape. It really is a refreshing change from all the lace and sheer that we’ve seen over the last however many months/years(?) Her hair and makeup are also great.

    She is also one of those actors who I actually quite like (as like, a person and a persona) and I’m predisposed to like her fashion choices–maybe because we’re body twins. But here, she looks legitimately amazing.

  16. Becca

    I would absolutely love it if the bottom weren’t quite so…voluminous? heavy? It’s swallowing her a little bit, and it detracts from the light/springy feeling of the rest of the dress.

    • Cass

      Pretty much this. I’d whack off the train-cape-thing and hem it up so it sat on the floor rather than an inch or two below her, and then I’d call it perfect. I think with that detail on the hem, you really need to be ON the floor.

      • Faye

        Yes, I agree completely! It looks so heavy at the bottom. And the cape-train is just too much. But the flower detail and the color are both lovely. She looks beautiful.

        • Erin

          Agreed – chop off that capey part. Keep some volume in the bottom but hem it up…
          Still though, I absolutely love it. I think it’s a great choice for her. She looks FANTASTIC.

  17. Bottle Ginger

    The strangely high waist ruins it. Love the colors, love the details, love the makeup, love everything about it but the bizarro porportions caused by the high waistline!

    She has a long waist and short legs and probably thinks this makes he look leggy, but it just makes her look shapeless. We don’t get to see her tiny waist, the hips are so wide it makes her look bottom-heavy, and there’s so little space between the top and the waistline it gives the illusion of a low bust – and she’s the last woman on Earth to actually have a low bust.

    Near miss.

    • Trace

      I’ve seen Kiera in the flesh onstage and she *is* bottom heavy, even though she’s still very slim. But she dresses so well that you don’t really notice.

  18. Fawn

    It seems we in Fug Nation (myself included) overwhelmingly approve of this. However, it is entirely possible that we are all just drunk on the fact that we’re pleased it’s not some dumbass “directional” lacy black navel drape. God bless Keira for having some individuality and some taste.

  19. Willow

    I like it until about the knee and then it becomes a bit too billowy for me, however I think the dress could look amazingly dramatic from one angle and then homely and directionless from another, it’s a strange one.

  20. Steph

    I love the colours, but it’s too bridal for me. Also, and I say this as a small-chested woman myself, that low of a strapless gown doesn’t flatter her. (Maybe it’s just the angle?)

  21. Meh

    chocolate mint ice creammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. Josephine

    This is glorious, and fresh, and really suits her, and I love everything about it. Also, I think it’s Erdem, and I just generally love Erdem. What I am saying is: love-fest.

  23. Mouse

    This works on her because she’s a tiny slip of a thing with no curves. Were I to try to don this outfit, I’d look StayPuftesque.

  24. Heather

    I love the color and it really works well with her makeup here. I just wish there was a little less embroidery flair overall, but particularly on the bodice. It looks gorgeous at the hemline, but looks oddly placed up top to me.

  25. Scouse Helen

    It looks like an 18th century sack back gown. It’s bonkers, but in a good way.

  26. Bella

    This is gorgeous on her. Very Audrey Hepburn-ish.

  27. ErinS

    I want to pull the top of the dress up an inch or two…looks like its falling off her.

    • Vandalfan

      Me, too. Just hoik it up an inch or so. But that might throw off the waistline.

  28. ameliateca

    I have loved everything she has worn on this press tour. The moss green dress on Leno was so simple and gorgeous on her and complimented by simple hair and make-up. And her outfit on Ellen was also a win.

    But I love her so completely that I don’t think I am capable of an unbiased opinion.

  29. Helen

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. LOVE.

    Ordinarily, with something cut like this, I’d want to see a necklace. But here, I think letting the embellishment at the top speak for itself, together with Keira’s naturally elegant collarbones and neck, was the right call.

    Wouldn’t change a thing.

  30. McLisa

    I love this. Cool, refreshing and season appropriate despite the typically spring colors. Beautiful.

  31. buttercup

    She looks lovely, her makeup is amazing!

    Two gripes: 1. When you don’t have much boobage to being with, you can’t let a dress like this make the situation worse! 2. This would’ve been even prettier if the green fabric had been softer, not as stiff as this brocade-ish looking stuff.

  32. Audrey Jo

    Man, how I’ve been missing the sight of a classy lady these days!….

  33. Jules

    I like that style for a wedding dress, if it was a spring wedding.

  34. ariel

    Lipstick, no.

  35. Molly

    I just want to hike it up a leetle bit at the chest, and then it would be perfect. Slightly less decolletage (which would also fix the bunching at the bottom) and it would be a home run of a dress for me.

  36. J

    I don’t care if the spring collections are out, this is autumn and you will wear autumn colors, Knightley. Fuck.

  37. Claire

    Totally Audrey in Sabrina, I think she’s totally pulling it off!

  38. Evalyn

    Seriously? It’s November. Not spring.

  39. Melissa

    The only thing I’d change is the backdrop. Not regal enough, I think it’s what creates the duvet vibe.

  40. witjunkie

    Total palate cleanser. It even looks like sorbet.

  41. witjunkie

    Which I mean in the nicest way possible. This is lovely.

  42. Sajorina

    It’s GORGEOUS!!! Everything about this outfit & styling works… Hair, makeup & earrings are BEAUTIFUL! She looks FLAWLESS! It’s PERFECTION! LOVE! Well Played, FAB & Absolute WIN!

  43. Suzie

    I too was going to say very Aubry Heburn! The dress and her styling have grown on me, and I like all of it very much.

  44. RisRach

    I legit love this because it reminds me of what Lady Holiday’s models wore when we first meet them in The Great Muppet Caper. I’m not even kidding – since I loved that movie so much as a kid, those models continue to be the height of glamour for me.

  45. Adela

    I saw other angles of this and the front box pleat just makes it look too maternity especially in the shot where her posture isn’t straight. The top should come up higher if she is going to have bare clavicles.

  46. Kyasarin

    The reason I object so strongly to pockets in gowns is that the women wearing them can never seem to keep their hands out of the pockets, and it’s just never flattering. Yes, your dress has pockets. Do like the rest of us and keep a Kleenex and a couple of gum wrappers in them, but keep your hands out!

  47. jenny

    I want to be wearing that RIGHT NOW. Can I have a do-over on my bridal dress?

  48. Mo


  49. Nancy

    I went with the first option – the thumbs up. The dress and detailing and color and everything are beautiful BUT

    Pockets ruin a formal gown. They make everything casual and it spoils the overall look.

    I’d prefer this without the draping in the back. If for no other reason than it looks like too much on her slender frame.

  50. Tamburlaine

    That gown is gorgeous, and so is Knightley. ‘Nuff said.

  51. Rachael

    It’s dramatically different, in a way that’s not screaming “I’M TRYING TOO HARD TO BE DIFFERENT.” I think it’s lovely and fresh. I like that color on her; I think it would be tough for many people to pull off, especially this time of year.

  52. Roz

    Wow!!! My fave dress of the year. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  53. MelissaW

    I love the whiff of Marie Antoinette this dress gives off with the train that starts at the shoulders and the detail on the bottom. She’s one of the few people that could pull off that green. Very pretty.