I appreciate the color, like, on a conceptual level:

But she kind of looks like she’s in character to me, as the Evil Woman in a Disney live-action movie. You know, she’s the brittle, possibly foreign, probably high-powered woman who is dating the father of the heroine and who plans to send said heroine off to boarding school as soon as she can con the father into marrying her.  In other words, she is the rebooted Baroness from Sound of Music and you’ve seen the likes of her in The Parent Trap, Bridget Jones (Bridget being the child in the equation, sort of), and basically every movie where the teen heroine is plotting to get her father to marry someone to whom the audience relates. I actually think that might be the most fun role to play in said genre of Disney movie, and this character is actually often the best-dressed person in the movie, but….


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