Fug or Fab: Katie Holmes


Well, I guess I respect Katie Holmes for not running around in clothes that scream, “THANKS FOR THE ALIMONY, TOMMY BOY,” and yet I continue to be surprised that she can’t do better. Can’t she wear something that at least quietly whispers, “Psst, I totally defeated you”?

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[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Jen from cincy

    That fabric looks like shelf liner, but that hair! So very pretty and healthy looking.

    • Lindy

      Shelf liner is what I thought, too!

      I do like her shoes, but I’m not quite sure they go with that dress. Too many lines to distract the eye, maybe.

  2. Mair Mair

    From the last picture, I discern that this dress is made from the plastic webbing from a lawn chair. Way to repurpose, Katie.

    • rowynn

      That’s what I think, too! Lawn chair strips.

      • Joemama

        I was thinking it looks like a black version of the green rabbit fencing I put up around my garden. Bad news Katie. Rabbits LOVE to chew holes in that stuff. You have been warned.

  3. Bebe

    For me it’s a win, though, with her beautiful hair, amazing complexion, and peaceful expression. The dress looks like a loofah/pot scrubber, though. Ugh.

    • Tiffany

      I guess we should celebrate that this isn’t a sheer skirt with granny panties ensemble? It feels like it almost went there.

    • Susan

      Yeah, I was thinking onion bag, but mesh pot scrubber is much closer. Why does she do this?

  4. Tiffany

    I really do not like the dress. The material looks stiff and plastic-like. Her make up looks great, though. She has so much to work with, but I seem to never like her fashion choices.

  5. Mrs. Helpful

    Did she get a wad of cash? I was under the impression that she grabbed the kid and high-tailed it out of there with the clothes on her back kind of thing. But I would be happy to know that she got the payout she probably deserves — you know — within the context of celebrity/rich people logic.

    • Donna

      She didn’t get anything from Tom, as per their prenup. She apparently never tried to challenge it and wanted only custody and money to go toward Suri (which I know is a lot compared to normal folks, but she really didn’t ask for anything outlandish when you look at his worth).

      Also, now we know where the rest of Ashley Tisdale’s tan went. Katie’s feet are brown, but her legs are lily white.

      • Guerra

        I’m sure even with the prenup she got a big payout! She is certainty not hurting for money!

  6. Lady B

    Meh. But I love the shoes unreservedly!

  7. Miriam

    Cover your flowers and bushes with this to keep the deer from eating.

    • TonyG

      Until I read the “deer from eating” part, I thought “flowers” and “bushes” were euphemisms. :)

  8. Anna Svahn

    Don’t like the shoes at all and the dress looks like it is made of plastic. She is so pretty and could do so much better. She needs to stop letting Suri dress her.

  9. Kara

    I think she looks like the Duchess Kate in the second picture- must be the gorgeous hair.

  10. Amy

    The hair and pose in that second picture are totally Duchess Kate.

  11. Rayna

    The shoes ARE cute, I’ll give her that, but that dress is made of ick.

    Black sheer over something shorter, blah blah blah, woof woof woof. At least it’s only a LITTLE shorter, not (shudder) granny panties or an insane minimicro skirt.

    So she’s decently covered and has cute shoes. In many books, that would be a WIN.

  12. Crystal

    She looks like she’s wearing a crawfish sack…you fellow Southerners will know what I mean!

  13. Hima

    Love the shoes so much, they kind of make the dress better for me. And yes, her face is lovely, and her hair is gorgeous. But it’s been 10 years (!) since the show ended, can she please stop the Joey Potter tucked behind the ears thing? I feel it would look so much better if not for that.

  14. Bottle Ginger

    I like the dress. And I liked it so much that I bought it when I first saw it, back in the NINETIES.

    Nice shoes, though.

  15. Kat

    I NEED those shoes. So gorgeous. The dress… must be a Holmes & Yang? I usually hate what she wears. With a different material this could be great, though. At least it seems to fit her.

  16. LS

    I read somewhere that she’s the face & hair of Alterna, hence the recent vast improvement in the latter dept. Dislike the dress, and lurve the shoes.

  17. witjunkie

    So, I will add Shade Fabric Over the Patio.

  18. La Fifie

    The preponderance of opinion here seems to be in favour of those old lady shoes. I just don’t get it. I think they are FUG-LEE!

  19. MelissaW

    The shoes.Want, want, want those shoes.

  20. becca

    so glad she is back with the long hair. i am one of maybe 2 people in the world that HATED her short haircut of a few years back. It was a haircut for a 4 year-old which somehow aged her 15 years. She looks beautiful and youthful with longer hair.

  21. Vandalfan

    It’s what they cover strawberry plants with here, and other garden crops, to keep the deer from eating them. But why is it so tight in the sleeves, but so nice over the skirt? And why deployed horizontally?

  22. Melly

    Hmmm. Did already tell you about the time my cat Mimi chewed her way through the end of her cat carrier while were on a cross country flight? Anyway, Katie’s dress reminds me of the material Mimi chewed through.

  23. Orange Clouds

    Chainmail dress!

  24. Helen

    WHY is Katie Holmes trying to be Angelina Jolie?

  25. Guerra

    They are probably the best shoes she has ever worn!! I don’t think it matters how much money Katie has, she just doesn’t have much personal style.. So I have no idea why she has a fashion line!!

  26. Sajorina

    Honestly, I saw her on Broadway and her hair is GLORIOUS! I love the dress and I would totally wear it myself! And those SHOES are MY LIFE! I think she looks GORGEOUS! Definitely FAB!

  27. Sandra

    The shoes are bitchin’ but oh my word those bunions must be killing her! Her big toes are pointing towards her baby toes. They can fix that, hon.

  28. Googler

    In the 2nd picture she looks like Kate Middleton. Now I can’t unsee the resemblance, even though it’s not a strong one.

    Her style always looks so BLAND to me. It’s almost like the Duchess where she can’t wear anything too edgy dress and must dress conservatively, but unlike the Duchess she doesn’t have the same top-notch Stylist team or impeccable tailoring. Katie Holmes is beautiful and about 6 feet tall. If I had that kind of raw material I’d work the hell out of it. Someday I just want to see her show up in something long, in a bold color, maybe shiny, and more dramatic makeup. She’d not only surprise us, but she’d look spectacular.