Fug or Fab: Kate and Lea

KATE: Hi, Lea. Have you heard the rumors that I hate you?

LEA: Silliness!

KATE: Absurdity!

LEA: Nonsensical musings!

KATE: Ludicrous lexicography!

LEA: Wackadaisical textual fib fireworks!

KATE: Okay, fine, GOD, you don’t have to be all showy about it.

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Comments (43):

  1. Stefanie

    My hate for Lea Michele knows no bounds.

    • kickassmomnyc

      Why does she act/think she’s such hot shit? I just can’t with her . . . .
      I’d say my hatred for her is irrational, but it’s not — it’s entirely rational.

    • glee

      These comments are so spot on about LM and KH clothes!

  2. KatieBell

    Wow… that hairstyle on Kate is doing her NO favors.

  3. cdd

    woah. kate’s ears! i guess now we know why she rarely wears her hair up.

    • heather

      I actually think her sticky-outy ears are really cute. Elfin.

      • Mary

        I love it that she hasn’t gotten her ears fixed and that she’s not afraid to wear her hair up. Mostly because my ears are just like that, and I’ve been self conscious about them forever. She just proves that they look fine!

  4. pantsonfire

    So, I really felt like Kate was taking notes about my minor comment about her last suiting effort–that while tight suit pants on her was OK, that’s not really how most women wear suits and it would be really refreshing to see an actress or model rocking a suit in a way that normal women would. And she showed me that she gets it. I think this outfit is really cute and wearable. Love the right woman in the right tux. And so appropriate for the event! The top is fine, but not ideal here. I’d like to see it in another context. Here, I would have preferred a simple silky black tank/camisole type thing. I like her hair up just fine (because I think her ears are adorable), but this kind of looks like my hair when I get home from work and throw it up on my head.

  5. Amy Farrah Fowler

    I loved that. It’s as if they were competing – - ala Zoolander. My inner Tyra admired the booty tooch but was really wishing they’d both given better neck in slides 6 and 7.

    • Claire L1

      Get outta my head!!!

      I was just thinking ” It’s so Zoolander FABULOUS!”

  6. Erin

    Kate’s bun looks like those hair pieces they sell at the mall to make your bun look fuller.

  7. Eliza Bennett

    I hate Hud’s suit with everything I have. The droop of the pants and the half-assed lapels (Band name? Penelope and the Half-Assed Lapels!) make me rage inside.

    • Kate

      I, too, hate Kate’s suit. It doesn’t fit right anywhere, and that shirt with the jacket is icky too.

      The suit on its own looks cheap, and the fit isn’t right. The pants are not flattering and don’t hang nicely. The black contrasting lapel could add interest, but here it just looks cheap again. Plus that shirt (besides being see through…) is way too low for the proportions of the jacket, it just doesn’t look right.

      Her face always looks great, though I’m not a huge fan of her hair here (looks unhealthy, and the style isn’t quite right).

  8. cathy

    i HATE ombre hair… i simply dislike both of their outfits, i’ve seen worse

  9. Helen

    Kate looks terrific overall to me, though I do agree about the ombre hair, that is not up to snuff.

    Lea looks desperate and ridiculous, as always these days. Sigh. It’s so very tiring.

  10. mary lou bethune

    What was this for; as usual, you all are so right- they look so desperate..

  11. Amber

    I, too, love the competing poses. I think Lea wins in the pose-off, though. Doesn’t she always?
    Lea’s dress is TOO much, but that’s sort of her deal.
    Kate looks cute, but not crazy about the shirt.

  12. lindsay

    kate looks so… elvish… with her hair up.

    i don’t like lea’s dress AT ALL and i fear that when she finally has a sandwich she’s gonna get majorly jowl-y. sometimes life’s just not fair.

  13. Kristen from MA

    Please make them both go away!

    • Sandra

      My sentiments exactly. And I hope they do get together for a hair-braiding sleepover because then they’d both have to comb their hair.

  14. Steph

    I like both of their outfits. But hate their hair and makeup.

  15. GeauxFallon

    Enough with the ombre hair! For the love of GOD, put some lipstick on.

  16. Minda

    Kate’s hair is sooooo awful. It’s Homecoming circa 1998.

  17. KateShouldBeWorking

    I appreciate that “sexy” comes in different forms than statuesque blonde; I just wish Lea didn’t rub my face in it all the damn time.

  18. cc

    The Fug Girls’ brothers-in-fuggery, TLo, have taught me the only appropriate reaction to Lea when she’s dressed like this: Of course.

  19. CJ

    I hate hate hate Lea Michelle.
    I think Kate looks cute. And all you throwing shade at her ears, I think it’s kinda cute.

  20. AL

    The thing about Lea Michele’s is that Zoe Saldana just did this, and better.

  21. Kate

    Well I think Lea looks hot. I know people are turned off by her flamboyant displays on the red carpet, but I will always admire her for sticking with her natural nose (as a prominent-nosed lady myself).

  22. kim

    i think you should have included a TLo option on lea; this definitely rates an “of course.”

  23. kim

    argh! i’m made redundant by CC; bravo for life’s little ironies!

  24. vandalfan

    Lea is trying so very hard in her slinky nightgown.
    Kate seems to have entirely forgotten about the event and came dressed for Pilates, and some handler rushed over to Goodwill to grab anything that might remotely fit.

  25. Nancy

    As always, Lea Michelle works it way too hard. It’s like she’s trying to be a Real Housewife.

    KH looks nice, but I’m not super wild about the cut of the pants. Everything else looks good though.

  26. toxxic

    I’m one of the few on here that actually likes Lea but i HATE her hair like this. I watch Glee and i’ll admit theres at least a few times each episode where i wish i had her hair (so shiny and dark and yeah…. sigh)

  27. Sajorina

    This post is BRILLIANT!!! Bravo, Heather! I love what Kate is wearing, but the hairdo & lack of earrings bother me! Still, LOVE the black & white tuxedo situation! I like Lea, but I’ve seen what she is wearing here before on Lea herself in like 11 different colors… So tired of it and the posing and the face foundation that’s too light for her tan skin!

  28. Jules Winfield

    Dear Lea

    Put ‘em away. They aren’t prominent enough for that sort of outfit.

    Lots of love

    P.S. Sort your hair out too.

  29. regina

    Lea’s dress is a 2010 Stella McCartney? Isn’t that kinda frowned upon in these surroundings?

  30. regina

    Plus, bangs plus curlycurls is a veritable no-no.

  31. Kimmy

    Styling and irritations aside, Kate seriously looks younger than Lea.

  32. Rebecca

    Man, Lea has really never met a deeeeep v-neck dress she didn’t love, has she?!

  33. Agi Szalontai

    Lea needs to stop with the “my boobs are about to pop out” outfits… Yes, she’s got a great body, but it still looks cheap

  34. Jax

    I love Lea Michele as a performer, but I effing can’t stand the way she dresses. She just TRIES. SO. HARD. It’s like, “Lea, dear, you are young, obscenely petite, and irritatingly talented. Stop dressing like an aging Hollywood has-been.” She just dresses so old and sultry when she should be dressing young and fresh and fun. Although the outfits she wears on glee are horribly prim and childish, the silhouettes actually flatter her much better than these long, heavy looking dresses that she normally wears. AND WTF IS WITH THE DAMN BANGS. I am sorry, bangs just make me mad…especially on her.

  35. ck76

    I find them both so unbearable that I can’t even look at their outfits objectively…butter wouldn’t melt, my ass