Just in case you missed anything! Included are:  Nathan Adrian! Ryan Lochte! David Beckham! That time I almost fell into Anna Wintour’s lap! Oh, wait. I didn’t write about that one: well, I almost fell into her lap, and this is the second time in my life I’ve almost fallen into her lap, which means eventually I WILL fall into her lap, and someone will make a gif. of it.

I was right there when they took this picture of Becks. I decided he’s admiring my shoes. Sure, I happened to be wearing J Crew flip flops on Sunday, because of Fashion Week Foot Pain, but they WERE gold.

We had a great time writing for The Cut this season, so please check these out:

– We spied Ryan Lochte seat dancing…to classical guitar music. At Ralph Lauren. Although he looked HOT.



– Elisabeth Moss is CRAZY PRETTY in person, and I am so proud that we didn’t ask her anything about Jon Hamm’s penis.

– We also managed not to ask Jennifer Westfeldt about It.

– Lochte also chilled with Tyra. AND PARIS HILTON.

– We decided Sanya Richards-Ross and Allyson Felix are in a blood feud….to be settled ON THE TRACK.

– On the other hand, SRR seemed to love Cory Kennedy. Which is…interesting.

– CZJ is BEAUTIFUL in person. So so beautiful.

– Holy God, now Paris Hilton is trying to make herself a thing again.

– Kevin Jonas is turning into David Silver, without being so precious to us.

– Adrien Brody made another reporter lose her shit.

Hailee Steinfeld is legitimately adorbs.

– Jordana Brewster comments on Hagman’s Majestic Brows.

– We managed not to ask Jenna Dewan about Step Up, but we don’t know how we did it.

– Alison Pill’s night ended with her tweeting her bare breasts. We were there when it began.

– In which we imply Ryan Seacrest is a made man.

– Now they’re claiming Kat McPhee has literally lost her voice, and that’s why she wasn’t speaking at shows. At least give the girl a sign!

– A reporter seriously/not seriously/but seriously asked out Ryan Lochte.

SPOILERS: we went to the Project Runway finale. It was underwhelming.

– I was pretty excited to see former UCLA Bruin Russell Westbrook at Lacoste.

– Rose Byrne says the DNC and Fashion Week are more similar than you’d think.

Troian Bellisario told us she’s looking for studs. Get in line, sister.

We talked Slap Bet with Ted Mosby, Architect.

– Anna Chlumsky is like REALLY into tennis.

– Naomi Campbell is a pain to work for, but a joy to behold. (25)

– Ashley Greene’s media training is superb.

– Mandy Moore’s hair…has looked better. But she seems delightful? Does that help?

– Padma had to be rescued by reporters from fans. Sorta.

– When did Sanya Richards-Ross sleep? Maybe when you’re a bad-ass Olympian, you don’t need sleep.